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196 Current Human Rights Topics To Focus On Your Essay

human rights topics

Human rights topics are among the vital titles to write about in high school or college. The United Nations describes human rights as inherent to every human, regardless of their residence, nationality, nationality/ethnicity, sex, religion, color, or other human designated divisions.

Human rights are an acceptable principle without discrimination and should be a norm. This article presents a list of basic human rights topics that learners can consider when writing academic papers. It’s helpful because many students struggle to find issues to write about in this field.

Human Rights Definition

Human rights definition describes it as the fundamental rights and freedoms everyone should enjoy globally, from birth until death. And these rights should apply to everyone regardless of location, personal beliefs, or lifestyle. Nobody should take these rights and freedoms away. However, some cases restrict human rights, such as when a person breaks the law.

These fundamental rights bases are values like fairness, dignity, respect, independence, and equality. Also, the law protects them. Since they have wide applications in areas like employment and the justice system, learners can expect educators to require them to write essays about these topics.

Outline Of An Essay About Human Rights

Writing a human rights essay starts by selecting a topic according to the professor’s or class teacher’s recommendations. Once you’ve picked a topic, research it well to ensure you have good information sources. After that, develop a thesis statement and then structure your paper as follows:

  1. Introduction: The introduction should present a thesis statement while providing background information on the subject.
  2. Body: Your essay’s body part should have several paragraphs, each presenting the main point. Here are examples of body paragraphs.
    • Body paragraph 1: Present and support an important idea with evidence or examples.
    • Body paragraph 2: Introduce another idea and support it with evidence.
    • Body paragraph 3: Present a new idea and back it.
  3. Conclusion: Summarize your findings and show the readers that your study has supported your thesis statement. Also, end your paper with a call to action.

Interesting Human Rights Essay Topics

Do you want to write an essay about exciting topics in this field? If so, this category has some of the best titles for your paper.

  1. What voting rights did the people enjoy in Ancient Greece?
  2. Legal framework and human rights in developing countries
  3. Women struggle for equal human rights
  4. Immigrants and human rights in the USA- Immigration issue is as old as this country
  5. Water and human right- History and controversy
  6. Human rights evolution in Canada
  7. The role of human rights in making the public opinion
  8. Human rights intervention in making the public opinion
  9. Gender studies- Human rights and queer politics
  10. Bahrain and issues about human rights
  11. Human rights and conflicts surrounding them
  12. Catholic theology and human rights
  13. The human rights system for the United Nations
  14. Investigating the human rights concept
  15. Human rights violations and torture
  16. Non-state actors’ role in monitoring and implementing human rights
  17. Social transformation and human rights
  18. Current issues about human rights
  19. The human rights system in Europe
  20. How terrorism affects human rights
  21. Intellectual disabilities and human rights
  22. Exploring human rights violations in the modern world
  23. Women’s objectives and human rights in the international community
  24. How the war on terror affects human rights
  25. Investigating human rights and media in Turkey
  26. International law, human rights, and politics- What’s the correlation?
  27. Human rights violations in the Korean republic
  28. Issues surrounding human rights in Guantanamo Bay
  29. Non-governmental organizations and human rights- What’s the connection?
  30. Human rights and ethical relativism

Pick any title for your essay if you’re seeking something exciting to research and write about at any educational level.

Best Human Rights Topics For Research

Maybe you’re looking for a title you can research extensively, acquire knowledge, and report your findings in the paper. In that case, consider these ideas.

  1. Investigating human rights in the modern world
  2. Human rights, gender rights, and labor rights in a global world
  3. Exploring human rights in the United Arab Emirates
  4. Understanding the gay human rights
  5. Human rights and ethical issues surrounding circumcision
  6. Human rights and discrimination in the contemporary world
  7. Exploring cultural values and global human rights
  8. Human rights protection in the UK
  9. Canadian studies- Human rights and sexuality
  10. Ethnic groups and human rights in American history
  11. Human rights protection and heart failure study
  12. The human right to life violation- Death penalty
  13. Human rights and values in Islamic states
  14. Human rights and Canada’s commitment
  15. The human rights’ role in international relations
  16. Culture protection and human rights
  17. The human rights nature
  18. Human rights universal conception and its challenges
  19. Human rights and childhood obesity study- What are the surrounding ethical issues?
  20. Human rights in philosophy and sociology
  21. Communism’s rise and the Soviet Union’s collapse in Russia
  22. Comparing Latin American cultural nationalism and the Pan-African movement of the 20th century
  23. Death penalty abolition- Why it’s a human rights issue
  24. Methods and goals of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement- A critical review
  25. Social media popularity and its effects on human rights
  26. International Calvinism- How it affects the European culture
  27. Why do other nations not intervene in human rights abuses in North Korea
  28. How utilitarianism contravenes most human rights
  29. Institutions’ efforts in protecting human rights in developing countries
  30. Military actions and human rights protection- Is it sensible?

Choose any of these ideas if you are interested in researching a topic that will inform and educate you.

Human Rights Topics For Essays

Maybe the teacher or professor asked you to write an essay about a topic in the human rights field. If so, consider these ideas for a title.

  1. Police racial profiling
  2. Exploring human rights trafficking during the 21st century
  3. The LGBT movement and its visibility
  4. Exploring racism and its roots
  5. Chinese and Japanese interactions during the Second World War
  6. Colonial America and Chattel Slavery
  7. Examining the Bill of Rights history
  8. Human rights declaration and crises
  9. Terrorism victims versus the human rights advocates
  10. West Bank regions and human rights in Israel-Gaza
  11. Political ideologies and universal human rights
  12. Human rights, economic development, and globalization
  13. Human rights and same-sex marriages
  14. Human rights and Donald Trump’s Poverty policies
  15. Investigating the use of remote sensing in monitoring human rights violations
  16. Exploring social work, feminist perspectives, and human rights
  17. Is circumcision a human right issue?
  18. The human rights cause and world politics in the modern world
  19. Human rights- Conceptual and historical evolution
  20. Human rights, universal jurisdiction, and cultural relativism
  21. Human rights and business practices
  22. The war on terror and conservation of human rights
  23. The versatile nature of human rights
  24. How human trafficking violates human rights
  25. Human rights and Confucianism development
  26. Human rights’ future in 2023
  27. Human rights campaigns in the contemporary world
  28. Is free education a human right in developing countries?
  29. Human rights abuse among the Mexican immigrants
  30. Exploring human rights and the Catholic Church

These are exciting research topics for essays about human rights. Nevertheless, prepare to investigate your title before writing your paper to impress the educator.

Controversial Human Rights Topics

Perhaps, you prefer working on a controversial idea. In that case, this category has ideas you might want to explore in your paper.

  1. Who is accountable for human rights abuses?
  2. Investigating the US retreat from the Human Rights Council
  3. Human rights and their controversial nature
  4. Understanding the Ugandan anti-gay bill
  5. Should governments deny convicted criminals their human rights?
  6. Discuss gender quality issues in North America
  7. Asian countries and human trafficking
  8. Differences and similarities between civil and human rights
  9. Should prisoners enjoy the right to vote?
  10. Is assisted euthanasia a human rights violation?- Discuss
  11. Should the court of law charge people that try to take their lives?
  12. How can the world punish states that violate human rights?
  13. Are countries with nuclear weapons ready to violate human rights?
  14. Is the United Nations doing enough to prevent human rights violations?
  15. Does abortion violate human rights?
  16. Murder criminals’ death penalty and life imprisonment- Make a case
  17. Is imprisoning murder criminals a sufficient punishment?
  18. Do correctional facilities do enough to correct inmates’ behavior?
  19. Do parents violate human rights by disciplining their kids?
  20. Can the world heal from the Holocaust?

These topics can elicit mixed reactions among the readers. Even the educator will be interested in reading a paper on these topics.

Compare And Contrast Human Rights Research Topics

Perhaps, you love writing compare and contrast papers. If so, consider these ideas.

  1. The Human Rights Act (1998)- How it compares to the Equality Act (2010)
  2. Pet rights and human rights
  3. Civil rights movements’ liberties
  4. Slavery and serfdom
  5. Comparing civil rights violations in Brave New World by George Orwell
  6. Universal human rights declaration and human rights in the Islamic states
  7. Comparing the human rights model and freedom model
  8. Human rights declaration of man and the universal human rights declaration and citizen (1789)
  9. Human rights in the 20th century
  10. Compare and contrast pets rights and human rights

These are excellent topics to consider if you want to write a compare and contrast essay. Nevertheless, take your time to invest both sides to present a concrete argument.

Human Rights Discussion Topics

Maybe the educator wants you to develop an exciting discussion topic and write about it. In that case, these ideas could be a good starting point.

  1. Death penalty and the right to life
  2. Discuss attacks on the right to human freedom of expression
  3. Discuss the Human Rights Act
  4. Discuss women’s rights in the Middle East
  5. Body shaming is a violation of human rights
  6. Discuss human rights violations in North Korea
  7. Non-discrimination- Is it a human right?
  8. The rights of disabled people- How often do people violate them?
  9. Is child labor a violation of human rights in China?
  10. Heinous crimes and the death penalty

These can be excellent discussion topics for learners at different educational levels. Nevertheless, each requires some research to develop a concrete argument.

Exciting Civil Rights Topics

Perhaps, you’re interested in civil rights and want to write a paper in this field. In that case, here’s a list of excellent ideas to consider for your essay.

  1. Hidden figures- Human rights development issues
  2. Does the ombudsman have a role in human rights protection?
  3. Why can countries stop human trafficking?
  4. Utilitarianism and human rights
  5. Exploring human rights violations in North Korea
  6. Is there a verse in the Bible that violates human rights?
  7. How can humans fight racism?
  8. How does obesity affect a person’s professional capacity?
  9. How to deal with bullies at school
  10. Workplace and racial discrimination- How it affects employees’ productivity
  11. Is watching pornography a human right?
  12. How every person can impact human rights
  13. Why do some countries ban LGBT marriages and relationships
  14. Civil rights and African nations
  15. Analyzing environmental racism

Any learner interested in civil rights can explore these ideas. Nevertheless, extensive research is necessary to develop the ideas into winning papers.

International Human Rights Topics

Many people agree that human rights are universal. Here is a list of international topics in this field.

  1. Exploring the internet and human rights
  2. Is the digital COVID certificate a violation of human rights?
  3. Child labor in countries like Pakistan
  4. How wars affect human rights
  5. Investigating child labor and human rights violation in India
  6. How Covid-19 affects human rights
  7. The peaceful assembly as a human right during the global pandemic
  8. Groups protection against human rights violations in 2023

Consider these original ideas if you want to write a human rights paper or essay. Nevertheless, investigate your topic to develop an exciting piece.

Ph.D. Topics In Human Rights

Maybe you’re pursuing Ph.D. studies and want to write about a human rights topic. If so, here are exciting ideas to explore.

  1. A thematic review of the internet’s role in the promotion of human trafficking
  2. Factors affecting the outcome of a court of law trials- A comprehensive review
  3. Reviewing places with the worst human rights violation cases
  4. Death penalty- Are there legitimate forms of it?
  5. What prevents people from achieving justice- An extensive literature review
  6. Drug legalization and its impact- A comprehensive review
  7. Comparing human rights policies in three European countries
  8. Police racial profiling- Mexico case study
  9. LGBT couples and the problems they face- Suggest possible solutions
  10. Factors preventing equal women representation in top leadership in the developing nations
  11. Why do some countries disallow LGBT relationships
  12. Human rights versus pet rights- A comprehensive comparison
  13. How the Covid-19 pandemic led to human rights violations

Consider these ideas if you’re pursuing Ph.D. studies. Nevertheless, ensure you have adequate resources to research the topic and develop an impressive paper.

Extra Human Rights Topics List

Perhaps, you’ve not found an exciting topic to explore in the above categories. In that case, browse through these additional topics, and you might find a title worth exploring, so later on you won’t have to be all “how can I fix my paper?”.

  1. Should governments legalize pornography?
  2. Impact of racial discrimination on staff productivity
  3. Ways to fight racism
  4. Ways to amend laws to legalize gay marriages
  5. One child policy in China- What are the moral flaws?
  6. Immigrants and employment issues among the native population
  7. Mental health treatment as a human right
  8. Police brutality- What causes it in the United States?
  9. The Old Testament and human rights
  10. Saddam Hussein’s rule- Did it violate human rights?
  11. Human rights violation- A closer look into three cases in China
  12. War on terror and human rights violation
  13. Iran and human rights violations
  14. How human rights differ from the freedom model
  15. Human rights infringement and countries’ regulations
  16. Does the New Testament have problems with human rights?
  17. Impact of obesity on the workplace environment
  18. Ancient Greece and voting rights
  19. Death row inmates and the right to life
  20. Stoics doctrines and human rights’ inception
  21. Investigating the English Bill of Rights
  22. Analyzing the Magna Carta (1215)
  23. Ancient Rome and human rights
  24. Maya civilization and human rights
  25. Ancient Egypt and human rights
  26. Discuss the first appearance of the human rights concept
  27. French Declaration on the Citizen and Rights of Man
  28. Investigating human rights during the Medieval times
  29. Human rights abuses during Crimea’s annexation
  30. Discuss the Cold War period and human rights

This article has listed great ideas worth exploring when writing about human rights. However, you need time, resources, and energy to write a good paper on any of these ideas.

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