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You deserve only the best writers on your project. Our Ivy League-level screening process ensures you get exactly that.


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Credentials Check

The first thing we do is review the appplicant's resume and double-check all the facts. What we're looking for is a great academic background and professional experience.


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Language Exam

Impeccable grammar, punctuation, and word choice are not just important. They're essential in making your project work. This is when we make sure it does.


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Phone Talk

You can't really know anyone based on a piece of paper. A brief phone interview allows us to see if the person on the other side of the screen is committed enough to the job.


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Trial Assignment

Before a candidate is given any real projects, we test their skills in action. That way, when they do get on board, you know they can meet your expectations, in full.


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Ongoing Review

The fact is, our screening process never stops. With every paper checked by our QA team, and by listening to your own feedback, we constantly work to keep our creative force in shape.


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The very best of academic talent is here for you. Now, let's put a top score on that paper.
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