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270+ Interesting Psychology Research Topics And Ideas

psychology research topics

Selecting good psychology research topics to write about is challenging for some learners. Psychology is a science branch that entails studying behavior and the mind. It’s a vast and interesting branch of medicine that embraces different human experiences, from child development to brain functions and actions of various countries.

Since the human mind and behavior are varied, psychology has many subfields, including social, child, cognitive, and forensic. And these subfields are constantly evolving and growing. Each subfield represents a specific study area where students can find exciting psychology topics.

What’s more, some psychology subfields are well-established interest areas, with some universities and colleges offering degree programs and courses in these subjects. Often, psychologists major in these subfields as their careers.

The basis of most psychology papers is what writers think about a particular topic or subject. However, you can check past research and articles to write a winning essay. But you must include credible sources and support your claims with genuine and substantial proof.

Choosing a good topic for your psychology paper is a process with the following steps:

  • Brainstorming: This entails thinking about what you would like to explore in your project. If the educator did not specify a topic, consider any of the ideas in this article.
  • Research: Once you’ve selected the idea you wish to explore in your project, engage in a preliminary investigation. For instance, find out whether you can get good information sources to write about your preferred topic.
  • Narrowing down the focus: Once you have identified information sources, streamline your topic to enable you to write an exemplary paper. That way, you’ll compose a high-quality essay that the audience will find interesting.

Additionally, a good psychology paper should educate the readers about the latest developments in this field. It should also have new theories, ideas, arguments, and experiments. Here is a comprehensive list of psychology topics in different subfields that you can consider for your research paper.

Research Topics in Psychology for College Students

Perhaps, you’re pursuing psychology studies in college and want to write a research paper. In that case, consider these psychology research ideas for college students.

  1. Describe the differences and similarities among midlife crises of males and females
  2. What causes dementia, and how do doctors treat it?
  3. Is fetish behavior a sign of a disturbed mind?
  4. Is adding clients to your social media account ethical for a psychologist?
  5. Is homosexuality a mental disorder?
  6. Did the Milgram experiment neglect ethics?
  7. Are females always domestic violence victims?
  8. Is crime a justification for people with post-traumatic stress?
  9. Ethics around the Standford prison experiment
  10. The adult content in anime and cartoons
  11. Describe the social triggers for panic attacks
  12. Multiple personality disorders- How can doctors treat them?
  13. What causes sleep paralysis?- Describe its effects
  14. Describe autistic brain when viewed under MRI
  15. Why is strong self-perception important?
  16. REM phase and sleep disruption
  17. Tajfel and Turner’s social identity theory
  18. Explain how yoga affects human psychology
  19. Can PTSD cause Alzheimer’s disease?
  20. Explain how amnesia affects brain activity
  21. Explain the differences in brain functioning between men and women
  22. What is the psychological impact of hate crimes?
  23. Major depression and gut microbiota
  24. Explain why sports psychology is important
  25. Describe the psychological impact of miscarriage on both partners
  26. How abortion affects a woman’s emotional and mental health
  27. How a destructive relationship affects health
  28. Explain ways to stop a bad habit
  29. Psychologist’s role in military interrogations
  30. Why do attractive people receive unfair advantages at their workplaces
  31. Mental health and homelessness
  32. Explain the impact of school anxiety on teens
  33. Explain the causes of schizophrenia
  34. Narcissism in contemporary society
  35. Is asexuality a form of sexual orientation?
  36. Psychological health and physical illnesses
  37. Religion within social psychology
  38. Factors affecting school performance
  39. Gender roles in modern society
  40. Describe how people cope with loss and grief
  41. Alzheimer’s disease and the elderly- What are the causes and remedies?
  42. The best methods for treating dementia in adults?
  43. Explain ways to reduce postpartum depression
  44. Is faith an extension of human cognition?
  45. Explain the psychological effects of terrorism
  46. Explain the importance of psychological relaxation
  47. Describe happiness as a concept for measuring the psychological wellbeing of a person

These are brilliant psychological topics to consider if planning to write a research paper for college. Nevertheless, pick a title you’ll be comfortable researching and writing about to enjoy completing your project.

Social Psychology Research Topics

Some learners find social psychology difficult. However, it’s an exciting subfield from which you can select your paper topic. This subfield is about humans’ daily lives. Here’s a list of exciting social psychology topics.

  1. What is cognitive dissonance?
  2. Describe the national identity concept
  3. Fear of happiness in contemporary society
  4. Pavlov’s conditioning and advertising- What is the correlation?
  5. Social media- Does it promote individualism or conformity?
  6. Modern society and gender roles
  7. The Hallo effect and popular culture
  8. Criminal activity and corporal punishment
  9. Persuasion in the contemporary advertisement
  10. Do social media promote interactions?
  11. How do people react to social norms’ violations?
  12. Are people good at exposing lies?
  13. How people respond when verbal behavior and nonverbal communication fail to match
  14. The impact of depression on cognitive development
  15. Physical disability and psychological disability- Are they equivalent?
  16. How people perceive the disabled
  17. Violence and aggression in society
  18. What can change how a person perceives religion?
  19. How to approach social interactions
  20. How stress affects preterm deliveries
  21. Is there a link between obesity and social networks?
  22. Explain the rising divorce rate
  23. Explain how society members can adjust to disabilities
  24. Obedience, compliance, and conformity as a social status function
  25. Measures of aggression control during street demonstrations
  26. How belonging to a group can affect a person’s behavior
  27. Unfair environment and its role in Milgram’s shock experiment
  28. Explain how obeying the authority figure leads to cruelty
  29. How society models the human behavior
  30. Dehumanization’s causes in Stanford prisoner experiment
  31. Describe discrimination psychology
  32. How to perceive yourself
  33. Explain the impact of bullying on teenagers social interactions
  34. How social depression and social anxiety affect an introverted child
  35. The effect of divorce on emotional development
  36. How violent cartoons affect the mental state and behavior of a child
  37. The effects of racism
  38. Describe homophobia
  39. The primary social issues and culture
  40. How marital disputes influence children
  41. The impact of peer pressure on teenagers
  42. How violent video games affect the kids’ brain development
  43. Describe social cognition

Pick any psychology topic in this category and then use research to develop it into a winning paper.

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Experimental psychology is an engaging subfield. It entails tests that improve the comprehension of some behaviors. Here are good psychology research topics in this subfield.

  1. How color impacts your mood
  2. Can personality traits affect your music taste?
  3. Why do people conform to their groups?
  4. Why do people see optical illusions differently?
  5. Memory and gender- What’s the correlation?
  6. Can facial symmetry lead to attraction?
  7. Is social media addictive?
  8. The effects of color on academic performance
  9. The Stroop effect and the human mind
  10. The influence of conformity on behavior
  11. Can excessive use of social media compare to drug addiction?
  12. Colors and their psychological effects
  13. How music affects the psychological response
  14. The impact of smell on human taste
  15. Do creative individuals perceive the world differently?
  16. Reliability and validity issues concerning psychological testing
  17. Qualitative and quantitative research- Which one is more appropriate?
  18. The impact of sleep deprivation on short-term memory
  19. Describe Mood Freezing and its implications
  20. The essential statistical methods for psychology
  21. Describe the primary psychological research techniques
  22. Do women remember numbers and words better than men?
  23. Psychological studies and experimental designs
  24. The imaging techniques for the brain’s effective functioning
  25. Explain heuristic with examples
  26. Describe hindsight bias and ways to prevent it
  27. The ethical shortcomings of notorious human experiments
  28. How breakfast affects the daily activities of a person
  29. Is violence among adolescents linked to social media use?
  30. How to use double foot-in-door to manipulate others
  31. Can human cloning help childless couples?
  32. Describe the causes and impacts of dehumanization according to Stanford prison
  33. Ways to control aggression
  34. How blue color helps a person calm down and relax

All these are exciting topics in psychology for most learners. Nevertheless, they require time and effort to compose a winning paper.

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

Forensic is another fascinating subfield to consider when looking for psychology essay topics. Most ideas in this list are essential in contemporary society. Pick an issue in this list and develop a paper through extensive research to impress your teacher and score the top grade in your class.

  1. Can special needs education prevent criminal behavior?
  2. How upbringing affects serial killers
  3. The impact of a law enforcement career on social life
  4. How domestic violence affects men
  5. Forensic examination and antisocial personality disorder
  6. Criminal behaviors and psychopaths
  7. Corporal punishment and juvenile offenders
  8. Serial killers and their early signs
  9. Social psychology and the AMBER Alert System
  10. Psychological evaluation during court trials
  11. Mass suicide causes among teenagers
  12. Serial killers and mental disorders
  13. What are the possible causes of the increasing number of murderers?
  14. Is prison rehabilitation effective?
  15. Practical strategies for internet policing
  16. Explain the reasons for the rising terror groups
  17. YouTube as an information source and a learning tool for forensic psychologists
  18. How forensic psychology differs from clinical psychology
  19. Criminal recidivism and risk factors
  20. Drawbacks and benefits of predictive policing
  21. Mental illness and gun violence- Is there a link?
  22. Serial killers and myths about them
  23. Copycat crimes’ psychology
  24. What affects eyewitnesses’ reliability?
  25. Trends and patterns in juvenile crimes
  26. Explain the possible causes of the increasing terror groups
  27. Misconceptions around sex offenders
  28. Rules to guide psychologists’ verbal interactions with criminals
  29. What can cause unreliable evidence?
  30. Can movies, video games, and the internet augment copycat crimes?

This category has brilliant topics to write about, primarily if interested in forensics. However, students should take sufficient time to research and analyze information to develop high-quality papers on these titles.

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

Developmental psychology entails the study of childhood events that shape people into the adults they become. Here’s a list of topics to consider when writing a developmental psychology paper.

  1. The effects of self-efficacy on long-term memory
  2. What can influence language acquisition?
  3. Authoritative versus permissive parents
  4. Correlation between academic performance and music listening
  5. What influences children’s food choices?
  6. Learning environment’s reinforcement
  7. Limits of short-term memory in different life stages
  8. Birth order and procrastination- Is there a link?
  9. The impact of bullying on a person’s development
  10. The effect of parenting style on child’s psychological and physical development
  11. How psychological development helps in addressing bullying
  12. Psychopathic behavior among the youths
  13. Can the media encourage child abuse and violence?
  14. How health affects psychological development
  15. Do older adults have better memories?
  16. Can eating breakfast enhance school performance?
  17. The impact of bullying on a learner’s achievements
  18. Can studying while listening to music improve performance in exams?
  19. How social install violence in children
  20. Old age and psychological changes
  21. Mirror test in animals and children- What are the differences and similarities?
  22. How ignoring the emotional needs of a child can affect their adult life
  23. How child abuse can cause psychological afflictions
  24. The primary emotional needs of kids
  25. Midlife crisis in males and females- What are the differences and similarities?
  26. What amounts to sufficient discipline for a child’s personality harmonious development?
  27. The evolution of short-term memory from childhood to advanced age
  28. Amygdale role in adolescent brain changes
  29. How a sleeping disorder can cause other mental diseases
  30. How postpartum depression affects mental health
  31. How medication affects mental health
  32. How drugs can affect mental health among the youths
  33. The long-term impact of mental health problems
  34. What can accelerate the human’s aging process?
  35. How gender roles and stereotypes affect psychological development
  36. Can violent cartoons and video games make a child violent?
  37. Developmental disabilities’ genetics
  38. Fundamental methods of parenting
  39. Psychological reasons for the aging process
  40. Factors increasing child abuse risk
  41. The influence of parental development on child development
  42. Factors influencing language learning
  43. Explain why some children are violent than others
  44. How abusive parents affect child development
  45. Effects of a bullying behavior

This category has excellent child psychology research paper topics too. Pick a title in this list and develop it into a perfect paper through research if you’re interested in this subfield.

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

Clinical psychology is complex and exciting subfield. Here are titles to consider in this study area.

  1. Describe social media addiction
  2. The correlation between childhood behavior and media violence
  3. Childhood behavior disorders’ therapy
  4. Risk factors for eating disorders
  5. Adolescents and mental health problems
  6. How childhood trauma affects adulthood
  7. Influence of ADHD on children’s development
  8. Effects of autism on modern society
  9. How judgments influence a person’s decision-making capacity
  10. How to measure critical thinking in cognitive psychology

Any of these ideas can be a good inspiration when writing a clinical psychology paper. But like the other titles, learners should spend sufficient time researching and analyzing data before writing essays on these topics.

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

Abnormal psychology entails the study of mental disorders. Therefore, titles in this category can also inspire you to develop health psychology research topics. Here are exciting titles to consider in abnormal psychology.

  1. Describe antisocial personality disorder
  2. Possible causes of the increasing anorexia among children
  3. Ways to control depressing thoughts and anxiety regarding death
  4. Suicidal thoughts and psychology
  5. What causes anorexia among adults?
  6. What causes the anxiety disorder- How can you overcome it?
  7. Causes of increasing eating disorders among young people
  8. Lying and psychology- What’s the relationship?
  9. Why teenage suicides are on the rise
  10. Are a person’s psychology and asexuality related?
  11. Is stalking a psychological disorder?
  12. PTSD causes in workplaces and offices
  13. What causes phobias?- Different ways to deal with it
  14. Can violent video games cause mood disorders?
  15. Possible causes of multiple personality disorders

Choose your paper title from this list if looking for good topics related to psychology and then research it extensively to write a winning paper.

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

Perhaps, you want to engage in a research project that will facilitate your understanding of the functioning of the human mind. In that case, here’s a list of brilliant ideas to consider.

  1. Cognition and Perception- What’s the correlation?
  2. Describe different cognition theories
  3. Cognitive neuroscience role in AI development
  4. Describe the decision-making process
  5. How people develop problem-solving skills
  6. Cognition and consciousness
  7. Cognition and applied research
  8. The effects of sport on attention
  9. Memory theme in popular culture
  10. What is narrative psychology?

All these are good ideas to explore if interested in cognitive psychology. However, you need adequate time to research your topic and write a good paper.

Sports Psychology Research Topics

Sports psychology entails the study of the relationship between the human mind and athletic performance and physical activity. Here are interesting psychology topics in this subfield.

  1. Personality traits and emotions in sports
  2. The influence of sleeping disorder on the sportsman’s stamina
  3. Panic attacks in the sportsman’s life and ways to cope with them
  4. Sports performance and relationship issues- Is there a relationship?
  5. How steroids affect the athletes’ mental activity
  6. Why sports psychology is essential in promoting mental health
  7. The evolution of sports psychology in the last two decades
  8. What makes a good football team coach?
  9. Ways to address stress among sportsmen
  10. Ways to control emotions during sports

Write about any of these topics if interested in sports and psychology. However, prepare to research your title extensively before writing.

Criminal Psychology Research Topics

Perhaps, you want to understand the causes of criminal behavior from a psychological perspective. In that case, explore any of these topics.

  1. Education and incarceration rates
  2. Aggression and social environment
  3. Criminal behavior and socioeconomic status
  4. Incarceration and psychological disorders
  5. What causes mass shootings in schools?
  6. How social media affects copycat crimes
  7. Death penalty and mental illness
  8. Jury selection prejudice
  9. The meaning of competence to stand a trial
  10. Rehabilitation and the prison system

Criminal psychology is a valuable science. Explore any of these ideas when writing a research paper in this subfield.

Political Psychology Research Topics

Political psychology revolves around politics and politicians. If looking for easy psychology research topics, this list might have a good idea for you.

  1. The pros and cons of democracy
  2. Counter-terrorism and human rights
  3. Why political philosophy is important
  4. Compare different electoral systems
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of totalitarianism
  6. Morality and power- What is the connection?
  7. The origin of politics
  8. Politics during the war
  9. Nationalism versus globalization
  10. Politics and religion- What is the relationship?

This list has excellent psychology research questions. Nevertheless, you need the latest information in psychology to answer some of them in a detailed research paper.

Controversial Topics in Psychology for Research Paper

Do you like working on controversial issues? If yes, here’s a list of ideas to explore in your papers.

  1. Homosexuality as a psychological disorder
  2. Behaviors that people associate with fetishes
  3. The effects of parents on their kids’ mental health
  4. Social websites use among teenagers- What are the impacts?
  5. What are the results of childhood trauma?
  6. Civil marriage- Is it a marriage?
  7. Adoption or surrogate motherhood- Ethical dilemmas
  8. Socio-emotional development and single-sex schools
  9. Can a convicted person become an ordinary citizen?

These are good ideas to explore when working on a psychology research paper. That’s because they can elicit strong opinions. Nevertheless, you require time to research any of these ideas and compose a winning essay.

Adolescent Psychology Research Topics

Adolescent psychology focuses on psychological issues affecting this demographic. Some of the research areas in this subfield include puberty, sexual development, and emotions. People experience rapidly changing and fluctuating desires and interests during adolescence, sexual maturation, limited emotional insights, physical growth, and high energy. And this causes emotional problems for some people. Research topics in adolescent psychology can cover some of these issues. Here are ideas to explore in this subfield.

  1. Investigating the increasing causes of suicide and self-harm among adolescents
  2. Why are eating disorders increasing among young people?
  3. Why is drug abuse that starts in adolescence likely to continue into adulthood?
  4. Why is sexuality a controversial and complex issue among teenagers?
  5. How can the media influence adolescents?
  6. Why are adolescents the most plugged into popular culture?

This list comprises amazing undergraduate research topics psychology students can explore. However, you can have a topic but lack what it takes to write a winning paper. That’s why you should seek help from the best psychology paper writers online.

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