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30 Best Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics To Top Your Class

Pride And Prejudice essay topics

Pride and prejudice is a famous novel that has been read by billions of people around the globe. It is one of the great classics that have been influencing people’s lives ever since it came out. It was written by Jane Austin and published in 1813.

This novel gained remarkable fame and slowly became a part of linguistic courses in schools and colleges. Students are asked to write essays on pride and prejudice every now and then, and this is why we decided to compile some pride and prejudice essay topics to help the students and simultaneously pay tribute to the incredible novel.

Following is a list of 30 topics for pride and prejudice essay to give students some writing assistance.

  1. Jane Austin has been accused of being snobbish by many critics, considering she has satirized snobs in her novels. Keeping in mind Mr.Collins and Mrs.Bennet’s character, write an argumentative essay, defending either side of the matter.

  2. As social class affects the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth, write an essay and discuss its significance in the novel.

  3. Austin has written this novel basing on females who think they need to get married to feel happiness. Keeping this stance in mind, write an essay about gender roles and how people’s mindsets have evolved since then.

  4. Write about love and marriage in pride and prejudice essay, giving special consideration to the characters of Charlotte Lucas and Elizabeth.

  5. Compose an essay on pride, relating it to incidents of the novel.

  6. Consider Mrs.Bennet’s relationship with her children and compare it with today’s life.

Pride And Prejudice Literary Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Look closely at how marriage is depicted in the novel and discuss whether Mr. and Mrs.Bennet are role models for young couples and parents today.

  2. The novel talks about societal pressures and expectations. Analyse them and give your thoughts in the essay.

  3. Marriage is one of the main subjects of the novel. Analyse how it motivates youngsters for marriage and give your opinion about it, supporting it with facts and examples from the novel.

  4. Focus on the characters- Darcy and Elizabeth and analyse how their characteristics have developed throughout the novel. Compare their personalities at the beginning of the novel to how they evolved in the end. Briefly explain your analysis.

  5. Do you think Elizabeth is any different from the rest of her family? If so, support your analysis with references from the novel.

  6. Analyse the writer’s approach to the social class issue and share your thoughts about it.

  7. Analyse how Jane Austin has portrayed females in her novel and elaborate on your conclusion.

  8. Write an essay on pride and prejudice, giving an analysis of the importance of dialogue in the novel.

  9. Make an analysis of how the characters have changed over the course of the novel.

Pride And Prejudice Critical Essay Topics

  1. Write an essay about how Elizabeth’s character has changed after being influenced by other characters throughout the novel. Make sure you support your points with references from the novel.

  2. The use of satire is prominent throughout the novel. Give your critique about comic incidents from the novel.

  3. Marriage is one of the most discussed points in the novel. Discuss how Austin portrayed this relationship in the novel.

  4. Compare and contrast Elizabeth and Jane’s marriages and describe how they might affect today’s young couples.

Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics

  1. Explain the importance of letters in the novel and your perspective about it.

  2. Explain what pride and prejudice mean and what has Jane Austin tried to portray through her writing.

  3. Love and marriage are discussed very thoroughly in the entire novel. Considering references and evidence from the novel, explain Jane Austin’s opinion about marriage and love, in detail.

  4. Explain how Austin has used the literary device, irony, to unveil social hypocrisy in the novel. To support your explanations, use examples and evidence from the novel.

  5. Explain your opinion about Mrs. Bennet’s marriage and suggest who you think is responsible for what happens.

  6. Explain a social issue highlighted in pride and prejudice.

  7. Explain the impact of cultural mindsets on the novel.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Pride And Prejudice

  1. Compare the mindsets of today’s women with the ones portrayed in the novel.

  2. Compare the novel with the movie version.

  3. Compare the characters of Mr. and Mrs.Bennet with today’s couples.

  4. Compare ‘The Great Gatsby’ with ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Hopefully, these 30 pride and prejudice essay prompts helped you out and gave you an idea of what you can write in a pride and prejudice essay. However, don’t forget to take your professional teacher or expert’s advice before writing. Good luck!

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