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211 Outstanding Philosophy Essay Topics To Boost Your Grades

Philosophy essay topics

What is a philosophy essay? Philosophy as an academic discipline refers to the fundamental nature of reality, existence, and knowledge. It is concerned with theories related to primary occurrences in nature and everyday life. The particular set of ideas that one has over a given subject in society depends on one research level.

Others have nicknamed philosophy the ‘love of wisdom’ due to its inquisitive nature on almost everything. Philosophers look at three things:

  • The origin and development of man
  • The world in which we live in
  • The relationship of man to each other and the world

The result of all these are fundamental truths that help in explaining life in general.

How To Write A Philosophy Essay

A philosophy paper follows the format of other essays, with the three significant parts still dominating:

  • The introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Since such papers are based on facts rather than opinions, one needs to be well-informed. College students who wish to score highly need to know their surroundings well enough and be informed of the latest developments.

How To Start A Philosophy Essay

It is impossible to know how to write a good philosophy paper without going back to the writings of some of the great philosophers in world history. Such sources will help you understand the language, format, and style of philosophical essays. On top of that, they will help you develop topics in philosophy that will springboard your grades.

Philosophical essay topics should be:

  • Informative
  • Addressing a given problem in the society
  • Providing solutions to life problems

Here are four branches of philosophy that you should know before embarking on your research:

  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • Axiology
  • Logic

Knowledge of these three will help you develop a paper everyone would kill to have on their reading tables. Look at these quality philosophy paper ideas and get your motivation today!

Controversial Philosophy Thesis Topics

These legendary ideas will help you start your thesis paper with ease:

  1. The role of Aristotle in the life of Alexander the Great
  2. The relevance of literal truth in the study of politics
  3. How accessible will and autonomy are related
  4. Is philosophy sufficient in telling us everything about this world and life?
  5. Does give robots free will make them like humans?
  6. Discuss the relationship between power and reason
  7. Is it worth studying philosophy in the 21st century with all these developments?
  8. Why do modern philosophers still quote ancient philosophers?
  9. Does everyone have an obligation or a choice to a particular responsibility?
  10. Do we develop our thoughts consciously?
  11. Compare and contrast life today and how it was decades ago
  12. What is the essence of time, space, and matter in the study of philosophy?
  13. Is science essential for the leading of a good life?
  14. How philosophy has helped develop science over time
  15. Philosophical implications of staying up too late in the night
  16. Are the laws of physics subject to the discussion?

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

These ideas are simple enough for any literate person in society:

  1. What happens when people die?
  2. Our cultural myths and superstitions about life and death essential?
  3. Does every immoral behavior result from the mind?
  4. Can we apply speculation in answering some life questions?
  5. Is it unreasonable for one to believe in myths?
  6. Does wisdom increase with age?
  7. How real is the truth?
  8. Does wisdom have anything to do with grey hair on the head?
  9. Can man determine what happens to his life?
  10. Does a supreme being control all life?
  11. What would happen if humans lived forever?
  12. How complex is a human life from conception to adulthood?
  13. Is it worth keeping memories of past events if we can’t go back to them?

Philosophical Questions Worth Asking

Here are prompts that relate to everyone in society:

  1. Who should determine the morals and ethics of a community?
  2. Does being single for long have anything to do with your character?
  3. Do we have generational curses running in the family lines?
  4. How can life be without news and information?
  5. Should people trust their beliefs over scientific knowledge?
  6. Should we accept all facts as they are without question?
  7. Is money the root of all the unrest in the world?
  8. Who said people should have three meals a day?
  9. Is money a mere piece of paper that is there today and gone tomorrow?
  10. Is there anything like good and bad people in the world?
  11. Can someone love and hate at the same time?
  12. Is it possible to do away with marriage and people stay single?
  13. Do past experiences affect one’s choices in the future?

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

These brilliant ideas will give your essay a place among the top:

  1. Should people earn money for working?
  2. Does the ‘white supremacy’ ideology still run in today’s politics?
  3. How does exposure affect one’s level of enlightenment
  4. Does dictatorship always result in a messy democracy?
  5. How does capitalism relate to democracy?
  6. Is acquiring massive wealth the road to self-actualization?
  7. Is there anything as speaking nonsense?
  8. What is the relationship between the spirit and the natural world?
  9. Do babies have a right to choose who they want as parents?
  10. How does intellectual uncertainty lead to foolishness?
  11. Are selfish people only protecting the little they have?
  12. Can one learn empathy and sympathy from others?
  13. Can politics also be addictive, just like drug addiction?

Top-Notch Topic For Philosophy Paper

Herein are expert writing ideas every university student must try out:

  1. Is it appropriate to help someone and post it on social media?
  2. Is the American dream a mere illusion of many?
  3. Does the nature of knowledge make it prone to fallacies?
  4. What is the impact of standardized testing on philosophy?
  5. Why are argumentative rigor and conceptual rigor necessary for tackling life issues?
  6. Impacts of the Western philosophical tradition
  7. The role of the “Socratic method” of questioning in philosophy
  8. How philosophy affects people’s judgments and actions
  9. Does education lead to the pursuit of the life of reason?
  10. The implication of Socrates’s philosophy to the life of Plato
  11. Should people value wisdom over honor and pleasure?
  12. The role of abilities and interests in shaping one’s decision in life
  13. What fosters good judgment in the life of man?

Incredible Topics For Philosophy Paper

These topics touch on almost every aspect of your life:

  1. Discuss the connection between moral virtue and the development of character
  2. How community-guided practices affect the life of its inhabitants
  3. Is corruption a construct of the mind only?
  4. Does the instruction one receives affect their development?
  5. Should boys and girls learn distinctively?
  6. What causes the attraction of a person to the other one?
  7. Does weather affect the mood of women?
  8. Impact of slogans on the accomplishment of a task
  9. Why showing interest is the first step in accomplishing a task
  10. Do controversies indeed exist?
  11. Does education affect how the politics of a country is run?
  12. The role of education in fostering rationality and logic
  13. Does endorsement have to do with acceptance of a particular cause?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics For Beginners

First years in college or university can find these topics helpful:

  1. Do video games have an impact on one’s cognitive behavior?
  2. Why polygamous marriages are common in Africa
  3. The reception of art among different people
  4. How does the western idea of development vary from that of Africa?
  5. What qualities define excellent and beautiful among men and women?
  6. How different ethnic communities perceive death
  7. The role of music and dance in ancient traditions
  8. Do magic, witchcraft, and sorcery exist?
  9. Discuss the relationship between humanity, divinity, and creativity
  10. What is the interconnection between power and influence?
  11. Does achieving self-development have anything to do with self-esteem?
  12. Do patriarchal structures contort life as a whole?
  13. Moral representations in American literature

A+ Philosophy Topics For Essays

Your lecturer will not think twice about awarding you an A-grade with these ideas:

  1. How today’s occurrences are a replica of the past
  2. Do people have a natural tendency to be loving all the time?
  3. Are laws and policies bindings that only exist on a paper?
  4. Striking a balance between the law and ethics
  5. Is it reasonable to be proud after accomplishing something?
  6. Do names affect what one becomes in the future
  7. Who determines what is good and evil?
  8. Is truth the only potent weapon one can use in an argument?
  9. Has modern society left the sense of the beauty of the heart?
  10. Do humans have ethical obligations to robots?
  11. What is it with women and their hair?
  12. Why have women always considered lesser beings?
  13. Is it practical to miss someone you saw minutes ago?

Practical Philosophical Topics For Essays

You can use these ideas for any issue in life:

  1. Is it right to marry a lady who is older than you?
  2. Does marriage guarantee satisfaction?
  3. Do students need help with their homework at home?
  4. Is it possible to offer assistance to a stranger without doubting their intentions?
  5. Are critics mean people who only want their ideas to prevail?
  6. Is racism a construct of the mind?
  7. Can we apply biblical parables to today’s life?
  8. Does one need wisdom when voting?
  9. How much knowledge is dangerous for society?
  10. Can someone oppress another one mentally without causing any physical harm?
  11. Can a person be satisfied with money?
  12. Does making profits in business mean oppressing the buyers?
  13. Can capitalism achieve any good for society?

Quick Philosophy Term Paper Topics

Try out these ideas if you wish to complete your term paper fast!

  1. Must one go to school to be an expert at something?
  2. Discuss the psychology behind cheap commodities and their quality
  3. What is the best step towards a reconciliation process?
  4. How sure are you that you are alive?
  5. Do dreams tell about what we want to happen?
  6. Why are ladies naturally emotional?
  7. Is it practical for a male to comfort a female?
  8. How can we be sure that there is life after death?
  9. Is anxiety a confirmation that you are not adequately prepared?
  10. What matters between the economy and the lives of citizens during a pandemic?
  11. How can we be sure that we live inside a planet?
  12. Does colonization of Mars show man’s greed for power?
  13. Do fantasies portray one’s lack of maturity?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

These writing ideas will put a smile on the face of your stern-looking professor:

  1. Why do short ladies want tall boyfriends and vice versa?
  2. Are exams only meant to torture students?
  3. Does listening to music make you a musician?
  4. What is the joy in eating and sleeping?
  5. Is philosophy the ultimate answer to all of life’s questions?
  6. Are dogs more intelligent than some human beings?
  7. Does being less talkative make one wise?
  8. What war is silence as a weapon fighting?
  9. Why should anyone be interested in having a name?
  10. Do nicknames portray the natural character of people?
  11. Can a robot become pregnant through artificial insemination?
  12. Should you give your left cheek too after a slap on the right one?
  13. Do ladies also propose for marriages in a relationship?

Good Philosophy Paper Topics

Try out these great ideas for an outstanding philosophy paper:

  1. Does our expert always view the final authority?
  2. What was the influence of other philosophers on the ideas of Plato?
  3. Does there exist a unity of opposites concerning the universal flux?
  4. The difference between philosophy and mythology in explaining natural phenomena
  5. How do paradoxes make philosophy an exciting subject?
  6. Is the concept of reality, according to Plato, guided by his views?
  7. How can we be sure about the origin of things on earth?
  8. Discuss how Plato, Avicenna, and Aristotle describe the ontology
  9. How does natural philosophy influence science?
  10. How the feminine gender was represented in ancient Greece
  11. The role of Greece in advancing findings in philosophy
  12. Discuss the application of the Golden Mean Rule today
  13. Do universals exist in the Ancient Greek philosophies?

Captivating Philosophy Topics To Write A Paper On

These will win the attention of your reader right away!

  1. Does Platonic realism have an impact on modern realism?
  2. Must we go to school to learn?
  3. Compare and contrast between Stoicism and Epicureanism
  4. The role of knowledge in advancing perception
  5. How Aristotle and Avicenna viewed motion
  6. The impact of Augustine’s ethics in the context of Christianity
  7. Describe the principal characteristics of atomism
  8. The role of philosophy in defining divine attributes
  9. Main categories of arguments in Islam apologetics
  10. How do doctrines shape the belief system of a group?
  11. Discuss the idea of the human soul
  12. Discuss the theological view of free will in man
  13. How does the intellectual view creation?

Philosophy Essay Questions

Here are mind-wobbling questions to ask yourself on philosophy:

  1. Is paid help assistance at all?
  2. What is the impact of legacy and influences?
  3. Does mental language exist?
  4. What are the limitations to the concept of Utopia?
  5. Do heretics exist?
  6. Why is doubt the killer of many destinies?
  7. Does the supernatural world indeed exist?
  8. How do the spiritual and biological aspects of life coexist?
  9. Does magic draw its inspiration from science?
  10. What is the impact of alchemy and divination?
  11. Is probability a construct of the mind?
  12. What are the effects of skepticism?
  13. What are the synthetic propositions of the Kantian modes of thinking?

Philosophical Writing Prompts

With these ideas, you can be sure that your paper will receive the highest accolades:

  1. Discuss self as the center of reality
  2. Is getting information out of the outer world real?
  3. The contribution of Leibniz to metaphysics and epistemology
  4. What is the impact of Benedict de Spinoza’s doctrines?
  5. The role of Ludwig Feuerbach in advancing anthropological materialism
  6. Concept of irony
  7. Concept of art
  8. The movement influence of philosophy
  9. Development of German philosophy
  10. Who is an idealist?
  11. The contribution of Johanna Charlotte to feminism
  12. What are positive values?
  13. Discuss the ‘will to power.’

Interesting Philosophy Topics

The best has been reserved for the last in this section:

  1. Concept of three worlds
  2. Impact of relativity and quantum mechanics on idealism
  3. How modernism reflects societal changes
  4. Technology about ancient philosophy
  5. Differences between Marxism and Freudism
  6. Concept of the real
  7. A study of the early socialist societies
  8. Arguments for and against Zionism
  9. How colonialism influenced today’s behavior of the colonists
  10. Philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence
  11. A study of the classical era
  12. Fundamental concepts of communism
  13. A critique of historicism

Do you want to learn how to start a philosophy paper, or just looking for cheap writing help? Our trusted essay writing service offers them all.

Try it out for yourself today!

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