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142 Critical Thinking Essay Topics For A-Graders

critical thinking Essay Topics

Critical thinking essay topics require the students to analyze the situation before writing critically. The main word in this form of writing is criticism, which means pointing out issues or faults in something. A critical thinking essay evaluates or analyzes literary work.

So, this article explains a critical thinking essay while providing a step-by-step guide for writing it and sample topics for students to consider.

What is a Critical Thinking Essay?

A critical thinking essay is writing that aims to improve analytical skills. When writing this essay, learners should analyze or explain the pros and cons of a particular topic.

Educators assign students this task to teach them to carefully study literary works and use methodical doubts to find weaknesses and express thoughts reasonably and clearly while working with concepts.

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

A critical thinking essay comprises an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Here’s a step-by-step guide for writing this paper.

  • Choose a topic: Your topic should be the central argument in a critical thinking essay. For instance, a university or college professor can ask students to think critically and write an essay about a piece of literary work, movie, controversial opinion, article, historical event, or political situation. If the educator allows you to select a topic, make sure it’s interesting to think and write about to enjoy working on it.
  • Write the introduction: A critical thinking essay introduction should explain the work you’re analyzing and its author. Also, include a thesis statement while noting the writer or scientist’s credentials. Include the publication date as well.
  • Describe the problem: Include a brief description of the problem your paper will raise. For instance, indicate the work’s purpose, main statement, and the author’s arguments.
  • Describe the author’s experience: Find out the author’s authority before you start writing a critical thinking essay. For instance, check the author’s work in essential publications, their previous work’s citations, and their qualifications.
  • Write the main part: The central part of an essay on critical thinking should be larger than the conclusion and the introduction. For instance, when writing a critical thinking paper on a scientific work, devote this part to arguments and counterarguments. For example, you can tell your readers whether the work is too vague and ambiguous, requiring additional research. Explain your viewpoint while providing solutions to the problems you raise in your essay.
  • Conclude the essay: Provide an overall opinion of the work you analyzed in the paper. For instance, do you agree with the arguments raised by the author? How can the author improve or supplement their work? Also, tell the readers about the work’s significance in the field.

Once you’ve written the essay, don’t forget to edit it. Editing enables you to correct mistakes, strengthen weaknesses, and eliminate minor phrases.

Recent Critical Thinking Topics

Selecting an excellent critical thinking topic for your essay is vital in the writing process. And an ideal title is recent, engaging, and relevant. Here’s a list of the latest topics for critical thinking papers.

  1. Why fast foods are not suitable for your health
  2. The link between asterism and corruption
  3. Examining the impact of social media on teenagers’ mental health
  4. Facts or things that require altering
  5. How different people develop dislikes and likes
  6. The subject that touched you strongly
  7. A conversation with different types of people
  8. Analyze emerging issues like technological developments
  9. How various people react on social media
  10. Effects of feminism promotion on social media
  11. How economic liberalism differ from economic nationalism
  12. Analyzing factors that made China a superpower
  13. Comparing and contrasting virtual and traditional learning
  14. Critical analysis of the industry growth on students that want to join it
  15. Examining the lottery industry’s harmful effects on society and why the government should ban it
  16. Critical analysis of globalization effects and what it’s a crucial economic phenomenon
  17. Analyzing the risk factors for lung cancer and their mitigation
  18. How corruption affects third-world countries
  19. Critical analysis of Italian food customs
  20. Analyze symbolism in the Italian food customs

These are some of the latest topics on critical thinking that learners across the educational levels can consider for their papers. Nevertheless, these ideas require careful investigation to develop a quality paper.

Critical Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

Maybe your college tutor asked you to write a critical analysis essay. If so, consider these ideas for your paper topic.

  1. Critical analysis of the educational significance of a popular TV show
  2. Analyze how politics affect nature
  3. Analyzing how security exchange influence your daily life
  4. Analyzing the effectiveness of the economic system in America
  5. Critical analysis of the efficacy of green and clean campaign in the US
  6. Critical analysis of the toy industry’s examination
  7. Analyzing the issues of practicing healthy eating habits
  8. Critical analysis of the American discoverers
  9. Investigating the primary social problem in the contemporary society
  10. Exploring reasons for companies to spend millions of dollars on product advertisements
  11. Critical analysis of the impact of video gaming
  12. Is drug abuse a major problem among teenagers?
  13. Should governments implement stricter laws and prohibitions for cyber identity theft and anonymity?
  14. The effective positive relationship between teachers and students
  15. Influence of gender stereotypes on Asian-American identities

These are good topics for college students to consider when writing critical thinking papers. Nevertheless, learners should investigate their ideas extensively to develop winning essays.

Easy Critical Thinking Essay Topic Examples

Maybe you need a simple topic to quickly write about and compel the educator to award you the top grade. In that case, this list has good ideas to consider for your essay.

  1. Do some governments promote corruption?
  2. Can Olympics be an example of courage and strength
  3. Will the world have flying cars in the next two decades?
  4. Why do some women and men change their gender
  5. Analyzing the importance of plastic surgery
  6. Can an individual feel like they are closed in their body?
  7. Critical analysis of a book that you recently read
  8. Is a well-known critic always right?
  9. Why do some people have difficulties accepting their appearance
  10. Why do some people have a problem solving their problems
  11. Is marketing an effective way of selling products?
  12. Does stereotype affect everyone?
  13. Critical analysis of the most effective storage strategies
  14. How does fashion influence the younger generation
  15. Why fashion dictates its rules
  16. Critical analysis of everyday environmental changes
  17. Are humans responsible for climate change?
  18. Critical analysis of your favorite movie
  19. Analyzing happiness as an abstract concept
  20. Analyzing robots that are replacing some professions
  21. Exploring the impact of nanotechnology on humanity
  22. Analyzing pace of space research- Why is it so slow?
  23. Examining a happy life that lacks romantic relationships
  24. Critical analysis of adequate budgets
  25. Exploring the great canyon secrets

Students can pick topics from this list and write about them even within hours. Nevertheless, they should select ideas they’re conversant and comfortable with to enjoy the writing experience.

Unique Critical Thinking Topics for Papers

Perhaps, you want to write a critical thinking paper about a unique topic. If so, consider one of the ideas in this category.

  1. Critical analysis of the impact of video games on children
  2. Analyzing the role of political women
  3. Should the organizations provide laptops to all workers?
  4. Exploring the effects of racism in modern society
  5. Investigating the role of sports in universities and colleges
  6. Critical analysis of television impact on the human mind
  7. Analyzing the impact of technology on humans
  8. Critical analysis of crime among young people
  9. Exploring the Vikings’ achievements
  10. Critical analysis of the effects of inflation on the economy
  11. Critical analysis of the financial situation in your country
  12. Critical analysis of religion and euthanasia
  13. How emotions cloud the human thinking
  14. Can citizens improve their country’s economic status?
  15. Critical analysis of banking investments

Pick any of these titles if interested in a unique topic. However, you require sufficient time to investigate these ideas and write quality papers.

Advanced Critical Thinking Paper Topics

Maybe you want to write an advanced paper on a critical thinking topic. If so, consider the following ideas.

  1. Does the space outside an apartment have fresh air?
  2. Do humans need children for their race’s continuation?
  3. Are humans always ready to risk to make exploits?
  4. Critical analysis of the way people understand love now compared to medieval times
  5. Do we need achievements and developments?
  6. Is alcohol always the source of problems?
  7. Analyzing ways to eradicate bad habits
  8. Critical analysis of children’s love for cartoons
  9. Why adults love television shows
  10. Critical analysis of genetics secrets
  11. Can technology ruin our society?
  12. Can one person change the entire world?
  13. Why laws and principles of society were different 30 to 40 years ago
  14. Can humans help the planet?
  15. Critical analysis of the effectiveness of inpatient treatments
  16. Why do you need to look good?
  17. Analyzing the impact of misconceptions on desires
  18. Why do other people’s opinions matter?
  19. Critical analysis of gays’ criticism in modern society
  20. Critical analysis of contemporary art
  21. Critical analysis of parents and their relationships with children
  22. Critical analysis of the relationship between modeling and body size
  23. Analyzing the essence of ethnic music
  24. How movies showcase the trending culture
  25. Critical analysis of Graffiti and street art
  26. Exploring helpful resources in fighting homeliness
  27. Analyzing communication differences between males and females

These are good topics for advanced critical thinking papers. However, each issue requires extensive research to write a good essay.

Provocative Critical Essay Topics

Maybe you want to write a critical essay about something provocative. If so, this list has relevant titles for you.

  1. Is there a certain marriage age for women?
  2. Should metropolitan authorities check people?
  3. Does modern society require physical meetings?
  4. Why people are skeptical about government-led environmental improvements
  5. Should parents give their teenage children money?
  6. Are high heel shoes dangerous or beautiful?
  7. Is criticism offensive to some people?
  8. Should humans analyze every situation in their lives?
  9. Is food a special ceremony for the soul and body or a need?
  10. Can you be happy without a particular person in your life?
  11. Do talismans protect and help?
  12. Is overpopulation a problem?
  13. Is mutual aid important in modern society?
  14. Is religion a virtue and humility?
  15. Are some animals kinder and faithful than people?
  16. Can the black hole swallow planet earth?
  17. Analyzing the temptations of the modern world
  18. How people learn to plan their budgets

These topics for critical thinking elicit different emotions. Writing about them will make the audience interested in reading your paper from the start to the end.

Good Critical Thinking Topics

An excellent critical thinking topic is easy to research and write about quickly. Here are such topics for academic papers.

  1. Essence of religion
  2. Air pollution in my city
  3. Gender role changes
  4. How journalists report sports on TV
  5. Entrepreneurship and its importance
  6. How to improve GDP
  7. Analyzing a classic movie remake
  8. Taboos in modern society
  9. Social values in contemporary society
  10. Social media and its importance
  11. Police enforcement and racism
  12. Junk food- Analyzing the pros and cons
  13. Marijuana legislation in the US
  14. Social values and their importance
  15. Social life and the internet- What are the main issues?
  16. Income and wealth inequality
  17. Is finding a good man that hard?
  18. Analyzing modern education systems
  19. Examining the link between food and cancer
  20. Health insurance- What are the pros and cons?
  21. Meat-free Nutrition- What are the adverse effects?
  22. Are indoor games important?

This article has highlighted excellent critical thinking topics for papers. Nevertheless, having good critical thinking topics is not the only requirement to write a winning paper. You require skills, experience, and time to research and write a good piece. The best option is to hire professional essay writers to help you if you don’t have these.

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