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How To Write A Minimum Wage Essay?

minimum wage essay

Your educator may ask you to write a minimum wage essay to know your stance about this topic. The national and international policies about the minimum wage have been a controversial issue for years. Political figures and social groups have held polarizing opinions about this topic. As such, educators are asking students to write about this topic more often.

However, writing an argumentative essay on raising minimum wage is not easy. That’s because this is an issue that is widely argued about and discussed in different platforms. Nevertheless, you can write a great essay on minimum wage increase if you know how to find, analyze, and present facts and figures.

What To Write In A Minimum Wage Essay?

Before you start writing this essay, understand why your educator gave you this assignment. What do they expect from you? This will enable you to conduct targeted research that will enable you to gather the right information. For instance, if you’re studying economics, don’t think about the philosophical concepts about wage increment. Instead, write a why minimum wage should be raised essay from an economical perspective. Gather facts and statistical data to prove the reasoning that raising the minimum wage can have economic value.

While gathering relevant information to include in your minimum wage argument essay, essay writers usually consider points for those against and those in favor of the move. However, your essay should have more points to support your stance. You should also show readers why you have taken your specific stance.

Writing a Great Minimum Wage Increase Essay

Whether you’re against or for a wage increase, the most crucial aspect of your essay is your argument. The grade that your educator will award you will largely depend on how well you argue your points. The essential element that you should cover is the cause-effect aspect. This establishes the borderline for the bare existence of humans. But, telling the audience about the mechanism behind this issue is just a facet of the topic. Other facets of the process of writing raising minimum wage essay include the following.

  1. Structure

    Start by writing a minimum wage essay outline. This should act as the skeleton of your essay. Your research should focus on finding the flesh to cover this skeleton with. Therefore, come up with an outline that reflects the argument that you want to make in the essay. It should also allow for a smooth transition from one subtopic or main point to another. Make sure that the outline enables you to maintain coherence and retain the attention and interest of your readers.

  2. Brainstorm for Ideas

    When writing the what should minimum wage be essay, you can use ideas from your thoughts, previous research, or even brainstorm with friends and colleagues. Putting more thoughts into the argument will give you more ideas for the essay. Nevertheless, make sure that every idea is supported by facts. Having more ideas and supporting facts will make your argument difficult to beat.

  3. Create a Thesis Statement

    You need a single statement that tells readers about your stance in the minimum wage debate essay. This should be an on-point and concise sentence that embodies the entire essay. Your thesis statement should give readers a glimpse of the whole essay. What conclusions do you intend to draw? Everything that you include in the essay should support your thesis statement.

  4. Catchy Title

    The title of your minimum wage should be raised essay should capture the attention of your readers. If it fails to do this, some readers will overlook it and even forget about it. Therefore, compare the different titles that you have in mind. Choose a topic that will grab the attention of your readers and make them interested in reading your essay.

  5. Coherent Conclusion

    Should minimum wage be raised essay must end with a coherent conclusion to earn you the top grade. Avoid referencing the research called upon in the conclusion. Instead, link to the used sources while stating your final verdict. Make sure that the conclusion of the essay represents the work done while creating a good impression on the audience.

How to Write a Quality Persuasive Essay on Raising Minimum Wage

Knowledge and passion form a useful combination when it comes to writing a persuasive essay. That’s because you need to argue the topic and write persuasively. Whether you write a wage gap essay or talk about the need to increase the minimum wage, your essay will stand out if you do the following.

  • Create a Strong Thesis Statement

    This is the sentence that gives you the direction or a focus throughout the essay. It tells your readers about the issue that you intend to address in the write-up. What’s more, it gives the audience your stance on the topic. If you write a minimum wage should not be raised essay, create a thesis statement that declares this categorically. Explain why the move would not benefit the economy or businesses. If you write a raise minimum wage essay, tell readers how the move would benefit the economy and businesses.

  • Research Extensively

    It’s okay to hold an opinion about this subject. However, you should research first to gather the necessary information to support your opinion. Your educator wants to see that you engaged in some fact-checking before writing the essay. They want to see that your argument is based on real-world facts.

    Therefore, take your time to research and find authoritative sources of relevant information. Use books and journals to gather information for your essay. Quality information will boost the impact of your essay on economics. That’s because economists and businesses can use the information that you include in the essay to decide whether to increase the minimum wage or not.

  • Outline Your Ideas

    Once you have a title and sources of relevant information, sketch out your essay. Decide what information will go where in the essay. Outline your essay based on the information gathered from your research. Make sure that your outline enables you to draft an increasing minimum wage essay that will be easier to read and understand the major points.

Write a Quality Essay

Once you’ve decided on the title, researched, and outlined, start writing the essay. Focus on writing an economics persuasive essay because that’s what this assignment is mostly about. Here are the major sections to write:

  • The introduction. This should feature a hook that grabs the attention of the reader. For instance, you can include shocking statistics. You can also use a quote about the minimum wage.
  • Body paragraphs. This section should include evidence that supports your argument. Have a paragraph for every point. Include statistics and examples to support your thesis or argument.
  • Conclusion. Your minimum wage essay conclusion should wrap up the write-up by restating your major ideas or points. It should also give readers something they will keep thinking about. For instance, if you argue in favor of increasing the minimum wage, ask your readers to consider how the needy can benefit from such a move.

A minimum wage increment is a common topic for an economics essay. However, writing an essay on this topic requires research, time, and effort. After writing, proofread and revise your essay it carefully to eliminate grammatical and typo errors that would ruin your otherwise top grade.

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