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The Complete Classification Essay Writing Guide 2023 (Really!)

classification essay

Have you ever heard of a classification essay? Do you know how to write one? If the answer to these two questions is No, then you are in the right place. Nevertheless, if your answer is Yes, you are also at the best home to better understand your understanding.

Let’s all delve in, shall we?

What is a Classification Essay

In boxing, knowing your opponent is the key to defeating him. That is how we are also going to approach this topic by understanding and finishing it off.

The definition of a classification essay has its roots in categorizing and generalization. You may be asking yourself, “Is this the same classification I learned in the Biology class?” Yes, it is! The same idea of organizing various things into groups and offering up examples that fit each applies to this kind of essay.

In brief, it is an essay where a writer organizes or sorts things into various categories.

Classification Essay Outline

Classificatory writing follows rather strict guidelines as compared to the other types of essays. Identifying the structure and correctly implementing it in your article is what differentiates a novice from an expert.

Here, we will use the five-paragraph essay. However, do not let your mind be so rigid that when your lecturer gives you a six or seven paragraph essay, you give up.


A classification essay’s introduction is quite simple and straightforward. In the thesis statement that follows, you need to make mention of the different items, numbers, and types with their properties. You can find this in the numerous classification essay examples available online.

Top Tips for the Introduction

  • Identify the subject clearly
  • Provide descriptive details regarding the topic
  • Give the purpose of your essay explanation

The thesis statement should identify the groups and perhaps give a brief reason for each of the criteria used.

Examples of Classification Essay Thesis

  1. Patients with coronavirus exhibit three significant signs: coughing, fever, and difficulty in breathing
  2. Students attending online classes need to have: a laptop, internet, and flash disk
  3. Computers can be into five categories based on the generations

The Body

The number of categories determines the body paragraphs. Let each section deal with a different class separately. The body paragraphs should be in the following manner:

  • Explain the criteria for each category
  • Elaborate on their pros and cons
  • Provide relevant examples for the category

Some of the frequent transitions you can use include: the first kind, the second type, or the fifth group. Too many categories will blur your classification; hence, strive to use minimum classes.

The logical procession is key to a top-notch essay on classification. Depending on what you like, you can either opt to use the ascending or descending order in your paragraphs.

Classification Essay Example of the Body

“The first kind of computer, according to size, is the Supercomputer. It is the largest of all the other types, and it produces a lot of heat. Supercomputers are the fastest with a high processing capability.”

Conclusion of a Classification Essay

It constitutes a summary of the points discussed in the body. The different types and approaches used in the paper should also appear in this section. There are instances when you can recommend one category over the others. If this is the case, then ensure that you emphasize why you came to that conclusion.

Classification essays conclude in non-repetitive and brief statements. You don’t want to spoil the broth after a dynamic cooking process.

Sample Classification Essay Conclusion

As a result of the emerging technological trends, different computer sizes will come into the market. The large and heavy computers which are not portable will not be able to attract high sales. We recommend that smaller and faster computers which are eco-friendly should come in to fill the niche.

You can always browse the internet for classification essay samples to acquaint yourself with the structure. Remember that if the fabric is off, then your chances of an A-grade slowly start to die away.

So, let’s explore a step by step guide on how you can arrive at your classification essay. With these perfect steps, you can be sure of top grades:

Planning of an Essay on Classification

  1. Gather ideas
  2. We discussed earlier that classification is a strenuous process that involves finding, organizing, and finally grouping. All this is possible through extensive research through brainstorming. You can also use classification essay samples to get more knowledge on your subject.

  3. Categorize the items
  4. After identifying the items, you will have a long unconsolidated list. That is where the process of arranging the different groups comes in to solve this puzzle. Determine the factors that you will use in your categorization, such as age, size, climatic region, or even color.

  5. Have an outline
  6. It will direct you to know the order in which you are going to discuss your categorized items. For this, you can have a skeleton of the points you are going to talk with some raw supporting details in bulleted points. Classification essays with outlines give the student ample time.

  7. Write a Thesis Statement
  8. The thesis statement is like the steering wheel of the essay. The body builds on what the thesis statement fronted. Developing it earlier helps you keep track of what you are going to write, and the amount of evidence needed. Indicate the items that you will divide into classes, state the different categories, and explain the criteria you will use.

Remember that this is a tedious process and not one that you can complete in minutes. However, we have guru writers who have been doing this for decades now and can help you.

Top Classification Essay Topics

  1. Vacation destinations in the world
  2. Social media users
  3. Different types of bodybuilders
  4. How different teachers behave
  5. Students during examinations
  6. Types of bosses
  7. Ways to dress in summer
  8. Different political regimes
  9. Types of employees
  10. Different types of personalities

In a nutshell, we have done an in-depth analysis of a classification essay by defining it, giving its outline together with top-notch samples, great tips, and topics. Handling such a task should not make you curse your professor anymore!

You can pick one of the topics above and test yourself now. Professional writing assistance is available at affordable prices. Try us today.

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