Scholarship for African American Students

Scholarship for African American Students

Some of the brightest minds lose the opportunity to be great because they lack the resources to pursue education. African Americans are at a greater risk of missing the chance to get some education compared to other communities. The Scholarship for African American Students is designed to lift a few students from the community and take them through school without the struggle for resources.

Why The Scholarship Targets African Americans

We recognize that Black Americans have fewer chances of getting an education. We also recognize that their neighborhoods also make them prone to fewer chances of getting a quality education. The scholarship seeks to change the fortunes of these kids, their families, and their communities. Eventually, the narrative of the African American lacking quality education will be changed forever.

Who Qualifies for the Scholarship?

The scholarship is designed to assist African American students in having an easy time while pursuing education. This is why it is designed to offer an opportunity to all African Americans and especially address the common needs. The criterion for eligibility is as follows:

  • The applicant must be of African American decent,
  • Must be a full-time student studying in an accredited college in the USA,
  • Should be 17 years and above,
  • Should make an application that meets the threshold for consideration, e.g., write an essay independently on the topics provided below.

The Process Of Application

The vetting panel demands that applicants provide the following information to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Personal information – name, date of bith, hometown, college/university, school, and the course you are studying. Don't forget to drop a few lines about yourself!
  • A 600 words essay on the topics provided for this year. The topics are:
    1. Future with total equality
    2. Social system on Mars
    3. Education process of 2121
  • Send your GoogleDoc, .doc or .docx essay to . Type Scholarship_Lastname in a subject line.

The essay must be written in English. Your essay will be taken through plagiarism checking software to ascertain its originality. You must, therefore, ensure that it is original and has not been submitted to any other vetting panel. Any essay that fails the plagiarism check will be dismissed.

Application Timelines

Applications for the scholarship open on February 1st with a public launch. Interested persons will be required to make their application online. The applications must capture all the details with proof through the attachment of necessary documents.

Applications will close on May 1st. The vetting panel has one and a half months to review the applications and will announce the winner on June 15th. The scholarship awards are then presented on July 1st to the winners.

Applications start on February 1st Applications will close on May 1st Winner announcement on June 15th Award presentation on July 1st

What do you get?

The scholarship might not cover all your education expenses but is designed to make learning easier for recipients. The money can be used for tuition, books, equipment, and even covering the loan, among other expenses.

1st place - $500 2nd place - $300 3rd place - $200

The scholarship points cannot be transferred to the next year. If you did not win the award the previous year, you have to apply afresh for the scholarship this year. The panel also reserves the right to award the scholarship to the person who they feel is most eligible without providing an explanation to applicants who fail to get the chance. Any application made, the information provided, or documents added after the application deadline will not be considered. All applications must be made through the channels indicated in the advertisement. Unsuccessful applicants do not have any right to appeal the decision made by the panel. The decision of the awarding panel is final.

Ready? We're waiting!

*Important note!

USEsssayWriters will keep the essays submitted as samples for people using the platform. Any essay submitted becomes a property of the scholarship awarding team and cannot be claimed back.