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How To Choose Good Debate Topics And Be At The Top Of Your Class

debate topics

What is the debate? The debate is typically defined as a formal discussion about a given topic. You could either stand for the topic or be against it. However, some informal debate topics may happen between friends and family members. It doesn’t always have to be in a formal setting.

As a high school or college student, you’ll most likely have to write a debate at some point. Certain rules must be followed when you want to write a debate successfully. The topic to debate about has to be debatable. That means that it has to be something that is an opposing argument. It is the perfect opportunity for you to convince your reader or listener of what you believe.

4 Types Of Debates For Fun Debate Topics

Here are some popular structure for debates, to make sure that arguments of both sides is clear and there is an equal time for each side:

  1. Oregon-Oxford Debate: This type of debate is usually between two or three speakers from opposite sides of an argument. The debate will happen in pairs. One speaker on the negative side against one on the positive side until all the speakers have had the chance to contribute.
  2. Lincoln-Douglas Debate: This type of debate has just two speakers. One in the affirmative and one in the negative side. The speaker who is in support of the notion starts the debate. After the affirmative speaker makes a case for the notion, the negative speaker will make a case against the notion.
  3. One-Rebuttal Debate: That is almost like the Lincoln-Douglas debate. The difference is that there are more speakers involved, and each one has the right to refute the argument. The only person who can’t refute the argument is the first speaker from the affirmative side.
  4. Rebuttal Type: This type of debate has two or three speakers on each side. The first speaker gives an affirmative statement which is followed by a rebuttal from the negative side. The affirmative side usually delivers the final rebuttal to end the debate.

These are the four main times of debate. Even if you may never be asked to stand before an audience and tackle debate subjects, learning how to debate can help you in so many ways. For starters, it will help you to expand your knowledge about a given subject, test your intelligence, improve your ability to think critically, and learn how to deliver a speech. The first step to having the perfect debate is picking out the right debate topic.

Great Debate Topics You Should Try

Here are some popular, all encompassing and life affecting, major debate areas:

  • Abortion Debate
    One of the most controversial issues in the debate space is abortion. There are two opposing camps, pro-life and pro-choice. Those on the pro-life camp believe that abortion should be made illegal because the child has the right to live and life begins at conception. Those of the pro-choice can believe that abortion should be the decision of the mother because women should have full control over their reproductive health.You can either write a debate for the pro-life or pro-choice camp. Some possible topics for debate include; “Should the government have the power to compel a woman into having an abortion or keeping the pregnancy”, “Why should the father have a say in whether or not a pregnant woman has an abortion”, “Should the government set a limit on how many abortions a woman can have throughout her lifetime, etc.
  • Animal Rights Debate
    Your animal rights debate could either be about animal testing or hunting animals for sports. If you want to write about animal testing, you can either talk about how animal testing is good for the advancement of modern technology or how animals experience pain during these procedures. If you’re writing a debate against animal testing, you need to talk about how animals are entitled to equal rights as humans. They should not be victims of captivity, abuse, labor or research. You can even write against animal consumption and the displacement of wildlife.If you’re writing in support of the notion, you can talk about how humans are a dominant species and are entitled to using animals anyhow they want to reach optimum civilization and survival. Some topics you can write include; “Should animals be used for experiments in the advancement of research”, and “Animal consumption: a necessity or a luxury?
  • Religious Freedom Debate
    Every citizen in the United States is protected by the First Amendment which gives them the freedom of religion. Congress has no power to establish a religion for citizens or interfere with their choice to practice what they believe. Your debate can either be about how freedom of religion gives individuals too much freedom irrespective of the company or context.You can also write about the concept of separation which stipulates that no one should be forced to listen to the religious views of others if they do not want to. Keep in mind that freedom of religion isn’t available in every country. So your topic should be based on your target audience. Some possible topics include; “Religion: the Church Vs. The State”, “Should the government intervene when religious practices are a threat to human life, etc.”

Great Debate Topics Across Industries

  1. Educational systems should encourage girls to enter male-dominated STEM fields.
  2. Every law-abiding individual should have the right to own a gun.
  3. Companies need to employ an equal number of men and women across industries.
  4. A college degree is a prerequisite of getting a good job.
  5. Traditional school is better than homeschooling.
  6. The government should treat drug use as a mental health problem rather than a criminal offense.
  7. Students should be required to study another language, not just their native language.
  8. Smartphones should be banned from high schools.
  9. Should educational institutions offer free testing for sexually transmitted infections?
  10. The First Amendment should be limited to ensure public safety.
  11. Is homework crucial to the learning process?
  12. Should voting be made compulsory for every citizen?
  13. Technology: saving the world or destroying it?
  14. Boarding schools should be abolished.
  15. Private schools are better than boarding schools.
  16. The government should make more flexible immigration policies.
  17. Presidents should serve list two years instead of four.
  18. School uniforms should be mandatory in all schools.
  19. Religious organizations should pay taxes.
  20. School cafeterias should not sell junk food.
  21. Music and art should give equal support as STEM fields.
  22. All schools should be required to support contact sports.
  23. Religion should be a key topic in schools.
  24. Teachers should be allowed to take weapons to school to help students in cases of emergency.
  25. Students should be taught abstinence rather than safe sex.
  26. Are student loans helpful or exploitative?
  27. Monarchy should be abolished in Britain.
  28. Private prisons should be abolished.
  29. All women should be allowed to terminate unplanned pregnancies.
  30. Birth control and sanitary napkins should be free for all.
  31. The government should ban plastic bags.
  32. Should schools vet social media profiles before granting admission to students?
  33. Is animal testing a necessity?
  34. Does artificial intelligence secure the future?
  35. Should the government ban GMO foods?
  36. Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children.
  37. Student politics fuels hatred and disunity.
  38. The electoral college in the United States should be abolished.
  39. Affordable Healthcare should be provided for all.
  40. The government should ban smoking.

Debate Topics for Teens

Teenagers tend to have a different perspective of life. These topics can help them to get a deeper understanding of life matters. They are also the best debate topics for middle school.

  1. Should final exams be abolished?
  2. Junk food shouldn’t be taken in school.
  3. Mixed schools are better than single-gendered schools.
  4. Math is a crucial part of our studies.
  5. Volunteering should be made compulsory for students.
  6. Public schools teach better than private schools.
  7. Computers teach better than teachers.
  8. Brilliant students in class tend to succeed more in life than average students.
  9. Cheating should be allowed when doing some assignments.
  10. The school hours should be reduced.
  11. Fiction books are better than non-fiction books.
  12. Pluto is not a recognized planet.
  13. Modern music is being listened to more than classical music.

Popular Debate Topics

People tend to have a dilemma based on different subjects. This is because of different ethics, morals, and upbringing. The kind of environment one is in also plays a role. Use these best debate topics for your essay!

  1. Spring is better than autumn.
  2. Dogs are better friends to humans than cats.
  3. Cash should be replaced by the use of cryptocurrency.
  4. Humanity will be much better with artificial intelligence expansion.
  5. People are over-reliant on the internet, computers, and smartphones.
  6. There is life on other planets other than Earth.
  7. Paper books are easier to read than e-books.
  8. Surveillance cameras should be installed in all classrooms.
  9. Video games are known to build the brains of players critically.
  10. A video game should be considered a sport.
  11. Reading books is more beneficial than watching TV.
  12. Board games are more enjoyable than video games.
  13. Macs are the best PCs.

Great Debate Topics

Debating is a great way to engage the mind and see things from someone else’s point of view. It can even help you to reason out and get different opinions on a certain subject. These are some easy debate topics you can try.

  1. Reality television properly depicts real life.
  2. Testing should stop being done on animals.
  3. Nuclear weapons cause more harm than good.
  4. Healthcare services should be universal.
  5. The use of fossil fuels should be banned.
  6. Human cloning should not be done.
  7. The abolishment of the death penalty.
  8. Progressive income tax is better than a flat tax.
  9. More money should be invested in exploring space.
  10. The banning of plastic bottles and bags.
  11. Homework promotes learning.
  12. Social media should have some regulation laws governing its use.
  13. Students loans are a form of exploitation.

Good Topics To Debate About

Are you looking for ideal debate topics? Everyone’s opinions matter, and you can use these topics to engage your other classmates to understand their views. However, remember not to be rigid.

  1. Peer pressure is a major factor that leads to suicide in teenagers.
  2. Students should learn at least one foreign language.
  3. Democracy is the best form of government.
  4. Voting by citizens in elections should be compulsory
  5. Affirmative action should be abolished.
  6. Freedom of speech shouldn’t be restricted in any region.
  7. The justification of progressive tax rates.
  8. Wearing school uniforms should be compulsory in schools, except for colleges and universities.
  9. Community service should be done by all students.
  10. Poetry units should remain in the curriculum.
  11. The banning of mixed martial arts.
  12. Partial-birth abortion should be made illegal.
  13. Celebrities should live well to be good role models to younger generations.

Good Topics To Debate

These are some of the best topics that you can use for your essay. There are two sides to the coin, and you need not be biased while trying to reason out.

  1. Performance-enhancing drugs shouldn’t be allowed in sports.
  2. Recycling should be made compulsory.
  3. Mobile phones should be banned in schools.
  4. Homework is necessary for students to learn better.
  5. Homeschooling is not as good as normal schooling.
  6. The importance of engaging girls to take up STEM fields.
  7. Is it fair for churches to pay taxes?
  8. Human activities are the major cause of climate change.
  9. Corporate punishment should be banned.
  10. Election day should be made a national holiday.
  11. Good gun control laws need to be enacted.
  12. Golf is a sport.
  13. Milk is really important to humans.

Good Debate Topics

People easily debate due to their different viewpoints. However, these are some good debate topics that can help to expand your mind. These common debate topics will help you get a different view of things.

  1. Obesity is a disease.
  2. Birth control pills should not be available over the counter.
  3. Colleges and universities should pay athletes and those that undertake some sports.
  4. Social media sites are good in society.
  5. Social security should be privatized.
  6. Humans should try and live in space.
  7. How standardized tests improve education.
  8. Universal basic income is a great idea
  9. Vegetarians are better than those that take meat.
  10. Boarding schools are harmful to students.
  11. Homework is important for better learning.
  12. Fast food uptake should be reduced in school.
  13. There should be armed guards in schools.

Debate Topic Ideas

Do you love debate topics? Here are some of the best debate topic ideas that you can use. Some people have different views , and it is important to respect everyone’s opinion. Use these great debating topics for your essay.

  1. Vaccination in children should be compulsory.
  2. Cigarettes use should be banned
  3. Drug addicts should be helped rather than undergoing punishment.
  4. Social media is more harmful than good.
  5. Insurance cover should also cater to cosmetic surgeries.
  6. Healthcare should be made universal.
  7. Electric cars are much better than cars that use fuel.
  8. Tourism is beneficial to the environment.
  9. More land should be allocated for national parks.
  10. Live animal exports should be banned.
  11. Solar power is easier to obtain than hydroelectric power.
  12. Zoos need to be banned.
  13. Blockchain technology harms the environment.

Fun Topics To Debate

Debating over certain matters makes it easy to understand things. Here are some fun topics you can use to debate and understand different subjects.

  1. The legalization of genetic engineering.
  2. Deadly force should not be used by the police.
  3. Drugs shouldn’t be legalized.
  4. Juveniles should be tried as adults.
  5. Juvenile prison should be more of a rehabilitation center rather than a prison.
  6. Sexual orientation becomes evident when one is born.
  7. The sale of human organs should be illegal.
  8. The banning of euthanasia.
  9. Vaccinations should be made legal for everyone.
  10. Birth control pills sale should be regulated.
  11. Social media has destroyed face-to-face relations between humans.
  12. Humans should invest in technology to explore other planets.
  13. More investments should be poured into alternative energy sources.

Interesting Debate Topics

While writing an essay, you need to have an open mind. This lets you gain and understand certain things. Use these interesting debate topics to expand your mind.

  1. Bitcoin should be banned.
  2. People should own their DNA.
  3. The restoration of net neutrality.
  4. Cell phone radiation needs to be limited.
  5. Artificial intelligence will hugely help humanity.
  6. Abolishment of standardized testing.
  7. School should be in session all year round without breaks.
  8. The abolishment of detection.
  9. Sexual education should be taught at school.
  10. Every citizen should take part in national public service.
  11. Religion should be taught at school.
  12. Contemporary grading systems don’t work.
  13. Euthanasia shouldn’t be legalized.

Best Debate Topics

These are some of the best debate topics of all time. However, society plays a major role in how some laws are made. Hence, have an open mind about the different sides of the coin.

  1. Drug addicts need help rather than being punished.
  2. Organic farming is good for Agriculture’s future
  3. Zoos should be free to visit.
  4. Museums should be free to visit.
  5. Political campaigns should be regulated.
  6. Androids are better than iPhones.
  7. Men are stronger than women.
  8. Daily leisure time should be a substitute for a yearly vacation.
  9. People can save nature using technology.
  10. Technology hugely promotes health.
  11. The credit industry promotes economic development.
  12. Technology plays a vital role n boosting human communication.
  13. Education is the only key to success.
  14. Offenders should still preserve their voting rights.

Controversial Topics To Talk About

There are certain topics that people don’t like discussing due to their sensitivity. Here are some of the best controversial topics to talk about. Just be bold and stand strong based on your opinion.

  1. Students should learn how to play at least one musical instrument.
  2. Gay marriages should be allowed.
  3. Every home needs to own a pet.
  4. Human cloning should be allowed to progress humanity.
  5. Abortion is murder, even in the early stages.
  6. Teachers should carry guns to school.
  7. Artificial intelligence is dangerous.
  8. Students should create their curriculum.
  9. Leisure time is important for workplace effectiveness.
  10. Parental supervision is equally important as parental control.
  11. Political leaders should be active on social media.
  12. Marijuana should be legalized.
  13. Knowledge of history enriches our worldview.

Things To Debate About

There are many norms in society. However, are they legit? These are some things that need to be discussed broadly. Do thorough research on these debate topics through some scholarly articles, documentaries, and other resources.

  1. Minimum wages should be raised.
  2. Video games are too violent.
  3. The voting age should be lowered.
  4. Television is time-consuming.
  5. Teenage girls shouldn’t have access to birth control without supervision.
  6. Handwriting shouldn’t play a role in grades.
  7. Smoking should be banned in public places.
  8. Teenagers should get after-school jobs.
  9. The internet should be banned from school.
  10. Every home needs a pet.
  11. Public prayer should be allowed in schools.
  12. Climate change is greatly impacting our lives.
  13. The mainstream media is biased.
  14. It is safe to keep all your data in the cloud.

Unique Controversial Topics

How many times have you taken part in debates? How was the experience? Here are some of the unique controversial topics you can use for debate.

  1. Engineering drawing is important for students.
  2. Potential, ethical, and social impacts should be checked before taking an engineering project.
  3. Geoengineering should be studded.
  4. Popular music is getting better nowadays
  5. Social media shouldn’t be used by children.
  6. There should be social media regulations.
  7. Social media is playing a role in global terrorism.
  8. Freedom of the press is a myth.
  9. Parents should monitor their kid’s social media activity.
  10. Social media helps us to keep up with the trends.
  11. Bullies should be punished.
  12. Movies help us in critical thinking.
  13. Should celebrities be termed as role models?

Topics For Debate

Debating is fun when you understand a certain subject. However, you should do proper research before engaging in debate essays.

  1. It is not important to learn math in school.
  2. Recent technological developments are changing people’s interests.
  3. Taking school pictures is important for memories.
  4. Children should be given financial advice.
  5. Health care services should be funded by the government.
  6. Parents should help children to choose the perfect course to do.
  7. Book smarts tend to succeed in life more than street smart people.
  8. Religion plays a huge role in schools
  9. Some books should be banned from libraries.
  10. GMOs are helpful.
  11. Macs are better than normal PCs.
  12. Students shouldn’t use mobile phones during school hours.
  13. Video games make us smarter.
  14. Technology is creating more jobs than before.

Choosing Great Debate Topics

Now here are some things to keep in mind while picking the best debate topic for you:

  • Make sure that you choose debatable topics. Your topic should be as clear and specific as possible. For example, instead of using a one-word topic like “college,” you can use a topic like “college scholarships for people of color should be put to an end.” That is a specific topic and your responsibility will be to write either in support of the topic or against it.
  • Pick a topic that has political relevance. Make sure that the topic you’re picking is a popular one that has political or social relevance. It would also help to pick a topic that has gotten a lot of media coverage over the years. This way, you’ll be sure that your reader or listener knows about what you’re discussing.
  • It should be an argument. You can’t make a debate or ask good debate questions if there are no opposing views. Your audience should be made up of people who agree with the notion and those who are against the notion. It should not be a one-sided thing.
  • Make sure there is empirical data to support your argument. Most debate topics for college students are required to have empirical data. Make sure the topic you choose has enough supporting data. If you can, gather primary data by conducting your research.
  • Pick funny debate topics only when it’s ideal for the audience. While it’s always a good idea to pick an interesting topic that can amuse your audience, you need to make sure that the topic is appropriate for the audience. Also, try to reduce the humor when you’re addressing sensitive issues. You must be professional all the way.
  • Don’t use religious texts as a reference. Your research should not be based on a religious text, even when the topic has some religious implications. If you must quote a religious text, make sure the reader knows that it is not your only means of persuasion, and it’s more like a personal opinion.
  • It should be a topic you have interest in debating and writing about, even if you have the ability to order an essay cheap you should have substantial knowledge about what you are presenting.
  • It should be a topic you’re willing to discuss without letting your emotions take control. Keep in mind that debates are to be criticized. So if you’re not willing to hear others oppose your notion, think of other things to debate about.
  • Make a list of possible topics and pick the best out of them. The list should be made up of the top topics that fit into the above category. For instance, the one that is the most debatable, the topic with political relevance, a popular subject in the media, and so on.

Ask A Professional For Debate Topic Ideas

There are many debate themes available online. If a topic hasn’t been assigned to you, you can look for a suitable one online. However, if you can’t make up your mind on the topic you want to debate about, you can ask a professional for help. These professionals can help you choose a debate topic when you have an assignment. If you want, they will help you write the debate either by providing partial assistance or by completing the entire assignment for you. You can even get a custom debate outline or custom essay for sale. The choice is yours.

The services are affordable, so you don’t need to worry about costs. Before you request for online assistance, make sure that you do some background check to confirm the credibility of the service providers before you pay for their services. When you get the debate, read it thoroughly and ask questions when necessary. That is especially important when you have to make a presentation or answer questions from the written copy. You’ll be ready for any opposition or any question from your instructors.

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