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Spongebob Essay: Your Guide With Topic Suggestions

spongebob essay

Your SpongeBob essay can border on themes of the cartoon that relate to modern-day life. It can also be a satire that exposes some of the ills of society. If you are tasked with writing SpongeBob’s essay, you follow the ideas above. This guide contains a sample of SpongeBob character analysis as well as other topic ideas for your essay.

The Spongebob Essay – How To Choose A Topic

There are a lot of considerations to make before picking a SpongeBob writing essay. Start by determining the type of essay you want to work on. This will give you an idea of the direction you want to follow. There are so many essay types, including persuasive, argumentative, and informal, among others. All of these subtypes have different approaches.

Different essay types have different requirements. For instance, an argumentative essay requires a controversial topic. One that will look interesting enough to read.

Spongebob Writing An Essay Ideas

In the same vein, a comparative essay requires essay topics that introduce two things which will be compared with each other. It could be schools of thought, art, or even pieces of literature.

After picking the essay type, the next step is brainstorming. To do this, think about what you like about the subject. In this case, SpongeBob. What do you find interesting about SpongeBob personality? What is SpongeBob Squarepants philosophy? Are there any themes to work with from the cartoon?

Spongebob Topic Ideas To Consider

Here are a few topic ideas from the best essay writing website right here!

  • Existentialism in SpongeBobOne topic to explore when writing this type of essay is existentialism in the TV show. The characters avoid pain as much as they can because they believe that pleasure should not rule a person’s life. They also believe that pain ruins contentment. Consider the example of Sandy, a squirrel that is friends with SpongeBob. Squirrels have no place underwater, and so she wears a mask to protect her. In one episode, Sandy is forced to remove her helmet after her friends taunt her. In the end, she realizes that safety is more important than how she is seen by her friends.

    Another example is Mr. Krabs, who stores all his money under his bed because of his obvious distrust for banks. He doesn’t want to lose his money, so he comes up with a new way to hide it.

    Also, existentialists believe that God is not in existence to create meaning for every individual. So everyone must create his own life meaning.

  • Capitalism in SpongeBob
    Another topic of consideration is capitalism in SpongeBob. An excellent example to highlight is the episode where Squidward is fed up with the exploitative excesses of his boss Mr. Krabs.
    The worker finds a way to convince SpongeBob, who is a co-worker, to join him to strike against the administration. During the protests, they demand better wages and treatment outside the Krusty Krab. This strike action doesn’t go as planned due to the ignorance on the part of his co-worker SpongeBob. SpongeBob clearly loves his work, and this is why he constantly sacrifices good pay and free time for this work. Other residents in Bikini Bottom do not care for the strike, and so they ignore Squidward and crush him as they hungrily wait for food.

    One more excellent example of capitalism in SpongeBob is the episode where SpongeBob comes up with a new idea on how to make Krabby Patties.

    The patties are rainbow-colored and different from the norm. When he presents these patties to his boss and co-worker, they ridicule him and his idea. Not long after, the Krabby patties began to generate lots of revenue. Mr. Krabs quickly changes his tune and takes control of the business in the guise of doing SpongeBob a favor. SpongeBob tries to burn all his money but fails to do so. The key takeaway from the episode is that capitalism doesn’t like a deviation from the norm. However, capitalism will exploit such deviation as long as it is profitable.

    The exploitation of jellyfish in one episode can be used to highlight societal ills.

    Mr. Krabs rounded up all the jellyfish in Bikini Bottom and placed them on a farm to extract their jelly after a customer promised to pay heavily for it. SpongeBob was used to facilitate the plan but later discovers that he was used in exploiting the fish while also being exploited himself.

Get Best Spongebob Essay Writing

Don’t forget to use an outline to create your essay. This outline can help you to organize your thoughts so you won’t leave any important details out. It also ensures a logical arrangement of your paper. Ensure that your essay has an introduction, body and conclusion, and research properly.

You can also get help from online essay writing services if you are still having issues with your essay. To make your task easier there is always the option to buy original essays from our top high quality writers. You will become the best student of your class!

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