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166 Advanced Architecture Topics For Top Grades

architecture topics

Architecture entails designing and constructing buildings, bridges, institutions, hospitals, schools, stadiums, and other places. It requires keenness to ensure that the building uses the right materials for it to last long and resist any weather conditions or factors that can easily weaken it.

Architects need to be properly educated to ensure they don’t make any mistakes while on the field. Most of the professors who teach architecture are architects therefore, they know the basics required for proper building.

Therefore, you ought to be keen in class. However, you can also seek help from essay writers if you aren’t sure how to tackle an assignment and buy essay online.

In this article, we will provide 166 of the best architecture research topics that you can use while in the university or college and how to write a good essay.

How To Write A Good Essay On Architecture Topics

If you want to get top grades, you ought to write a good essay that will make your professor happy. As a student, you need to do thorough research to increase your knowledge as well as improve your performance.

Knowledge will be crucial when you advance in your career as you will need to do things practically rather than theoretically. Here are some of the steps you can take when writing a good essay on architecture topics:

  • Choose an architecture topic: First, choose an architecture topic based on your likes. What topic can you easily write about? Is it something that you will be able to easily explain if given a platform to do so?A topic of interest will even motivate you to do more research that will gain you top grades. You can also consult the professor for approval of your topic.
  • Research on the topic: The next step is to research the specific topic. Find as many resources as you can on the specific topic. This will give you a glimpse of what you need to write in your essay. You can find information in scholarly articles, books, documentaries, films, and much more.Do your research by examining the aesthetics of the specific building, considering the historical context and modern evolution of architecture.
  • Choose a style: The next step is to choose a style for your essay. You can decide to choose an analytical style in which you will need to provide your information in a factual mode. If you are using an argumentative topic, then using a persuasive style will be most appropriate.
  • Outline your essay: The next step is to outline your essay. What will you include in your essay? This will be guided by the facts and research that you got. You can then write a draft of the essay.
  • Write the introductory paragraph: Once you have your outline, write your introductory paragraph that should also include your thesis statement. It should be short and entail what you want to write in the essay. Basically,  introduce the reader to what they should expect in the essay.
  • Write the body paragraphs: Proceed on to write the body paragraphs that should entail the research that you have done. Ensure each of the body paragraphs has a new fact related to your chosen architecture topic.
  • Write the conclusion: Once done, write a conclusion which is a summary of what the essay is all about. Also, ensure it isn’t longer than the introduction. If it was a draft write the final essay, proofread, and submit.

Interesting Architecture Topics

Are you looking for some interesting architecture topics? You can use any of these architectural topics for your essay, research paper, thesis, or dissertation. It all depends on your needs:

  1. The importance of architecture.
  2. Why is it important to preserve the historical architecture?
  3. Main uses of skyscrapers.
  4. History of modernist architecture.
  5. Evolution of urban living spaces.
  6. Creation of recreational centres for the elderly.
  7. The architecture of a public high school.
  8. How to build an outdoor theatre from scratch.
  9. The 21st-century housing model.
  10. The most popular construction model.
  11. Effect of Climate on architectural designs
  12. How to create an architectural design.
  13. Create a plan for a general hospital with 90 beds.
  14. Architectural practices used in the tourism sector.
  15. Analyze architectural photography.
  16. Architectural practice in the educational sector.
  17. Importance of digital mapping.
  18. The role of technology in architecture.
  19. The Role of Architecture in Agriculture

Current Architecture Essay Topics

Do you like being updated or using current topics? Then these current architecture essay topics are perfect for that. You can’t miss finding the perfect topic:

  1. Plan college classrooms in the 21-th century
  2. Future of Architecture
  3. Most used features in modern architecture
  4. The duration it takes to build a ship.
  5. Techniques used in making a yacht.
  6. Impact of building materials on people
  7. The ecological perspective of using glue on buildings.
  8. The most eco-friendly houses.
  9. How can landscape design make a town greener?
  10. Plan on making green highways.
  11. The best mode to use to create a beautiful recreational park in the city.
  12. Roof gardens in the city; advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Elements needed in a modern museum.
  14. Famous architectural buildings in the world.
  15. Make a comparison of architectural designs used in different countries.
  16. Best way to build lightweight houses.
  17. Main features found in a smart house.
  18. The architecture of a city.
  19. Evolution of architectural designs from ancient times.


Advanced Architecture Argumentative Essay Topics

While doing any research, it is crucial to use all the resources you can get; documentaries, films, scholarly articles, books, and other resources. They can help you get high grades and enrich your knowledge:

  1.  Can renewable materials be used in modern architecture?
  2. How can we harness technology in urban development?
  3. Can infrastructure be planned in a way to ensure sustainable transportation?
  4. Can traditional building techniques be revived in modern buildings?
  5. Can spaces be created to meet user needs? How?
  6. Relation between Maths and Architecture.
  7. Is it possible to have smart cities all over the world?
  8. Similarities of architecture in India and Pakistan.
  9. Elements of a parking zone.
  10. Future of smart houses.
  11. Can zoos be created with the same design on all continents?
  12. Does architecture affect climate positively or negatively?
  13. The legal aspect of building houses in woody areas.
  14. Can all stadiums be built in the same way?
  15. The relation between road building and architecture.
  16. Can contemporary towns look alike?
  17. The architect behind Egypt pyramids
  18. The similarity of contemporary towns.
  19. Compare and contrast two famous buildings.
  20. Is it possible to create spaces that promote the well-being of people?

Captivating Topics In Architecture

When choosing a topic, you need to choose one that not only provides a top grade but also interests you. This makes it easier to do any kind of research and feel comfortable while researching:

  1. Explore popular culture in architecture.
  2. Architectural styles used in the 19th century.
  3. High-tech elements found in any modern city.
  4. The importance of ornaments in architecture.
  5. Criteria used in making beautiful streets.
  6. The Indian history of architecture.
  7. The use of power in architecture.
  8. The most common architectural design used in the hotel industry.
  9. Relation between fashion and architecture.
  10. The German architectural history.
  11. Evaluate the ancient mosque architecture.
  12. History of Egyptian art and architecture.
  13. Sustainable architecture designs that have evolved.
  14. Islamic architecture evolution in history.
  15. How can architecture be used to accommodate migrants?
  16. Best way to redesign spaces.
  17. How can abandoned buildings be reused to create new ones?
  18. The architecture of high courts.

Advanced Architecture Research Topics

Architecture is interesting, and you should find it fun when doing research. If you want to advance in your specific discipline, then these advanced architecture research topics will work for you:

  1. How to create disaster-resistant structures.
  2. The architectural design used to make bus terminals.
  3. The architectural designs used in making metro stations.
  4. Architectural designs used in airports.
  5. The evolution of architectural designs used in sports complexes.
  6. How are crematoriums built?
  7. Innovative materials used in architecture.
  8. Importance of technology in the evolution of architecture.
  9. How can multicultural architecture be used in the urban landscape?
  10. Can building a skyscraper harm any bird?
  11. Major features of portable housing units.
  12. Characteristics of modern architecture.
  13. Major uses of hemp in construction.
  14. The architecture of a modern airport.
  15. The architecture of building luxury houses near the beach.
  16. The general architecture of creating universities.
  17. The creativeness of the architectural profession.
  18. Do you need to be artistic to be an architect?

Best Architecture Research Topics

What criteria do you use when choosing a topic? Well, it all depends on whether it is for an essay, research paper, project, dissertation, thesis, or other types of writing. At the end of the day, you need to choose a topic that you will find fun and enrich your knowledge:

  1. Evaluate metal fatigue in skyscrapers.
  2. Urban planning in Europe.
  3. Architectural Design in Asia
  4. Common Architectural designs used in two different continents of your choice.
  5. An in-depth look at the construction of the White House.
  6. Importance of landscapes in modern urban development.
  7. Major roles of an urban planner.
  8. How can transport problems be resolved through conducive architectural building designs?
  9. Evaluate the three magnets theory by Ebenezer Howard.
  10. The design of a shopping mall.
  11. Challenges faced in urban intensification.
  12. Major advancements in virtual planning.
  13. Problems associated with skyscrapers.
  14. Importance of using concrete in construction.
  15. The best building materials that are used to build large storey buildings.
  16. The difference between urban and rural housing.
  17. Theories behind resilient designs.
  18. How can construction be used to solve traffic congestion?

Creative Architecture Research Paper Topics

Architecture requires the most creativity if a student is to advance. The construction of buildings, bridges, and other areas requires critical thinking to ensure whatever is built meets the needs of the users. Construction should last for long therefore, the right materials need to be used to ensure it won’t be affected by any external factors:

  1. How do architectural designers evaluate where to put ventilators for quality indoor air supply?
  2. Is construction possible during extreme weather conditions?
  3. Best way to utilize usable space in designs.
  4. Rehabilitation of the ancient structure.
  5. Latest trends used in interior designs
  6. Best color combinations for buildings in 2023.
  7. How do people perceive color?
  8. Problems incurred in designing a hospital.
  9. How do architects deal with proper waste management?
  10. How are today’s buildings being made safer?
  11. Effect of Internet of Things on architectural design.
  12. The best designs to use in building dorms.
  13. Best designs to maximize functional spaces in small areas.
  14. Impact of modern architecture on American Culture.
  15. Distinct elements of 15thcentury architecture.
  16. 3D rendering programs for aspiring architects to use.
  17. The importance of 3D printing technology.
  18. Evolution of wind turbine technology.


Unique Architecture Thesis Topics

Are you currently doing your thesis? Then try out any of these topics. They are all designed to help you get a better overview of the subject. Proper research leads to top grades:

  1. How has interior design shaped outdoor design in architecture?
  2. How can interior architecture be used to ensure water sustainability in buildings?
  3. How was European architecture influenced by Islam?
  4. How were Roman images used to help in the design of ancient buildings?
  5. Is it possible to recreate past structures using modern architectural designs?
  6. Small space living in large cities.
  7. Impact of safe architecture in building bridges.
  8. Importance of technology in giving architects ideas.
  9. Advantages of vertical housing.
  10. Safety issues on construction sites.
  11. Relation between engineering and architecture.
  12. Common problems faced during construction.
  13. Effect of weather on building’s durability.
  14. Main considerations when building homes for the elderly.
  15. Evaluate virtual planning.
  16. The main difference between building during warm and cold climates.
  17. How long does it take for architecture to evolve?
  18. The architectural excellence of the Eiffel Tower.
  19. Importance of portable housing units.
  20. New age innovative building designs.

Controversial Architecture Topics

If you like controversial topics, these are definitely for you. However, you don’t just need to stick to one side. It is crucial to be flexible enough to understand both sides:

  1. Which are the most controversial buildings in the world?
  2. Are minimalistic designs preferred more in modern housing?
  3. Are there specific characteristics of modern architecture?
  4. The most preferred construction methods.
  5. Is there something like a perfect museum design?
  6. Should libraries be created with the same design in all universities?
  7. Is there a distinction between houses built in warm climates and those in cold climates?
  8. How do exhibition rooms demonstrate great aesthetics?
  9. Use of terracotta air conditioners in increasing sustainability.
  10. Use of chemical-free materials in the building.
  11. Major tendencies in rural housing
  12. Components used in building a vessel ship.
  13. Is it recommended to build houses from wood?
  14. Can you build a house without harming the ecosystem?
  15. Does architecture have an impact on ecology?
  16. Importance of creating a proper zone for walking?

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What is architecture?

It is the science and art of designing buildings and other constructions. Therefore, an architect comes to explore what appeals to you more and then provides the perfect plan for the construction. Architects tend to coordinate the design work, engineering, and construction.

When should architects be involved in building?

Architects should be involved when you want to start your construction so that they can provide pre-design services, evaluate the site, explore options, and provide more insights on the construction project.

How can I choose an architecture topic?

You can choose an architecture topic based on your likes, interests, and course unit.

What’s the best way to research architecture topics?

The best way to study architecture topics is by using references to other building plans to see the technology and science behind different constructions. It will give you a better overview of what other architects did for reference.

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