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120 Best Descriptive Essay Topics For Your Next Masterpiece

descriptive essay topics

Descriptive essay topics are relatively easy to write about because they don’t require a lot of reading or research. When writing a descriptive essay, a student uses their explanation or description of a selected topic. What’s more, these topics do not require extensive theorizing. But, choosing the right topic for a descriptive essay is very important.

A student should pick a fantastic topic. It should be about something they find interesting to write about. Also, a learner should pick a topic that other people will be interested to read about. Before the writing process starts, a learner should ask, which topic is narrow enough to be the subject of a descriptive essay? That’s because a narrow topic is easy to write about exhaustively.

Choosing Descriptive Essay Topics

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing what to describe. However, starting a descriptive essay is not easy for most learners. That’s because they have many topics to consider. The internet is awash with ideas for writing a descriptive essay. However, the essay should be about your experience. You don’t need opinions or research to write about something that is not from your mind. Simply pick a descriptive topic and write about it.

The description should be simple and clear. However, imagination can create pictures in your mind and creativity should help you make your writing personified and unique.

Always remember that the goal is to describe something properly. This can be a predicament, someone, or even a place. The composition should be based on the experience of the writer. Thus, the best descriptive essay topics require learners to use sensory information only.

Readers should feel that you know what you’re describing. Your essay should follow the same format as other types of essays. It should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. All you need is to exhibit descriptive capability. If not sure about what to describe, here are examples of descriptive essay topics to consider.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 7

Grade 7 pupils can write descriptive essays. However, these learners write about relatively easy descriptive essay topics. Here are great topics in this category.

  1. The best college to attend
  2. My favorite brand
  3. My best hero
  4. The greatest lesson I have learned in life
  5. The best place to go on vacation
  6. The superpower I would like to have
  7. My favorite game
  8. My most treasured item
  9. My favorite restaurant
  10. My dream house
  11. The best photograph I have seen
  12. My favorite teacher
  13. My favorite food
  14. The street to my school
  15. My first ride on the subway train
  16. My best childhood memory
  17. My best roommate
  18. A note on my closet
  19. My best childhood memory
  20. My favorite neighbor

Most 7th grade pupils will find these topics interesting to write about. However, learners should be keen to pick topics about things they can comfortably describe.

Good Descriptive Essay Topics for Middle School

Students are expected to improve their writing skills in middle school. This is the time when they learn to write properly structured essays. Here are some of the best middle school topics for descriptive essay writing.

  1. Summer school benefits
  2. Why kids should be assigned domestic chores
  3. Why a school newspaper is important
  4. When should a child be allowed to leave home alone?
  5. Why students should be assigned less homework
  6. Is a school uniform necessary?
  7. Should fast food be sold in schools?
  8. Why co-ed sports are important
  9. My mountain climbing experience
  10. The unusual animal in a zoo
  11. My favorite meal
  12. My favorite season
  13. My experience with an extraordinary person
  14. A tour of the best town
  15. My best family circle day
  16. The dream of my future
  17. My first dentist visit
  18. My best school trip
  19. My thoughts about body art
  20. My conversation with God

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

Writing descriptive essays is a common assignment for high school students. However, learners struggle to choose topics that will impress even the most demanding teachers. Here are some of the best descriptive essay topics for high school learners.

  1. Describe your worst nightmare
  2. Which is your favorite reading place?
  3. Describe your favorite painting
  4. Which is your favorite pet and why?
  5. Describe the most embarrassing moment of your life
  6. Which is your best souvenir?
  7. Describe an addiction
  8. Who is your best friend and why?
  9. Describe your acting experience
  10. Describe your visit to an old friend
  11. Describe how you would like your future to be like
  12. How did you get your pet?
  13. What can you consider your life-changing moment and why?
  14. Describe your relocation to a new place
  15. The place you would like to visit
  16. Describe the process of baking a cake
  17. My saddest day
  18. Important clothing items to have
  19. My favorite sibling
  20. My favorite day in high school

These are relatively easy topics to write about. However, creativity is required to write impressive essays that will earn learners the top grades.

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

College students can be asked to write about different descriptive essay ideas. However, these learners are mostly allowed to pick the topics to write about. Here are some of the best topics to consider when writing a descriptive essay for college.

  1. Implementing the Socratic method on individuals with cognitive disabilities
  2. Why girls love flowers
  3. Spending a day with an elephant baby
  4. Is superstition a reality?
  5. Earth from an astronaut’s view
  6. The sky infinity
  7. How Karma works
  8. The mountains’ beauty
  9. My first love
  10. The first time I shed tears of joy
  11. The cloning future on planet earth
  12. My first day in college
  13. Love demand in the life of every human
  14. The universe and its magnificence
  15. How to make the world better for everyone
  16. Why education is important
  17. The first week of newlyweds
  18. The worst day of my life
  19. Why a college education is important
  20. A crazy bungee jump

These are great descriptive essay topics for college. Nevertheless, learners should pick topics they are interested in and creatively write about them to earn good grades.

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

A student can also write about a descriptive topic that narrates something. If this is something you’re interested in, consider topics for descriptive essay from this category.

  1. My future career plan
  2. The car of my dream
  3. My experience during a moment of the ultimate success
  4. My biggest misunderstanding
  5. The influence of my dad on me
  6. The day I opted to change my life
  7. My experience on the first day at work
  8. Why I love my city
  9. My dream wedding
  10. How I realized I am no longer a kid
  11. Growing up in my city
  12. The worst experience of my life
  13. My first flight experience
  14. How I survived a tornado
  15. My best birthday
  16. The Lie that almost ruined my life
  17. The worst job interview
  18. My best encounter
  19. Why I love my sister
  20. My experience in a driving class

Writing about any of these topics requires extensive narration. Ideally, your description should narrate something to the audience.

General Topics to Write a Descriptive Essay On

Students can look at different things in their lives and write descriptive essays about them. Here is a descriptive essay topics list to consider if you want to write about something general.

  1. My favorite current show on TV
  2. My favorite sport
  3. The most expensive thing I would like to own
  4. My anti-stress activity
  5. Why I feel comfortable on my bed
  6. My childhood experience
  7. Why I collect items
  8. What I must have in my pocket before leaving home
  9. Why I feel more relaxed on my furniture
  10. My favorite smartphone
  11. Why I like my laptop
  12. My most treasured item
  13. The meal I like cooking the most
  14. Why I want to have a tattoo
  15. What I like doing during my free time
  16. My favorite hobby
  17. My first date
  18. How I study for the exams
  19. What I do to relax
  20. My experience at the gym

This list comprises some of the best topics for a descriptive essay. However, learners should be keen to pick topics that spark their creative thinking process. You can contact essay writers online to get even more topics. Whether you’re in high school, middle school, or elementary school, you can pick a topic from this list and modify it to suit your assignment. However, make sure that you’re comfortable with the topic that you choose before you decide to write about it. That way, you will have an easier time hitting the set word count for your essay.

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