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Writing A Discrimination Essay: Helpful Tips

discrimination essay

Discrimination is a word that has been used throughout history to describe the unfair treatment or prejudice against a group due to their race, sexual preference, gender, sex, etc. A discrimination essay is one that addresses these problems and how they affect society.

If you’ve been asked to write a discrimination in the workplace essay, essays about racial discrimination, or just an essay about the effects of discrimination on society, you need to dig deep to get an understanding of the topic. Your goal is to tell the reader how a certain group of people is judged for being different. Most times, people discriminate against those they perceive as inferior.

What Are The Common Types Of Essays On Discrimination?

Here are some general categories of essays about discrimination to consider:

  • Racial Discrimination Essay
    This is one of the most common types of essays on discrimination. Your job will be to talk about how a certain group of people suffers prejudice because of their race. For example, you can talk about how some African Americans and Latinos suffer discrimination from white Americans in the United States. If you’re writing a narrative essay, you can write a story that shows the reader the impact of discrimination against a certain race. It can either be fictional or factual. Either way, make sure you paint an accurate picture of the subject. If you’re writing an expository racial discrimination essay, your job will be to explain the concept with examples. Make sure that you start with a racism essay outline. The outline will guide you through the entire essay.
  • Gender Discrimination Essay
    This type of essay analysis discrimination against a certain gender. If you’ve been asked to write one, you need to make sure you do not allow your gender preference to affect the content. For example, if you’re a man who has been asked to write an essay on gender discrimination against women, make sure that you don’t allow your gender bias to reflect on the content. If you’re asked to support the notion that women are victims of discrimination in the workplace, do that. If you’re asked to write against the notion, do that. If you’re asked to write about the effects of discrimination against women in the society, do that.
  • Essay On Discrimination In The Workplace
    Discrimination in the workplace could be based on gender, race, or anything else. If you’re asked to write such an essay, you need to figure out the best angle for the topic. You can talk about the effects of discriminating against a certain group in the workplace because they are different. Talk about how this discrimination can form subsets in the workplace and reduce overall productivity. Look for articles and books that can paint a vivid picture of this kind of discrimination.
  • Disability Discrimination Essays
    Discrimination against people living with disabilities is one of the forms of discrimination that can have a far-reaching effect on those at the receiving end. Over the years, people have lost opportunities because of their disabilities. However, thanks to the increased awareness in recent years, people living with disabilities are starting to get better treatment and more opportunities across the globe. You can address the essay from a historical perspective. Start from how the treatment of people living with disabilities has evolved over the years and how much more work needs to be done.

There are many other essays on discrimination apart from the ones listed above. If you’re a prospective college student, these are the ones you’ll most likely come across soon. Now that you have an idea of what an essay about discrimination is and what types you’ll see, it’s time to get details on how to write one. Each institution has specific guidelines when it comes to writing an essay on discrimination. However, there are some general rules that everyone should follow.

Examples Of Essays On Discrimination Topics

Discrimination is almost a culture in most societies today. It is more rampant in western societies, which is why you may consider writing on any of these interesting discrimination essay topics:

  1. The nature of discrimination in the workplace
  2. How gender and racial discrimination go hand in hand
  3. Which country has repeated South African apartheid, and how it has done it
  4. How politics is sometimes against women liberty
  5. How education can be weaponized for political subjugation and intellectual deprivation
  6. How has African Americans fared in the American labor market?
  7. Why does Poland still reject immigrants from vulnerable societies?
  8. How has the US policy changed to racial integration in the US after 9/11?
  9. Discuss the Mexican American tragedy
  10. Discuss the Indian American tragedy
  11. What are your thoughts about the compulsory writing of IELTS for African English speaking countries?

Discrimination Topics

There are a lot of essays on discrimination, but you can still write an original essay for your classwork. You can consider some of the best discrimination essay topics that exist online:

  1. An overview of racial discrimination in Walmart
  2. Why is gender and racial balance debated in recent years?
  3. What is colorism and how does it work in the United States?
  4. What essential factors have facilitated discrimination and prejudice in the West?
  5. Explore and reflect on how social media users explore discriminating slurs
  6. How is police brutality a form of discrimination in some of the most violent ways?
  7. Discuss the victims of police brutality, citing any three cases, and what happened to them and their violators after their stories went public.
  8. Is it possible for white people to advocate against discrimination like black people because they do not experience violence?
  9. How do black people face justice, and do you agree that they deserve the death penalty most of the time they got it?
  10. Explore the dynamics of discrimination in Publix Incorporation despite statements that say otherwise
  11. Discuss the disaffection for Muslims in the western world, especially after the 9/11 attack
  12. How can discrimination rules consider people in the LGBTQ community too?
  13. Examine discrimination in schools and how it affects students’ commitment to academic activities
  14. Discuss the groups that have fought against inequality and their roles in seeking an end to discrimination
  15. Examine how poverty and homelessness lead to discrimination
  16. What does ancient discrimination mean, and how does it affect human society today?
  17. Discuss the challenge of discrimination in the labor market
  18. What factor does age play in discrimination at the workplace?
  19. Discuss the fundamental role of slave trade in discrimination
  20. What can be done in the twenty-first century to end discrimination?
  21. Thoughts on if discrimination will ever end
  22. An overview of three paintings on discrimination
  23. A review of three poems on discrimination
  24. A detailed study of a literary text about discrimination
  25. A review of a journal on discrimination
  26. How Haitians cope with discrimination
  27. How South Africans cope with discrimination
  28. Is there discrimination in the Vatican City?
  29. Ethnic challenges in America
  30. How can discrimination be called out and addressed?

Best Racial Discrimination Essay Topics

As an issue that remains challenging, you can write an interesting essay with superb discrimination essay ideas. You can use the following unique topics:

  1. What are the responses to racism from politicians?
  2. Examine the subtle form of racism in society and how it affects interracial integration
  3. Discuss the role of discrimination in choosing actors or actresses in Hollywood
  4. How does racism affect the expectations of quality service when non-colored but inexperienced persons are employed in workplaces?
  5. Narrate your experience with discrimination
  6. Give a review of “A Genealogy of Modern Racism” by C. West
  7. “Heart of Darkness” and the role of racism in the novel
  8. Discuss how native Americans experience racism in sports
  9. What is the social psychology of racism?
  10. How does racism affect football players of any league of your choice
  11. The challenge of racism in Latin America
  12. The challenges of racism and the formation of stereotypes: how it affects trust
  13. White supremacy: debates about racial discrimination based on the assumed superiority
  14. Examine the role of any public figure in reinforcing discrimination
  15. Discrimination in contemporary Europe
  16. Discrimination in primary school educational curriculum
  17. What part did the Obama presidency play in ensuring racial balance in America?
  18. The changes in racism throughout history
  19. The thin line between globalization and racism
  20. How racism works across geographies?

Gender Discrimination Essay Topics

Seeing the challenges women go through, discrimination essays must have women at their center. You can illustrate your experience, or other people’s experience, through these topics:

  1. Feminism and present challenges
  2. Legislation for equal pay in America
  3. Legislation for equal pay in the UK
  4. Is equal pay achievable?
  5. Is sexism a form of labor exploitation?
  6. How women feel inferior in their relationships
  7. Gender discrimination in Afghanistan
  8. How women are educated differently
  9. The role of western education in gender inequality
  10. Women have limited career choices: discuss
  11. Comment on the #MeToo movement
  12. Will women do odd jobs like construction work?
  13. Discuss the impact of workplace inequality
  14. How sex is a tool for favors today
  15. Examine sex discrimination after marriage
  16. Discuss how rape contribute to gender discrimination
  17. Gender stereotypes existing today
  18. Why are women said to do domestic work?
  19. How does the porn industry objectifies women?
  20. Discuss the challenges towards women and job decency.

Discrimination in the Workplace Sample Essay

Working processes in various companies vary from each other and often the system of work organization can include discrimination in its different forms. Workforce restrictions coincided with subjective views of the companies’ management are gradually staying in the past but in many cases can be still noticed in large and small enterprises as the negative projection of conservative views. The nature of discriminative behavior usually lies in the field of unfair attitude to the employees and leads to subsequent inconveniences and stress in the collective. The right identification of discriminative motives and timely response to them in the frames of law can save a stable practical basis for corporate ethics’ fulfillment.Identifying professional discrimination can be done through the prism of common beliefs and personal opinions of the workers. In the context of employment equal rights of all the candidates and the safety of these rights during the work is a significant aspect of the management’s procedure. All the workers hired to solve the tasks which belong to their duties should be sure that they will get an impartial and unbiased attitude towards their skills and knowledge. As Pager and Western mention, measuring of discrimination can be conducted with the help of testing and comparing of the working standards with public opinions (Pager and Western 231). All the efforts of workers should be appreciated and should not depend on the resultativity of external factors that are not included in the workflow. It means that the preferences in employees are expected to be clear and concrete, evaluating their professional but not personal features.

Companies in modern reality create different types of overt discrimination that filters their employees by gender, age, race, religious beliefs or health specialties. According to Jones, Arena, Nittrouer, and Alonso, all these discrimination variations are illegal and should be strictly controlled in order not to allow the personal predilections to exceed the level of objectivity in building communication with the workforce (Jones, Arena, Nittrouer & Alonso 2). This restrictive law creates possibility for workers to have a legal basis for their confidence in the rights which they have. At the same time, it stays significant to enforce the compliance of the situation in different companies with the law and to regulate the effectivity of the existing norms of professional behavior. However, Mishra and Mishra underline that discrimination by age is the most popular type which is still actual and unbeatable in many companies (Mishra & Mishra 65). The second most spread type is gender discrimination of employees.

The best ways to deal with professional discrimination are the use of a code of ethics and management free of gender stereotypes. In this case, gender neutral and antidiscriminative working positions become more real to implement in life. To ensure that the code of ethics directly depicts all the values of the company, management usually controls all the spheres of activities which the workers perform in their offices. Moreover, respectful and reasonable behavior is also included in the code of ethics which reflects all the basic rights, freedoms, duties, and responsibilities which employees need to know during the work days. Chong, King, Lindsey, and Membere mention that women often face targeted professional discrimination because employers choose men as more effective at work (Chong, King, Lindsey & Membere 12). This situation can be changed if all the companies will be working according to the strict standards written in their corporative codes of ethics.

All in all, discrimination in the workplace can be overcome with the help of regular initiative actions from the side of top management. No gender, age, religion or other restrictions are allowed in the conditions of the working environment, and modern companies should possess strict fulfillment of these rules. Knowing the meaning of discrimination, its types and ways to lower its seize is the priority for all employers.

How To Write An Essay On Discrimination Which Gets You Top Grade

Here is a basic step by step guide on how to write a good discrimination essay. Make sure to pick a good topic first, one that interests you sufficiently.

  1. Start With An Engaging Discrimination Essay Introduction
    Apart from your title, your introduction is going to go a long way to determine if your reader will proceed to the body of the essay. Your introduction should be a quick summary of the topic. It should include the thesis statement discrimination. Tell the reader what to expect in the essay using engaging words. You can use statistics or case studies to show the reader that you did your homework. Make sure that the statistics you use are accurate and easily verifiable. If you’re submitting the essay to an educator, there is a high chance that the instructor will know about the stats or try to verify it. If you can’t verify that a figure is correct, don’t use it.
  2. Stick To Three Points In Three Paragraphs In The Body
    A standard essay should have five paragraphs – one paragraph for the introduction, three paragraphs for the body and one paragraph for the conclusion. The three paragraphs in the body should be made up of the three key points you intend to discuss in the essay. You should start with the point that carries the least weight and progress to the weightiest point. The points should be listed progressively from the first to the last. It should contain the possible implications of the discrimination in question. The last paragraph of the body is your last opportunity to convince the reader of your thesis. All three paragraphs should be an elaboration of the thesis statement.
  3. Write The Perfect Discrimination Essay Conclusion
    Your last paragraph, the concluding paragraph, should be a summary of the body which is in agreement with your thesis statement. It’s not a good idea to write a conclusion that isn’t in agreement with your thesis statement. So find a way to rephrase your thesis statement in your conclusion. You can add a piece of advice to the society or a motivational statement that emphasizes the need for them to stop the form of discrimination in question. Make sure that you do not use disrespectful words that make you appear like an extremist.
  4. Make Sure You Revise The Content
    After you have successfully written your essay, the next step is to revise it thoroughly. After editing it, proofread it out loud to make sure that it sounds well. If possible, you can read it to the hearing of a friend or family member. This method helps you make sure that all the words and phrases flow. You can change sentences that sound too casual and remove clichés. After proofreading the content by yourself, use an online tool like Grammarly to confirm that is perfect. These tools help you see mistakes that you may not be able to see with your naked eyes.

These tips can help you write a good essay on discrimination. However, there is a faster and more efficient way to make things happen. You can contact a professional writer for cheap essay writing.

Benefits Of Paying For Affordable Essay Writing Services

Now if you are having trouble with writing an essay on discrimination, there is always other options. For example get help from an essay writing service.

  • You’ll Get Quality Work
    When it comes to essays, quality is equal to credits. A low-quality essay is going to get you disqualified when your education or promotion depends on it. While you can manage to write something of high quality, the easiest way to guarantee quality is to outsource the writing to a professional. These professionals have years of experience in writing. Whether you’re trying to improve your grades or you are trying to get a promotion, you can’t compromise on quality.
  • Your Paper Will Be Ready In Record Time
    Beating deadlines isn’t easy especially when you have other engagements planned. When you ask for a professional for help, all you have to do is tell them when the assignment is due. There is a high chance that the assignment will be delivered in record time. Most of these professionals will get the essay ready before the deadline. These experts are concerned about their credibility. So, late delivery isn’t usually an option. When these experts can’t deliver in time, they will tell you before it is too late and request for an extension if possible.
  • You’ll get 100% Original Essays
    Most people define plagiarism as copying and pasting the content of other writers. However, this isn’t the only form of plagiarism that exists. Your content can be considered plagiarized when you knowingly or unknowingly copy the ideas of others. If you’re writing an essay for the first time, you may end up using the ideas of others during your research if you’re not careful. However, providers of professional writing services will not give you duplicate content on any account. They provide original ideas and content for you. You will get the best plagiarism free essay writer to write your essays.
  • It’s Convenient And Stress-free
    This is one of the most common reasons why people choose to hire professional writers for their essays. It’s stress-free and convenient. Most of these people have busy schedules. So, the smart thing to do would be to ask a professional to write the essay from start to finish or ask them to research the topic for you while you handle the writing yourself. If the goal is to pay for the complete writing, all you have to do is submit the topic and pay for the assignment. In a few days, you will receive the completed assignment. If you only want to get detailed research on the topic, that’s what you will get. The third option is to write the content yourself and ask the experts to edit and proofread it. The prices for each service will depend on the platform.

Should You Write Your Discrimination Essays Or Outsource Them?

After considering everything above, the choice is left to you. You can either write your essay on discrimination yourself or ask professional US essay writers to do it for you. If you have the time and effort to do it yourself, you should. If you don’t, you can save yourself the stress by asking for professional help and having the option to order essay online. However, when you’re looking for a professional, make sure that you research to confirm the credibility of the providers of the writing services. Look for reviews, testimonials, and feedback from other customers. If there is any negative feedback, take that as a red flag. This doesn’t mean you should only trust a service provider with only positive feedback. Just make sure the negative feedbacks aren’t too much.

No matter how difficult your paper is – US essay writers are ready to give you a helping hand. Enter promo usessay20 and get your discrimination writing assignment with 20% discount!

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