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161 Best Health Essay Topics: Grab Them Now!

health essay topics

Writing a compelling health essay requires breaking down ideas into bit sizes to convey clear thought. Health essay topics are broad; they can be subclassed into different categories. You can write about mental health, public health, psychological health, common and rare diseases, and other health topics of interest. All of these fall within their different unique categories.

To craft a powerful and impressive essay topic, you’ll first need to narrow down your ideas towards concrete and familiar topics. This will make the writing easier for you. When writing essay topics related to health, attention is focused on the style which can either be argumentative, persuasive, or narrative depending on the subject matter. Here are different health-related essay topics.

Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics within the argumentative essay can range from mental health argumentative topics, health essay topics for high school students to health and fitness topics essays and so much more.

Health is of fundamental human interest. It defines the state of our general physical and mental well-being which is influenced primarily by our lifestyle, society, diet, and other contributing factors.

Understanding the ways our bodies function which in turn impacts our health is of primary importance, this might not often be the case for a layperson, but educated people and those within academia are constantly expanding knowledge, seeking and proffering information on health issues through argumentative essays which can look like.

  1. Legislation against birth control is a denial of fundamental human rights

  2. Surrogacy should not be required only for health issues

  3. Birth control is a fundamental human right

  4. Access to mental health care is a privilege

  5. Health care insurance should be accessible to low-income workers

  6. Birth Control pills have serious health effects

  7. Access to menstrual equipment is a privilege

  8. Exercising isn’t basically for weight loss.

  9. Cosmetic Surgery is unhealthy and life-threatening

  10. Fast-food chains contribute majorly to the health crisis

  11. Dental health care is a luxury

  12. Smart devices are harming human health.

  13. Political corruption is affecting the American healthcare system

  14. Race, class, and ideology play a vital role in the deterioration of the healthcare system

  15. Female Circumcision: the dangers of gendered based health regulations

  16. Essential healthcare workers are not prioritized enough

  17. Should alcohol be wholly restricted for high school students?

  18. Healthy eating will keep you from regular doctor’s appointments

  19. Oversleeping has major health side effects

  20. Government’s role in preventing an affordable healthcare system

  21. The health effects of Bulimia

  22. The health benefits of Cannabis

  23. Health reasons why Marijuana should be legalized

  24. Mental health and Physical health have equal impacts

  25. Health effects of excessive fitness practices

  26. The importance of technology in the healthcare system

  27. Why do most people shy away from hospitals because of fear and not just lack of funds?

  28. The efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine over Western medicine

  29. IVF and Surrogacy, which one is cost-effective?

  30. The psychological effect of egg freezing on single women

Persuasive Essay Health Topics

For many students, writing a persuasive essay is highly required of them in school; this is essentially the case for many high school students whose professor devises this essay style as a way to broaden their knowledge on any given topic and to enable them to go about writing an informed essay supporting the required topic. Some persuasive health topics include:

  1. Healthy eating should be prioritized more than exercise

  2. Schools should encourage sex education and incorporate it into their curriculum

  3. Mental health should be paid adequate attention to in schools

  4. Banning the usage of drugs helps to reduce the high level of drug abuse

  5. Incarceration shouldn’t be the only viable correctional means as it has serious psychological effects

  6. Marijuana should be legalized in all US states as it has health benefits

  7. Every workplace should provide health insurance for its workers

  8. Low-income workers should have adequate access to health care

  9. Americans should create time to rest as it can reduce the health issues that result from overworking

  10. Tampons and Sanitary pads should be made available in public spaces

  11. The advantages of blood donations and organ donations

  12. Why access to mental health care is a fundamental right

  13. Why regular breakfast intake can benefit your health

  14. Self-care can also be regarded as healthy living

  15. Physical exercise should be adequately encouraged

  16. Why people need to reduce their level of sugar intake

  17. Why the government needs to legitimize birth control

  18. Health care should be accessible for everyone

  19. Why people should be encouraged to donate to charity healthcare programs

  20. Breastfeeding should be encouraged for at least 6 months

  21. Mothers should be given paid maternity leave

  22. Why teenagers should be given access to birth control pills

  23. Dental care and mental health care should be affordable

  24. Everyone should be able to access free medical care, especially in an emergency

  25. Why we should encourage healthy eating.

  26. Government should regulate the fast-food chain

  27. How the fast-food chain contributes to the rising case of obesity

  28. More attention should be paid to child obesity

  29. Fatness should not always be seen as the symbol of unhealthiness

  30. Government should pay proper attention to how to curb the imbalance in the medical health sector

Mental Health Essay Topics

Mental health is directly linked to our psychological health, and the smooth functioning of it determines our general well-being. Topics centered majorly on mental health discuss primary issues that fall within the mental health management field. Dive in below if you are looking for mental health argumentative essay topics or any other topics related to mental health.

  1. An essay focusing on the mental health decline in America

  2. How many corporate companies are prioritizing workers’ mental health?

  3. Schools in America are putting structures in place to enhance mental health discussions

  4. Why college and university curriculums require general courses on mental health

  5. How to effectively manage mental health in a toxic workplace

  6. The relationship between anxiety and mental health

  7. How American Television is approaching the mental health subject

  8. Factors that can promote mental health

  9. How to bring up mental health conversations at home

  10. How poor mental health impacts students in their academic performance

  11. The relationship between poor academic performance and mental health

  12. Why mental health should not be pathologized

  13. How physical activity can impact mental health negatively

  14. Why we should all encourage a safer environment for our mental well-being

  15. Emotional and mental health are linked

  16. What are the major mental health challenges—trauma or substance abuse?

  17. How the mental health of low-income earners can be prioritized in America

  18. In America, how immigrant workers navigate mental health

  19. How displacement contributes to mental instability

  20. Why we should set up charity donations for mental health

  21. How to access mental health care is a luxury in America

  22. The pathologizing of mental health issues

  23. Growing trend: how capitalism is building upon the mental health movement

  24. How safe spaces and healthy communities promote mental health

  25. Common mental health conditions and ways to navigate them

  26. The role American schools are playing in promoting mental health

  27. Why therapists need to take care of themselves too

  28. Mental health therapists need therapy too

  29. Why openness about mental illness should be encouraged

  30. How abuse contributes to mental illness

Health and Wellness Essay Topics

Health and wellness generally comprise so many health care essay topics that can be discussed elaborately. This is because the health and wellness field is broad, it contains various distinct topics that include physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, social wellness, mental wellness, and other aspects that make for in-depth essays. Here are relevant topics on the subject.

  1. The continuous stigmatization of mental health in our society

  2. Why do people develop health disorders?

  3. How does ADH impact a person’s health?

  4. How anxiety, depression can affect social performance

  5. Why more research should focus on effective Cancer treatments

  6. Why the voices of mentally ill people should be heard

  7. How the pathologizing of mental health is harmful on its own.

  8. Why community therapy should be encouraged

  9. How boundaries can improve general health and wellbeing

  10. What doctors should do when a person refuses healthcare on a religious basis

  11. Is healthcare in the rural areas suffering more than in the city?

  12. How consistent yoga practice improves our health and mindset

  13. How supplements boost our immune system

  14. Why schools should have more health care systems and first aid treatments

  15. Ways to encourage a toddler to eat more vegetables

  16. How insomnia in toddlers can be adequately managed

  17. The health impacts and benefits of consistent 6 months of breastfeeding

  18. How PTSD affects new and nursing mothers

  19. Why paid maternity leave can also improve the well-being of nursing moms

  20. How to motivate a child to exercise more

  21. How to reduce your sugar intake and eat healthily

  22. How parents can encourage their kids to reduce the consumption of fast foods

  23. How to manage a child that bed wet

  24. Do nannies affect a child’s development?

  25. How to deal with arthritis as you get older

  26. How older people can still engage in outdoor activities

  27. How to cope with amnesia and Alzheimer’s

  28. How to support an aging parent

  29. How nursing homes promote good health for both old people and their caretakers

  30. Why is plant-based nutrition healthier than eating meat?

  31. The importance of a cheat meal

Health and Medicine Essay Topics

Health and medicine even while being within the subdivision of health is still a broad topic to write about. Regardless, the topics can be further broken down to what is familiar to you and what will be intriguing to the reader. Here are some intriguing health related essay topics to consider.

  1. The intersection of medicine and religion

  2. How medicine was catered for HIV in third world countries

  3. The side effects of the Covid vaccine

  4. How awareness about health and medicine can be created in rural areas

  5. How to make medicine more accessible in rural communities

  6. The benefits of free medicine

  7. Medical treatment for mental health conditions

  8. How technology is revolutionizing the production of health products and medicine

  9. New research on cancer treatments and medicine

  10. How HIV treatment helps survivors maintain healthier lifestyles

  11. How people with chronic illness and from low-income homes get access to free medicine

  12. The history and importance of vaccination

  13. How the Covid-19 vaccine is helping us return to normal

  14. Treatments available for autism patients

  15. Clinical researches going on for Alzheimer’s treatments

  16. The treatment process for Anorexia and Bulimia

  17. Why western medicine should accommodate traditional medicine

  18. The mental impacts of Covid-19

  19. Why uninsured people need access to medicine and healthcare

  20. Should CBD be promoted?

  21. Why vaccination should be mandatory

  22. Can minors assent to their medical care in the absence of their guardians?

  23. Medical treatment and drugs for mental illness should be made affordable

  24. How free medicine and healthcare can improve the system

  25. Why no one should have access to drugs except on a doctor’s prescription

  26. How access to drugs are encouraging drug abuse

  27. Why rural communities need free accessible healthcare

  28. Medical treatments for Insomnia

  29. How insomnia can be controlled with traditional medicine

  30. The exorbitant cost of healthcare

Health Psychology Essay Topics

Health psychology focuses on some factors and how they can either be used to mitigate against psychological issues or how they as well impact psychological health issues. Writing about psychology and health has various aspects that could be drawn up and here are some of the best topics for essays on health psychology.

  1. How ADH responses impact the productivity level and social experiences of its patients

  2. The effects of panic attacks, depression, and mental disorders on people

  3. How wrongful mental health diagnosis can affect a person’s health conditions

  4. The importance of psychological intervention in the United States

  5. How drug abuse affects people psychologically and how it can be addressed

  6. Food insecurity impacts on children and adolescents in the United States

Public Health Essay Topics

Public health covers a wide range of intriguing topics, from issues related to the promotion of the general health and well-being of the society to the research on common and rare diseases and prevention methods on how to handle public health challenges like this. Essay topics on public health discuss these diseases, the public health crisis, and ways to prevent and control them. Here are some of them.

  1. How harmful is the smoking of cigarettes and tobacco to the general public?

  2. Ways society can foster healthier living through the practice of sustainable living measures

  3. How to stop the widespread use of the new COVID-19 variant

  4. Is there a medically proven way to cure colds and coughs?

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