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150+ Globalization Essay Topics For Your Research And Essays

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Technological advancements and progress toward international cooperation have made the world more connected than ever. Globalization describes the interdependency of economies for trade, technology, investments, people, and even information.

Countries aim to benefit from free trade by getting the flow of capital among countries and access to foreign resources to maximize their returns. Due to this reason, the world becomes a single unit as each country gets intertwined culturally, economically, and politically.

Countries aim to specialize in goods and services which they can produce most efficiently at low cost than competing nations. If countries specialize in what they do best, this will result in efficient production at lower prices and promote economic growth. Economies set international cooperation strategies to support economic stabilization.

Globalization is crucial because it gives economies access to developing products more efficiently using cheaper raw materials, labor, and other resources available across borders. This results in innovation and the exchange of ideas that will help the economies to grow. Please continue reading to know what is globalization studies and why it is essential to study it; we have also listed research topics on globalisation for your college essay.

What Is Globalization Studies?

Globalization is an educational program that studies emerging changes brought to economies by historic and modern processes of globalization. The interaction of humans, culture, environment, technology and law have led to a rise in complex issues. The global studies curriculum encourages students to examine and analyze the problems that have developed because of the flow of goods, traditions, knowledge, services, people, and technologies.

Global studies also focus on how this interaction impacts political, economic, and social inequalities. The study aims to develop critical examining and thinking skills in the students related to the world being turned into a global village. Writing a good research paper will determine your grade if you are a global studies student. Since it’s a vast field, there are so many globalization essay topics that you can consider before writing a research paper.

High Quality Globalization Research Topics

The key to writing a high-quality research paper is to start with a good topic on globalization. A good research topic should be attractive, so the reader is eager to read the research paper. Moreover, a good research topic is researchable and is related to educational theories or practices.

While choosing a research topic, it’s essential to choose one that is ethical and doesn’t embarrass or hurt any idea. Lastly, select a topic that is manageable and narrow. An open-ended issue may look vague and fail to catch the reader’s attention. Make sure you are interested in it and are able to write about it productively; if not you can always buy custom essay online! Let’s look at some of the best globalization research topics you can consider for your essay.

  1. The positive and negative effects of Globalization on Britain
  2. Financial globalization and how it affects modern businesses
  3. How globalization has affected the strategies of international businesses
  4. Effects of Globalization on engineering and management
  5. How globalization affects regional businesses
  6. Impact of Globalization on Starbucks
  7. How is Toyota Motor Corporation affected by globalization?
  8. How does foreign currency exchange affect globalization?

Globalization Topics For Essay

  1. Globalization in Belgium vs. Globalization
  2. How does globalization affect human trafficking?
  3. The contemporary stage of Globalization and Neo-liberalism in Europe
  4. Financial benefits of globalization
  5. A brief analysis of “Globalization and the Unleashing of New Racism: an Introduction” by Macedo and Gounari
  6. Globalization of supply chain management and logistics in Wales
  7. Globalization for Guidia
  8. How leadership decisions impact globalization

World Topics To Write About

  1. Globalization politics in Taiwan
  2. Does globalization pose any threat to the cultures of different countries
  3. Role of Globalization in the disaster of the Bangladesh garment industry
  4. Opportunities and challenges that arise with globalization
  5. Globalization strategy of e-Bay
  6. How can globalization improve the quality of education?
  7. World Trade Organization and Globalization
  8. Role of Globalization in sustainable development
  9. How does globalization affect financial management?
  10. Why is globalization considered a polarizing factor by the International community?
  11. Impact of the Anti-Globalization movements on the business environment
  12. How do foreign markets encourage expansion and globalization
  13. A brief analysis of “The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy” by Rodrik D
  14. International approach to management and globalization
  15. New technology and Globalization: How does the public administer it?
  16. Economic Globalization and its limitations
  17. A competitive advantage that can be achieved through globalization
  18. Why was there a need for business process management with increased globalization?
  19. Globalization and African Diaspora

Global Essay Topics

  1. Effects of increased modernity and Globalization on native and indigenous populations of the world
  2. The benefits and shortcomings of the theory of globalization
  3. Factors that contribute to the acceleration of the Globalization process
  4. History of McDonald’s and the process of globalization
  5. Globalization in South America
  6. Is globalization a blessing?
  7. How globalization affects workforce diversity?
  8. How outsourcing supports globalization?
  9. How globalization impacts the International hotel industry?
  10. How the advancements in technology contributed to the globalization of production and markets
  11. Is globalization a blessing or a curse for US middle-class workers?
  12. How is Tesco affected by globalization?
  13. Effects of Globalization on employment opportunities
  14. Impact of Globalization on IT businesses
  15. Implications of Globalization
  16. Potential costs and benefits of globalization
  17. How can the future of the Turkish economy be affected by globalization
  18. Is globalization a peaceful process
  19. Globalization means that the locally produced is no longer important
  20. Gender role in Sweden’s workplace before and after globalization
  21. How does reflective thinking affect globalization

Social Media And Globalization Topics

  1. The picturization of globalization in the movie “Still, the children are here.”
  2. How relevant is the idea of National Cinema in the age of globalization?
  3. History and concept of Economic Globalization
  4. Advertising and Globalization
  5. How globalization impacts the IT industry?
  6. Reviewing the book Globalization: A Very Short Introduction by Manfred B.Steger
  7. How does globalization affect fashion and gender?
  8. P&G Japan’s Globalization project
  9. US media’s globalization
  10. How are digitalization and globalization related?
  11. How has globalization affected Americans?
  12. Globalization and its relationship with social policies and social provision
  13. Globalization and the issue of imports for a country
  14. A detailed analysis of “Globalization and its discontents” by Joseph Stiglitz
  15. Public perception of globalization
  16. What role does foreign direct investment play in globalization?
  17. A discussion of “The globalization of markets” by Theodre Levitt

Topics On Threats Of Globalization

  1. Is globalization the leading cause of the global financial crisis of 2008?
  2. Challenges faced by the international business due to globalization
  3. How food industry, education, and trade are affected by globalization?
  4. Effects of globalization and technology on gender identity
  5. The political and economic dimensions of globalization
  6. Survival of smaller companies in the modern era of globalization
  7. Modern Globalization in Africa
  8. The effect of globalization on youth culture
  9. Impact of Globalization on the American worker
  10. Effects of Globalization on developed and developing economies
  11. Gay tourism and Globalization: Learning to be patient and tolerant
  12. How has globalization affected terrorism
  13. To what extent does the Asian Economic crisis relate to globalization
  14. How are corruption, development, and globalization related?
  15. Administrative reforms and Globalization: What is happening in the real world?
  16. Impact of Globalization on e-commerce?
  17. Migration and Globalization: How is it beneficial for workers in developing countries?

Loss Of Culture Globalization Topics

  1. Impact of Globalization on Malaysia
  2. The economics of Globalisation in South Korea
  3. Globalization process in the sovereign nations
  4. Features and consequences of globalization
  5. The effects of globalization on the UAE
  6. Globalization and culture: Anxieties and possibilities
  7. Challenges faced in the way of globalization
  8. How has globalization impacted capitalism?
  9. How does Globalization impact state power?
  10. How does Globalization effects regulation and governance?
  11. Relationship between globalization and food and ethnic identity in literature
  12. Effects of the globalization of Apple inc.
  13. Discussing Globalization in “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Bentham’s Panopticon and Postman’s

Interesting Globalization Paper Topics

  1. Use of English as a global language
  2. Analyzing the effects of Globalization on National Sovereignty
  3. Globalization as a threat to cultural diversity
  4. Impact of Globalization on Australia
  5. Globalization of business and culture
  6. Globalization challenges faced by the new Arab regionalism
  7. Globalization and Islamic Societies
  8. Ethical leadership as a part of globalization
  9. Globalization and its economic integration effects
  10. A description of globalization in “The world is flat” by Friedman
  11. Capitalism, globalization, and art how are they related
  12. Is it possible for tobacco companies to globalize?
  13. Relationship between globalization and income inequality
  14. Winners and losers in globalization

Globalization In Sociology Topics

  1. Globalization and its effect on the environment
  2. Globalization and the people
  3. Organization, Leadership, and Globalization. How are they all linked together?
  4. Ethical frameworks in the modern era of globalization
  5. Economic and sociopolitical effects of globalization
  6. How globalization affects the youth culture
  7. Role of knowledge and culture in globalization
  8. How globalization influences LIfestyle and health?
  9. Everyone experiences globalization differently
  10. Impact of Globalization on Western cultural practices
  11. How does the theory of Globalization work in political economy
  12. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential for globalization
  13. Social change and gendered globalization
  14. Economics of child labor in globalization
  15. Are globalization and racism related?
  16. Globalization’s role in business relations and responsibilities
  17. Globalization strategy of Heriot Watts University
  18. The economic theory of positive globalization
  19. How is coffee production and consumption Globalized?
  20. Three eras of globalization by Thomas Friedman

Controversial Topics Of Globalization

  1. Globalization and Imperialism
  2. HRM globalization: Cause and effects
  3. How has the world progressed from World War One to Globalization?
  4. Impact of Globalization on different communities
  5. Forms and effects of globalization
  6. Globalization a step toward cultural conflicts
  7. The impact of globalization on human rights
  8. How globalization affects World peace and politics
  9. The results of globalization on world culture
  10. How globalization has increased in the contemporary era
  11. Competition, production, and globalization
  12. Impact of Globalization on the governance system of the world
  13. Indigenous struggles for globalization
  14. Impact of Globalization on Mechanical engineering in the US
  15. Impact of Globalization on the modern world
  16. Discussing “Globalization 2.0,” a book by David Reiff
  17. Globalization: Beneficial for people but bad for humanity
  18. Human social evolution, ecocide, and globalization
  19. Criminal justice policy and globalization
  20. Ecological dimensions of globalization
  21. Effects of Globalization on Ford Motor Company
  22. Germany’s politics and philosophy of globalization
  23. Economic globalization and the state’s capacity to promote it.
  24. Socioeconomic issues of immigrants due to globalization
  25. The two faces of the Globalized world

Argumentative Globalization College Essays Ideas

  1. Globalization: Perspective of the Industrialized western world
  2. Globalization as an Economic Phenomenon
  3. Anna Tsing’s argument for globalization
  4. Do the advantages of globalization outweigh its disadvantages
  5. The impact of globalization on the health care system: Ethical dilemmas of the various medical treatments.
  6. Problems of Globalization for your future career
  7. Relationship between economic globalization and modern imperialism
  8. Globalization is not to be feared, or is it?
  9. How globalization affects managerial decision making
  10. Globalization and development in Africa
  11. How globalization impacts cultural relationships?
  12. Does globalization pose a threat to the US’s power over the world?
  13. Mexico: Neoliberalism, globalization, and transnationalism
  14. Anti-Nuke Movement and women against globalization
  15. How globalization impacts the way businesses operate
  16. Media and globalization: The status quo of Taiwan
  17. Impact of globalization on the petroleum industry
  18. Development and globalization in South Africa.

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