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Cyber-Bullying Essay Writing Tips And Tricks

cyber bullying essay

Has your educator asked you to write a cyber-bullying essay? Maybe you came across this article trying to find tips and guidelines for writing an essay on cyber-bullying. Well, you’ve come to the right place because you’ll learn everything you need to write this essay. Many students struggle to write this essay because they don’t understand this topic. What’s more, they don’t know what educators expect of them when handling this assignment.

What is a Cyber-Bullying Essay?

An essay about cyber-bullying is a write-up or academic paper on inequality, unfair treatment, and humiliation of an individual by a group or another person.

Cyber-bullying is a common phenomenon in most schools. Generally, bullying is a physical, psychological, social, and repeated behavior that entails misusing power by a group or person towards another person or group.

Bullying is unacceptable in most societies. However, it’s a typical act in educational institutions and it’s among the main reasons that cause massive murders in learning institutions. Since this activity can cause dramatic, fatal consequences, educators ask students to write cyber-bullying college essay assignments.

The goal of this assignment is to familiarize learners with this phenomenon.

For instance, a teacher can ask learners to write a cause and effect of cyber-bullying essay. In such an assignment, the educator wants learners to research why some people bully others and what effects the act has on the victims. However, not every student knows what the educator expects of them when completing this assignment. Nevertheless, this guide should help you come up with a persuasive essay on cyber-bullying that will show the educator your knowledge of the subject.

How to Write an Essay on Cyber-bullying in 3 Steps

Like a regular bullying essay, it has the introduction, body, and conclusion sections. What’s more, writing this essay entails the normal process of selecting a topic, researching it, analyzing information, and writing, proofreading, and editing the final draft. Here’s a breakdown of the process of writing this essay.

Select A Cyber-Bullying Essay Topic

The first step in the process of writing this essay is selecting a topic. Students have many cyber-bullying essay topics to consider when assigned this academic task.

They include:

  1. Common types of cyber-bullying
  2. Describing bullying episodes from a life experience
  3. What to do when you experience cyber-bullying
  4. How to boost community awareness of cyber-bullying
  5. How to prevent cyber-bullying among teenagers
  6. Mental effects of cyber-bullying
  7. Why you should stand up for a friend that is facing cyber-bullying
  8. How family members can help a person facing cyber-bullying
  9. Why do some people bully others?
  10. How teasing can end up being cyber-bullying
  11. How to prevent cyber-bullying by accepting others the way they are
  12. How to support a loved one that is facing cyber-bullying
  13. Effects of cyber-bullying in school
  14. What should you do when you face cyber-bullying?
  15. How to make a bullied person feel comfortable when discussing the cyber-bullying topic

This is not an exhaustive list of essay topics on cyber-bullying. Students have many ideas to consider when writing about this subject. Nevertheless, learners should pick topics they are comfortable researching and writing about. What’s more, consider the perspective you want to take when choosing a topic. For instance, if you wish to write a cyber-bullying argumentative essay, choose a topic that will enable you to make and support an argument.

If you want to write a preventing cyber-bullying essay, choose a topic that will enable you to present different ways to stop this act. Nevertheless, take your time to research your topic before you start writing to come up with a brilliant essay.

Outline Your Cyber-Bullying Essay

Come up with a cyber-bullying essay outline that indicates what you will present in your write-up. Outlining is a must in most forms of academic writing. With a good outline, you won’t stray when writing this essay. That’s because the outline will be a detailed, guiding action plan.

Here’s what to include in your outline:

  • Introduction: A cyber-bullying essay introduction should introduce your topic. Tell your readers the meaning of cyber-bullying and why it’s such a disturbing act. What’s more, include good hooks for an essay on cyber-bullying in this section. For instance, tell your readers about the prevalence rate of cyber-bullying, its negative effects, and how it has affected the victims adversely. Towards the end of the introduction, include your cyber-bullying essay thesis statement. This should be a single sentence that tells the readers what your essay is about. It should also act like the roadmap that will guide your writing process.
  • Body: Cyber-bullying essay body comprises the main points of your argument. It should feature the main issues you want to discuss. For instance, you can tell your readers about conditions that facilitate bullying or why people bully others. You can also explain the effects or results of bullying. What’s more, you can tell the readers about possible solutions to buying. Perhaps, you can share things that people should do to prevent bullying. However, what you include in the body section depends on your essay topic. For example, if writing how to prevent cyber-bullying essay, your body should focus on different ways to stop this act.  You can prevent each approach in a paragraph with supporting research or evidence.
  • Conclusion: Your essay on cyber-bullying conclusion should wrap up the entire write-up. Remind the audience what you told them at the introduction using different words. Also, paraphrase your thesis statement to remind the readers what you set out to do from the beginning and then show them how you’ve done it.

Write Your Your Essay

Once you’ve chosen your topic, researched it, and outlined your essay, you can now start the actual writing process. You can start with free-styling, where you write your introduction and the body with main points and their supporting facts, and then the conclusion.

  1. Use the outline to ensure that you don’t leave out any of your main points. When writing the first draft, don’t mind grammar and typo errors. Instead, focus on composing the first draft with all relevant information gathered from your research. Also, make sure that you’ve included factual information if you decide to present statistical figures.
  2. Additionally, list down your sources for easier referencing. If necessary, include in-text citations when writing the first draft. That way, you can avoid the trouble of tracing information in your essay to their corresponding sources. Once you’ve written the first draft, keep it away for a few minutes, hours, or even a day, and then come back to edit it.
  3. Editing your cyber-bullying argument essay will be easier if you allow yourself time to breathe. That’s because you can miss out on some errors in a piece you’ve just written since most ideas are still fresh in your mind. Therefore, allow yourself some time before editing it. And if possible, ask somebody else to proofread the essay for you. Submit your essay when confident that you’ve removed all errors to earn the top grade.

Helpful Writing Tips

  • Read and understand the essay prompt: Don’t rush into writing this essay without knowing what the educator expects of you. Instead, take your time to understand the instructions provided by the educator. That way, you will know whether they want you to write a cause and effects essay or a cyber-bullying persuasive essay.
  • Select an interesting topic: Take your time to pick a topic you find interesting. Although you have many topics to choose from in this subject, not all of them are interesting to write about. Therefore, consider different topics before you settle on what to write about.
  • Research your topic: Once you’ve chosen a topic, take your time to research it. Gather as much information about it as you can. That way, writing your essay will be easier because you will have all the information you need to take any perspective.
  • Read sample essays: Perhaps, this is the best tip for writing an essay about this topic. Reading a good bullying essay example will enable you to know what the educator expects of you. You will also know how to present your ideas and information without sounding insensitive.

Cyber-bullying is a rampant and serious problem, especially in schools. Follow this guide from our essay writers to write an essay that will convey helpful information and impress the educator to award you the top grade.

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