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Discursive Essay Writing: Tips And Topics

discursive essay

So, you’ve just received your first discursive essay assignment in school? If you are like most students, you are probably terrified at the idea of learning how to write yet another type of essay. And frankly, you are completely right. Professors tend to assign too many school chores to their students. In most cases, the poor students don’t even get some free time during the weekend. This is a very difficult situation, but there are a couple ways you can make your life easier.

To help you out, we’ve put together all the relevant information about the discursive essay in this blog post. You will learn what this writing assignment implies and how you can write an excellent discursive essay. Moreover, you will get some topic ideas as well as some tips and tricks to write faster. Bottom line, you should not be afraid of the discursive essay. This is not a difficult assignment and in most cases students can write one in as little as 3 hours (editing and proofreading included). If you’re not sure you can handle it so fast, you can contact custom writers.

What Is A Discursive Essay?

You are probably very interested in the discursive essay meaning. What is this essay, or what is discursive writing? Please define discursive essay! The discursive essay definition is pretty simple actually:

It is a piece of academic writing that discusses a particular problem, issue of situation. You need to present both sides of the argument and then clearly present your stance on the matter.

In some cases, if the topic is more nuanced, you may need to present more than just two sides of the argument. Now that you know what is discursive essay, it’s time to learn how to write one – quick and easy. And we feel that a discursive essay sample can help you much more than just a definition or some guides.

Get A Good Discursive Essay Example!

The first thing you need to do if you want to learn how to write an excellent discursive essay fast is to get access to a good, high quality discursive essay example. Why? Here are just some of the reasons why a good discursive essay example can help you much more than the discursive writing definition:

  • By reading an example essay written by an experienced writer, you immediately learn how you should structure your own paper. Just look at the structure of the sample.
  • You can look at specific parts only if you are confused, such as a discursive introduction example, so you don’t have to look into an entire essay. Being specific can be very helpful.
  • An example essay will provide you with all the information you need about the different ways to present the various sides of the argument. Also, it will show you how to clearly state your stance on the matter.
  • By reading a good example, you can learn some writing techniques that will greatly improve your own writing. Just analyze how the writer supports his claims.
  • It’s very easy to learn the discursive essay format by reading one or two good samples.

Truth be told, a good example can be the best discursive essay template you can get. But where can you get some good samples from? The best way to obtain them is from a writing company. The academic writers employed by these services have extensive experience writing discursive essays. This means that you can get a very good example from them. Also, keep in mind that these samples will be 100% original, so you can use some parts from the samples and integrate them into your own writing.

Discursive Essay Sample To Examine

Well, now that you understand the benefits of checking essay examples, here is one example of discursive essay you can look at:

One of the most pressing issues that continues in contemporary society is that of inequality. Inequality exists along gender lines, racial links, socioeconomic and political factors. According to Ridgeway (2011), gender has many implications for life, but among the most pressing of these is serving as the foundation for inequality. Gender inequality is a tool that men and women can use to increase or subjugate power in the material world, from which we all arise. Inequalities resulting from gender can be perpetuated, leading to other problems which include socioeconomic difficulties, work inequalities and harm.

Bauman (2013) suggests that the rise in inequality within society stems from financial problems, or signals financial problems, and is often about the threats to law and order that can exist within society. This may be evidenced in many ways including by the recent economic decline that has impacted many nations and individuals (Deaton, 2013). Deaton (2013) suggests that inequality results from progress, and the idea that not all people progress at the same time; thus there are individuals that may not have access to clean water, vaccines, drugs or other vital necessities, largely as a result of progress. Progress can be favorable to the winners, but consequential to losers. As humans progress, many leave behind a “legacy of inequality” according to Deaton (2013). There is what historians refer to as the “Great Divergence” which occurred when North American pulled away from the remaining world, causing a gulf to grow between the West and the rest of the world (Deaton, 2013). Global inequality can in this regard, also be a reflection of economic growth, which originally occurred very rapidly in the West before stalling.

Stoett (2012) notes that anxiety and other collective dilemmas, which can include inequality, often stem from political divisions that limit the “probability of collective response.” Further, Stoett notes that while individuals are tired of dealing with and addressing the same issues continuously, ultimately society needs to determine where to put its money. Society may benefit by placing more investment in social equality than in materialism.

The world is a capitalistic society. Pointing out inequalities that exist among people and nations are one way to bring issues regarding inequality to the surface. For example, people that are not knowledgeable about the gross inequalities that women face in many countries may benefit by learning the causes of, and extent to which inequality occurs in other nations. This may cause some human interest groups to rally to help support those, including minorities that have been treated unfairly. More important than this however, is the notion that inequality may not be preventable, but it can be combatted by communities that work together toward raising awareness and increasing opportunities for the less fortunate.

Communities, close communities, are one answer to the growing problems of inequality. In a community where people care for their neighbor, the have’s may help the have not’s, but working together toward a common goal. This goal can include peace, greater understanding and support for those that have historically been treated as “less than” people. Sargent (2013) notes that it is common for politicians to dismiss concerns that include “class warfare” as such topics may detract from other seemingly more important political concerns. However, as long as inequality remains a defining factor of so many people’s lives and existence, then inequality will contribute to issues that include war, poverty, and civil unrest. Without community involvement and participation, it is unlikely that questions related to creating more equality and respecting all people in the world will be solved. Thus, citizens must work to make this issue one that is worthy of respect and creation of solutions.

Pick Discursive Essay Topics Carefully

The next thing to learn is how to pick the best discursive essay topics. Truth be told, many students don’t manage to get top grades because the topics they choose are too simple or too complex. In many cases, students choose the same topics over and over again. After all, most people tend to look for information on just the first two or three websites that appear in Google’s Search Results Pages (SERPs). What you want to do is find a topic that none of your peers has thought of. This will immediately catch the attention of your professor and, in most cases, will compel him to give you some bonus points. Make a good discursive analysis on a topic that none of the other students in your class has thought of and you’re well on your way to a good grade. Here are some sample topics that you can use right now:

  1. The sale of tobacco should be made illegal immediately.
  2. Sale of alcoholic beverages in the US after 10PM should be prohibited.
  3. Do students really need 8 hours of sleep every night?
  4. Energy drinks are dangerous and should be banned.
  5. Technology addition is very real and it’s affecting us all.
  6. Recycling your household waste doesn’t help the environment as much as you think.
  7. Plastic bottles are ending up in our oceans in the form of microplastic.
  8. Social media is not necessary for a small business in the United States.
  9. Keep away from dating websites. They can be very dangerous!

Of course, you can even write a school uniform discursive essay. Just make sure your writing does not offend certain readers. This can get you penalized very harshly. The tone of your paper should be balanced. None of the sides of the argument should be favored. You will present your own stance at the very end of the paper!

Quick Guide On How To Write A Discursive Essay

Truth be told, discursive writing is not at all difficult. And since you are probably looking for some information on how to write a discursive essay, here is a quick guide you can use right away to write brilliant and original essays:

  • Find an excellent topic (or request it from a professional writer).
  • Research the topic and find the different sides (there should be at least two sides to the argument).
  • Create a discursive essay outline using the information your research has uncovered. Your essay should have an introduction, a body paragraph for each side of the story, a paragraph that presents your own stance, and a conclusion. In some cases, you can present your stance in the conclusion.
  • Write each section of the essay. The outline will make it easy for you to stay focused on the most important aspects. Also, it’s a good idea to take a close look at an example of a discursive essay introduction.
  • Make sure to make edits and follow discursive essay structure.
  • Present your stance in a clear manner, but don’t be subjective. Also, avoid sounding biased when presenting the various sides of the argument. This is an academic paper and you should prove that you have excellent discursive thinking skills.

Tips And Tricks To Write A Discursive Essay Faster

There aren’t many tips and tricks when it comes to discursive essay writing because this type of essay is pretty simple. It’s somewhat similar to argumentative writing, after all. One of the best tips you can get is to learn how to write an introduction for a discursive essay. The intro is very important, as it introduces the topic and should capture the attention of your readers from the first sentence. Also, work on your discursive reasoning and make sure you can present a point of view without sounding biased.

Last but not least, take a look at the various discursive strategies. They will help you write the paper quickly and correctly. In many cases, students who have a bit of experience with discursive essay writing can write this paper in less than three hours. It’s easy, so what are you waiting for!?

Get Discursive Writing Help

Well, you are still finding it challenging to write a discursive essay. That is absolutely fine, because you can always get fantastic help from trusted writers online. Our essays writing service, for example, provides timely and high quality writing that you can take advantage of any time of the day! Our writers are total pros and they will write your discursive essay in no time, so you can continue being an upstanding student, whatever level you are: school, college or university.

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