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Religion Essay – A Fertile Ground Covering Many Topics

religion essay

The very word ‘religion’ stirs emotions and it’s because people and a nation’s definition of religion is different. People have been bickering over their religious beliefs for centuries and this in itself makes for the writing of a fascinating essay.

What Is Religion Essay?

The essay about religion will possibly be assigned to you if you are studying sociology or religion. It’s a deep topic that includes tackling philosophy as well.

Freedom of religion essay will be a huge, thought-provoking piece of writing because religious freedom is all about the fundamental right of people the world over to express and act upon what they believe in. In fact, in the United States, religious freedom is a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Religion essay topics will contain your opinion while being well structured with a touch of analysis. It shouldn’t get too complicated as its not a research article. With a religion in Things Fall Apart essay you could write about the novel written by Chinua Achebe and the impact that the missionaries had on the Igbo society.

Argumentative essay on religion offers both sides of an issue

If you decide to write on one of the argumentative essay topics on religion, you’ll have lots of topic ideas that present arguments about both sides of an issue. Both sides could be presented equally but it could be that one side is presented more forcefully than the other. Examples of argumentative essay topics include:

  1. Why is the Bible the most well-read book in the world?
  2. What is a Christian – Catholic, Pentecostal or Evangelical?
  3. The questionable function of priests in the church
  4. Abortion – is it a sin?
  5. Why some ministers choose to ignore what God says about same-sex marriages

The correct structure of the essay on religion will see you starting with the religion essay introduction. All essays, including the religious essay, require a clear, dynamic introduction describing the topic and the way you intend to tackle it. The intro is then followed by the main body of the essay.

Religion essay writing can cover a wide gamut of topics

Religion is essentially about people who have shared beliefs on who and how they worship. A religion essay is guaranteed to be both interesting and provocative and an essay about religion is going to provide you with endless topics. Some awesome topics on this religion could be:

  1. Are all Christian religions the same
  2. Sexual abuse scandals within the Catholic Church
  3. The 10 Commandments – are they relevant in the 21 century?
  4. Analyzing Christianity and Islam
  5. Life after death and what the Bible says
  6. The difference between so-called Christians and born-again Christians
  7. Does Satan really exist?

The topic of religion is massive and a world religion essay might see you writing on Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – three world religions. It is just assumed that these 3 religions don’t have anything in common. In spite of their differences, they also have similar ideals.

An essay on Islam religion might see you writing on the rise of Islam with the Prophet Muhammad.

You may fancy the idea of writing a religion and politics essay and this can be most enthralling. The role of religion in politics essay is a huge topic as religion is actually related to politics in certain ways.

Religion influences politics

Religion has always influenced policy- and decision making in government, and religious leaders such as Billy Graham have influenced political leaders to bring in policies in keeping with Christian beliefs.

You could write an essay on how religion influences politics. A religion and morality essay might be interesting in this regard because most of the world’s leading religions are concerned about moral behavior. Being ‘religious’ is a sign of goodwill and virtue, so that a religious politician with moral behavior is thought as a better choice for the people.

Then again an essay on religion in schools could spark controversy. The subject of religion in public schools has always been debated passionately showing what an important subject it is.

Science vs Religion

A science vs religion essay could prove riveting writing too, as world-renowned astronomer, Prof David Block could be referred to in your science and religion essay where he emphasizes that there is truth in both nature and the scriptures.

With a religion vs science essay, you could talk about how religions draw on scientific explanations of the world to understand what the world is like.

Yet again, an art and religion essay would be an exciting religious essay topic because religion has used art to create images of their deities. In Egypt however, there were rules imposed by the priests as to the portrayal of deities.

An essay on religion and society can be on the role of religion in society and how it influences the aspects of day to day issues such as education and the way people dress.

Getting Religion Essay Examples

Christianity is the most practiced religion globally, centering on the miraculous life of Jesus Christ. The essence of Christianity revolves around Jesus being crucified on a cross and the miraculous way he arose 3 days after his death before rising in the clouds to heaven. The Christian faith teaches love, peace and forgiveness with the cross being the symbol of Christianity.

An essay on Hindu religion will provide you with many topics too. This is the world’s oldest religion and the 3rd largest after Christianity and Islam. Most of the world’s Hindus live in India and their religion is actually a compilation of many traditions and philosophies and is sometimes referred to as a ‘way of life’.

There are many Hindus who argue that their faith is timeless and has always existed. There will be an unlimited variety of essay topics to write about on the Hindu religion.

  1. Hinduism vs. Buddhism – the similarities
  2. Describe reincarnation and karma
  3. Medieval and Modern Hindu History
  4. The many different Hindu Gods
  5. Brahma, the supreme God
  6. What is the caste system
  7. The history of Hinduism

When writing an essay on religion, the interdisciplinary aspect of religious studies will make writing the religion essay captivating. Some of the disciplines – sociology, anthropology and history – can be included in your religion essay.

There is a wide range of religion essay examples available online for a religious assignment and the essay can take different systematic forms. A high school essay or a master’s level persuasive essay on religion can’t take the same form as the level of understanding for the students is different. To make sure you get a good grade for your essay, we advise you to consult with our essay writers.

Choosing a thought-provoking religious topic for your school, college or university assignment needn’t be a challenge as there are literally thousands of topics and ideas. Each topic is bound to be shrouded in controversy and also be provocative – just what your professor will love to read about.

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