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Descriptive Essay Writing – Tips And Examples

A descriptive essay shows a student’s ability to produce a written version of their experience. Many students want to learn how to write a descriptive essay as it provides them with the artistic freedom that they desire.

Descriptive essays are considered to be the simplest form of academic essays, where students just have to describe their sensory observations of a subject. There are no details or proof required while writing…

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: 100 Original Ideas

Before you start to wonder “how to write a compare and contrast essay,” let us remind you that this article only covers the basics. If you want to check out a more in-depth guide, we highly recommend you check out our other resources or that you contact our customer support directly. Our professional service can provide you with several resources, good compare and contrast essay topics, or personalized reviewing,…

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100 Argumentative Essay Topics for High School and College

What is an argumentative essay? Argumentative writing is considered the bread and butter of academic assignments and is something that students need to learn as early as high school. It’s pretty straightforward in that it asks you to take a topic and present an original argument which can in return be argued against. It’s your job to persuade the reader to take your side by providing a clear thesis…

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Writing An Opinion Essay: Topics And Tips

At some point within your education, you will be asked to write an essay that is based on your personal opinion on a given subject. The basic essay format for is a structured account that presents your position followed by several discussion points outlining your reason for reaching this position. The essay can be of any length but you are still expected to adhere to some basic elements when writing…

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ACT Essay: The Detailed Step-By-Step Writing Guide

If you are preparing yourself for the ACT essay, you absolutely must read this blog to the end. We will do our best to answer all your ACT essay questions. Moreover, we will show you how to write the essay from start to finish. Our comprehensive guide covers all the bases and works for any prompt you may think of. Remember that the ACT essay time is just 40…

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How To Write An Essay In English? Expert Solutions

Every student will have to write an essay at some point in his academic life. So, if you don’t know how to write an essay in English yet, it’s important to build this skill as soon as possible.

Academic essays help you to develop good writing skills, which are essential today in almost every profession. Writing an essay in English is obviously difficult for non-English speaking students. But…

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Argumentative Essay Outline: Plan Your Writing Properly

In life, having a plan about your goals and intentions eliminates errors. And so it is with student life. Writing an essay is part of student life, and by developing a good argumentative essay outline, you eliminate the risks of doing the essay the wrong way and losing out on important marks.

An outline for argumentative essay is a map of your essay, showing what each paragraph is…

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Analytical Essay: Writing Tips And Topics

If you’ve been in a circumstance where you have to support your argument and back it up with facts, then you probably have a rough idea of what analytical thinking is. This article will give you insightful tips on how to write an analytical essay from scratch and additional information on alternative options to writing an analytical essay on your own.

What is an Analytical Essay?

Before delving…

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Obesity Essay Writing Tips for Dummies

Obesity leads to serious health problems and has negative social and psychological consequences. The purpose of an obesity essay is similar to the purpose of an essay about texting and driving. Both of them aim to encourage students to think carefully about a thought-provoking issue.

To write a good essay about obesity, you should read the essay prompt carefully and understand the essay type you are asked to write.…

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Expository Essay Writing: The 6 Steps To Excellent Result

In case you’ve received an expository essay assignment for the first time, you may be wondering what exactly this type of essay is. If you are like most students, you will quickly panic. After all, you don’t know how to write an expository essay. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter! Why? Because you will learn right away. All you have to do is read this blog post…

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