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How To Add More Words To Essay: Smart Guide

how to add more words to an essay

One thing that stresses college students out is how to arrive at the exact word count of a college essay. It can quickly become a challenge when you are struggling with your word count. With the help of this article, you’ll find relevant information to help you meet your word count requirements.

A subtle academic challenges students face often comes in handy when there’s an essay assignment. The stress is even intensified most times when it’s an essay with an outlined word count. The worst feeling is usually spending so much time piecing an essay only to realize that you’ve not scratched the surface of the required word count.

This essay focuses on this student challenge, addressing how to add more words to an essay, how to fluff an essay, and every other relevant point associated with increasing and reaching the required word count for an essay.

How to Increase Word Count in an Essay

How to make an essay longer is one of the things many students need to know. A major mistake students make while writing an essay is making their words wordier to increase their word count. This is not an excellent way to reach your target word count. This makes your essay lengthy, making it difficult for the professor to access and, in turn, affecting your grade point.

Here are some helpful methods on how to get more words in an essay and how to increase word count to reach your target:

  • Introduce examples: Examples are a constructive way or tricks to increase word count. With the addition of examples into your essay, you give more room to expand the work. Most examples often require you to highlight them. Using this as a good writing technique, you can meet your required word count and still have a soundly written essay.
  • Introductory points or sub-sub-headings: This is an effective way on how to up your word count. Introducing new associates points to your subheadings will help you reach your required word count and enhance your work.
  • Sentence clarification: This is essential, especially when you are writing an academic essay that will require you to be as elaborate as possible. Always tweak in clarification of your sentences but do not overdo them; else, your work looks tacky.

How to Expand an Essay Creatively

Often, writing assignments have specified word counts. The teacher expects that regardless of how you decide to tweak your essay, it still arrives at that particular word count. In most cases, exceeding or not reaching the required word count could be penalized. A typical example of a required word count could be, “write an essay of not more than 500 words on institutionalized racism in the American South”. Essays like this require that even while you buttress your points on institutionalized racism, you do not exceed the assigned word count.

Here are pieces of advice on how to add words to essay:

  1. Use the “how” and “why” questions to introduce new points. This doesn’t only help you stay detailed in your essay but expands the essay as well.
  2. Infuse concrete examples of points you’ve made. This not only makes your work look properly researched but also expands your essay.
  3. Expand the introduction and conclusion. Try as much as possible to make the introduction and conclusion touch across every core point within your essay.

How to Pad Out an Essay When Writing an Assignment

What do you do when you feel you’ve used up every relevant word you think will be essential to your essay? This can be challenging most times. This is where knowing how to pad your essay is necessary.

In padding, you use words not only to increase word count but also to grow word count. Here are some helpful words to make your essay longer and grow word count.

Generally Explaining:

When you are generally explaining an idea or ideas, be attentive to phrases like

  • In order to
  • In other words
  • To put it another way
  • That is to say
  • They claim that
  • Looking into

Adding Details:

When adding details, you can use some of these words:

  • It is important to recognize
  • Additionally
  • Evidently
  • To add weight to this point
  • Contextually
  • Consequently
  • It’s important to note
  • As well as
  • Not only… but also
  • From outlined point
  • It could be drawn as
  • Conclusion could be drawn as/towards
  • Evidence shown proves
  • Moreover
  • Pointing out
  • Pointing towards
  • Not to mention
  • In light of
  • It should be noted
  • Likewise

These words enable you to develop unique ways to tweak up your ideas within the body of an essay.

How to Reach Word Count for Your College Essay

How many times have you started writing an essay and have wondered how you’ll reach a specifically required word count? This is true for many students who are constantly looking for valuable tricks on quickly attaining word count.

Below are informative tricks and tips to increase word count.

  • Expound your introductory paragraphs and your concluding paragraphs. Making sure that all the relevant points of your essay is conveyed in both of them will help you reach your word count
  • Draw a writing outline. Outlines are essential in any form of essay writing. They do not just guide you through the writing process but are also helpful in reaching your word count. Each relevant point is outlined and assigned a particular word count to help you reach your goal.
  • Introduce ‘detailing.’ While detailing helps in making your essay less vague; it also helps you to attain a required word count as they are essay fillers.
  • Avoid using contracted words. Most students do not realize this but contracted words shorten your word count and if you are looking to extend your words, avoid their usage.
  • Make use of transitional phrases. With the help of transitional phrases like, “this is to suggest that…”, “owing to previously stated points,” “to buttress the point further,” “to give a vivid illustration of.”
  • Introduce opposing phrases like, “Notwithstanding that,” “having noted the previous point…”, “in contrast to the evidence that presents the view that…”, “however, not all points stipulate that…”, “looking into this debate from this angle points to the fact that…”. Phrases like this give you more solid sentences to contrast, which influences your word count.

How to Add More to an Essay While Writing

One of the necessary skill sets every college student should acquire is the ability of adding words to an essay skillfully without ruining the content of the essay. Knowing how to elongate your essay successfully will help to save you the constant stress of checking your word count.

For most students, their resolve is usually essay flutters or essay expanders. While there are many ways to arrive at this, here are some important creative ways to reach it.

  1. Use quotations: This is essential when writing literature or critical review in an essay. Try as much as possible to add useful quotations within the body of the essay. Also, make sure that said quotation correlates with the points you’ve stated.
  2. Make use of example: While using examples within your essay creates the impression that your work is adequately informed, it also adds to the word count of your essay. For instance, while writing on specific topics, use examples as a strategy to draw more insight into the work. You win both ways with this.
  3. Introduce diagrams, charts & tables: For illustration or visualization, these are relevant, but they can also serve other purposes aside from helping the reader visualize what is written. It makes your work clean and adds more to the content of your essay.
  4. The use of sources: While writing an academic essay, always include sources. The inclusion of sources does not just enhance the quality or authenticity of your work; it also adds to your word count.

Introducing these models as an effective way to add more to your essay makes the writing process easier for you.

How to Make an Essay Have More Words

The only way to make sure your essay has more words is to learn how to become crafty with writing. Most students spend much time explaining points in their work which makes their essay look tacky. To note how to lengthen an essay word count or become one of the most intentional essay fluffers, these appropriate steps must be followed:

  1. Always thinking of introducing new but closely related ideas into your essay.
  2. Make use of as many subheadings as possible
  3. Introduce sub-sub-headings in areas where they are necessary
  4. Know when to use transitional words to incorporate more words
  5. Introduce examples to your essay points
  6. Give as many points as possible
  7. Introduce relevant sources
  8. Avoid too much use of contracted form. “I’m, you’re, it’s, they’ll”, etc.
  9. Introduce as many relevant topics into the essay
  10. Make the introduction and conclusion as comprehensive and all-encompassing as possible.
  11. Make use of phrasal verbs in the middle of sentences.

Is Your Essay Too Short?

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