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60 Forensic Science Research Topics

forensic science research topics

Forensic Science is one of those subjects that just seems to keep popping up everywhere. You see forensic science in psychology, computation, and much more. It often makes choosing a forensic science topic for your dissertation or thesis difficult. For your forensic science research topics, you can’t afford to be everywhere. You have to narrow it down to one specific aspect. It won’t help your thesis to choose a overtly broad topic.

If you choose to check forensic psychology topics, you cannot combine them with forensic anthropology research topics. While all these topics are still under the broad umbrella of forensic science, they address different issues and happenings. Your forensic science thesis topics would only end up seeming confused if you do. Are you getting confused? Well, you don’t have to be! We have made the work a lot easier for you. We have segmented different forensic science research topics, more than 50.

How to Create the Best Forensic Science Research Topic

Forensic Research Topics are not so hard to create if you understand the basic rules that guide its creation. Follow the steps suggested by our essay writers and you will find yourself with forensic research paper topics that would wow your supervisor.

  1. Don’t start narrow. Don’t start creating your forensic science topics by looking for a specific topic. First, figure out the aspect of forensic science that you want to write on. You can choose between forensic psychology, forensic accounting, digital forensics, forensic chemistry, or forensic toxicology.
  2. Go through samples in that aspect. Search for current topics in forensic science in the aspect you have chosen. While you are not using these samples, it would help you get an idea of how topics in that field look. You should look for the issues covered and the structure of the forensic topics.
  3. Use tools. Make use of a paraphrasing tool to ensure your forensic science topics is original. You should also ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes in your topic.

Below, you would find samples of forensic psychology research paper topics, forensic anthropology topics, and much more. Let’s get right into it!

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

Forensic psychology uses psychological knowledge to examine civil and criminal matters in a law court. They investigate and give assessments on insanity cases and criminal cases. This job is pretty interesting which follows that the forensic psychology research topics in the field are also interesting.

We have provided you with topics in forensic psychology. You can look through these topics to determine if it is something you would like to write on before you choose a topic.

  1. How effective has rehabilitation been in the criminal justice system?
  2. What are the factors leading to high rates of murder by children in certain areas?
  3. How can law enforcement affect the private life of an individual?
  4. What factors have made our country more susceptible to homegrown terrorists?
  5. The Internet Police: Effective Strategies for Better Policing
  6. Has society neglected the injustice of domestic violence towards men?
  7. To what extent is the eyewitness statement of a mentally challenged person credible
  8. Can proper upbringing prevent the raising of a serial killer?
  9. How has the internet, video games, and movies encouraged the rise of copycat crimes?
  10. What more can be done to minimize the risks of people in special education falling into the penal system?
  11. What is the major trigger to the rise in mass killings in the United States?
  12. What rules guide the conduct of a forensic psychologist in a courtroom?
  13. What are the risk factors in the case of an unreliable witness?
  14. The rules guiding the verbal interaction of psychologists with criminals in a courtroom
  15. How reliable is an eyewitness memory? How do we ascertain the legitimacy of the memory?

These forensic psychology topics for a research paper would help you know if it is the aspect to base your dissertation or thesis. Once you have decided on its favor, you can now look into the individual topics to find the perfect one for you.

Forensic Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry also has a part in forensic science. These forensic chemistry research topics investigate several issues from the perspective of the chemicals present in the situation. This aspect is quite broad as it also covers forensic toxicology research topics.

Forensic Toxicology involves the use of the knowledge of applied chemistry to investigate the cause of death and other similar issues.

  1. A morphometric examination of the soft palate of men and women
  2. An evaluation of the differences in reaction to narcotics in men and women
  3. How safe sex can disturb forensic evidence
  4. How inbreed practices can affect the next generation
  5. Can single-colored hair provide reliable evidence?

While this list is not by any means exhaustive, it gives you an insight into what the subject involves.

Forensic Accounting Research Topics

Forensic accounting involves the use of accounting and investigative skills to determine whether a firm is guilty of financial misconduct. These forensic accounting research topics would give you further clarity on what to expect in research if you chose this aspect.

  1. How do the legal and ethical issues of forensic science affect forensic accountants?
  2. How is fraud traced with forensic accounting?
  3. How can forensic accountants properly discharge their roles?
  4. How do you justify the need for a forensic accountant?
  5. What does a forensic accountant need most?

Digital Forensic Research Topics

Digital forensics involves the investigation of materials on digital devices concerning crime, mostly those of the computer variety. Computer forensics is a branch under it that deals with evidence found specifically on computers and other digital storages.

These digital forensic research topics will give you a better look at the field. You would find materials for any of the topics despite the relative newness of the field.

  1. How does computer forensics help preserve electronic evidence quality?
  2. The need for the standardization of operations in computer forensics
  3. What we know of the past, present, and future of digital forensics
  4. Can computer forensics be used more in criminal investigations?
  5. How has Israel positioned itself as a leader in computer forensics?
  6. How does the disk imaging tool work?
  7. The process of designing a digital forensics workstation on Windows
  8. How computers have taken over the world: Why you should equip your children?
  9. The bad and good side of computer forensics investigations
  10. How to gather evidence in a computing environment?
  11. A critical evaluation of the digital forensics investigations’ methods
  12. A survey analysis of how computer forensics help criminal investigations
  13. How do you fight online fraudsters?
  14. Mobile Forensics vs Digital Forensics ( Who wins?)
  15. The most effective way to gather distributed evidence

Forensic Speech Topics

This science has to do with debates and public speaking. It involves studying and practicing how to speak in public. We have highlighted some interesting forensic debate topics that be used in practice.

  1. Should vaccines be mandatory?
  2. Is carrying out a forensic investigation on a dead body wrong?
  3. How much should large health organizations get from society?
  4. Is internet access a welcome development to forensics?
  5. Have forensic scientists helped advance the profit of certain businesses?

Other Topics in Forensic Science

All the fields and subfields in forensic science cannot be exhausted. However, this list will give you a brief look into some of the others if none of the aspects above had caught your eye.

You would find forensic odontology thesis topics among others on this list. It also contains some of the most controversial topics in forensic science.

  1. The accurate interpretation of forensic DNA evidence (should it be left to the discretion of the forensic scientist?)
  2. A comparative analysis of illicit-tablet recognition systems
  3. What are the common features found in illicit drugs’ packaging?
  4. How accurate are standard hair tests for racial estimation? A case study of forensic examiners with less than five years of experience
  5. How stable is zopiclone in a whole blood study from a forensic view?
  6. An in-depth analysis of the features common to illegal medication bundling
  7. The translation of a criminal DNA proof
  8. Suggested improvements on RNA-based techniques used in cell type distinguishing proof
  9. A gene expression approach for injury aging and injury age estimation
  10. Upgraded social occasion strategies in cell assortment for DNA testing
  11. Characteristics and results of certain chemicals in measure able toxicology
  12. How does zopiclone corrupt in organic matter?
  13. Advanced RNA methods for distinguishing body liquid proofs
  14. Improvements on Buccal cell collection gathering techniques for DNA testing among unwilling subjects
  15. A critical evaluation of the possibilities of a collective Europeans’ ballistic database considering criminal justice and UK policing

All these forensic science research paper topics are interesting. However, your choice depends on what you are interested in. If you have browsed through our list of topics and feel like creating a unique topic for yourself, we can guide you.

Forensic science paper topics should not be an issue for you with the examples and guide we have provided. If you have any challenges or need someone to help you with figuring out your topics, you can reach out a law essay writing service!

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