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150 Exemplification Essay Topics For 2023

exemplification essay topics

An exemplification essay is a type of writing assignment which requires students to pose an opinion in the form of an argument giving straightforward examples to convince the reader of the writer’s opinion. Unlike the argumentative essay, the exemplification highlights only the facts or data related to an issue. While the writer is still required to present a thesis, the body of the essay is only based on fact. There is no narrative or blurring of the lines. There is only a straightforward approach.

What is a good topic for an exemplification essay? Good exemplification essay topics can cover myriad issues. Anything from medical research to educational approaches qualifies as a reasonable topic for this kind of assignment. This short article consists of 150 exemplification topics for a variety of situations. Feel free to select any one of them for an assignment and learn how to write an exemplification essay without any troubles.

How to Choose a Topic for an Exemplification Essay

When considering good topics for an exemplification essay that can be adequately addressed given the amount of time you have, the available resources, and the length of the assignment. If you pick something too broad you won’t be able to discuss it thoroughly enough. If, on the other hand, you pick something too narrow you may not be able to find enough resources to base your argument upon. Pick something that falls in the middle and always decide on a topic that you are genuinely interested in. Your enthusiasm toward the topic will show in your writing, which will lead to a higher assignment score.

Easy Exemplification Essay Topics

If you don’t have a lot of time to conduct in-depth research, you may want to write about any of these easy exemplification essay topics. You should have no trouble finding information on the web, just be sure you use trustworthy sources when making your argument.

  1. Can animals recognize human commands, or do they react to sound?
  2. Should the inscription age be raised?
  3. Why are more people anorexic today than twenty years ago?
  4. Are firework shows at sporting events dangerous?
  5. Should education be free at all colleges and universities?
  6. Are obesity concerns in the U.S. overblown?
  7. How important is sleep to a person’s health?
  8. What are the least physical sports around?
  9. In what ways does diet affect weight?
  10. What are the negative effects of diets on health?
  11. How have high-impact sports changed since CTE research?
  12. Should smoking be banned in public spaces?
  13. Should people aim to ban smoking in public spaces?
  14. Should governments control the amount of alcohol sold to individuals?
  15. At what age should students be allowed to vote?
  16. Should the U.S. move to make Puerto Rico the 51st state?
  17. Why should schools ban energetic drinks?
  18. Should Americans be required to speak Spanish?
  19. Should felons in prison be allowed to vote?
  20. What are the risks of having armed officers on school campuses?
  21. Why do courts ban the use of television cameras during proceedings?
  22. Should students be allowed to enter the military at the age of 16?
  23. Is it right for federal governments to force environmental policies?
  24. What are the pros and cons of globalization?
  25. Should every person in the U.S. be required to speak fluent English?
  26. Is there a reason for arming teachers at elementary schools?
  27. Should we apply term limits to federal judges?
  28. Does the internet make teenagers smarter?
  29. Is it fair to ban smoking in outdoor spaces?
  30. Do street cameras violate citizens’ privacy?

These good topics for exemplification essays can be done in a couple of days, just be sure you go through the complete writing process (researching, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading).

Exemplification Essay Topics for English Students

If you are interested in English, these topics for exemplification essay may suit your needs. They cover a wide range of topics related to the subject and are sure to pique interests in all of your readers.

  1. What impact did Shakespeare’s Tragedy Plays have on the English language?
  2. Do students read more now because of technology?
  3. Is English Literature still an important subject?
  4. How has the English Language Canon been affected by young adult fiction?
  5. Has Covid-19 affected the way students study at home?
  6. How does homeschooling affect the way students read?
  7. How has Japanese literature changed American literature?
  8. How does American literature compare to British literature?
  9. How does 18th-century literature portray men and women?
  10. In what ways did the feminist movement influence writing?
  11. What are the main elements of magical realism?
  12. How does a writer’s cultural background affect his or her writing?
  13. What impact does historical context have on a story?
  14. Why are contemporary romance stories considered popular fiction?
  15. What impact did the Harry Potter series have on creating new readers?
  16. Do people write novels to get a film offer?
  17. Is script writing considered literature?
  18. Should ghost-written biographies be taken seriously?
  19. What role do politics have in a novel’s reception?
  20. What are the major political novels of the 20th-century?
  21. How different is 21st-century writing from 20th-century writing?
  22. What impact does literature have on global conflicts?
  23. Should certain books be banned in the United States?
  24. How does popular culture influence literature?
  25. What other playwrights had an impact on Elizabethan culture?
  26. How has childhood reading changed with technology?
  27. Why has Romeo and Juliet had such an impact?
  28. How does religion influence a writer’s work?
  29. Should religious books be considered works of fiction?
  30. How are the characters of Hamlet and Horatio different?

When it comes to exemplification paper topics it is always a good idea to choose something you are interested in. This helps elevate your writing because your enthusiasm will come through.

Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

This set of topics for exemplification essays are tougher than the ones we listed earlier. These ideas are geared towards college students that have gained ample experience writing exemplification papers. They can be used for traditional writing or a presentation:

  1. What are the risks of early mail-in voting?
  2. Is it a good idea to make school uniforms mandatory?
  3. Should paternity leave be allowed for men?
  4. How effective is capital punishment in deterring crime?
  5. Are humans to blame for climate change?
  6. What can the U.S. do about public alcohol consumption?
  7. Is it a good idea to incorporate capital punishment?
  8. Is the tax system in the U.S. fair to income earners?
  9. Do student-athletes sacrifice education for physical performance?
  10. Which sports records will never be broken?
  11. Has LeBron surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest player in basketball?
  12. Should the federal drinking age be lowered?
  13. Should people who vote be given social incentives?
  14. What steps should global leaders take to avoid global conflicts?
  15. Should the production and sale of cigarettes be illegal?
  16. Does the media negatively impact our sense of body image?
  17. How can we institute fair elections in developing countries?
  18. Should religious institutions be taxed as corporations?
  19. What effect does violent television programming have on children?
  20. What impact does social media have on our relationships?
  21. Are people addicted to their smartphones?
  22. What impact do religious institutions have on the public?
  23. Will war ever work towards the pursuit of peace?
  24. What impact did Henry VIII have on the Church of England?
  25. Should music ever be censored for the use of racist remarks?
  26. What are the biggest hurdles in workplace discrimination?
  27. What impact does product placement of on consumerism?
  28. Is there sexism in video games?
  29. Are self-driving cars safe to be on crowded roads?
  30. How has technology affected academic integrity?

If you have never written this type of essay then it may be a good idea to find a couple of exemplification essay topics examples before you get to work. There are several that can be found on the web, while professional writing agencies like us can provide you with custom pieces for review.

Exemplification Essay Topics Video Games

The video game industry is more than just a niche area of academics. Interest in this field has exploded so much that there are now hundreds of exemplification paragraph topics that are worth discussing. If this area is something you are interested in, then these topics may be right for you:

  1. Are violent video games affecting children’s behavior?
  2. Should the video game rating system be changed?
  3. Are children being influenced by video game content?
  4. Are young people spending too much time playing games?
  5. Can virtual games boost focus and coordination?
  6. Do adults spend too much money on the latest consoles?
  7. Are companies deliberately overcharging for technology?
  8. Are people’s addiction to video games leading them to accrue debt?
  9. How can video games be used to solve problems in our society?
  10. Why are females disproportionately underrepresented in gaming?
  11. Are video games a positive form of recreation tools for kids?
  12. Can learning be enhanced with educational video games?
  13. Can video game technology ever be used in warfare?
  14. Should teenagers have time restrictions for playing games?
  15. What are the dangers of online bullying while playing?
  16. What are the risks of predatory behavior over the web?
  17. What can be done about sexism in gaming?
  18. How can gaming improve people’s physical health?
  19. Can gaming too much lead to depression?
  20. Will console-based gaming be replaced with streaming?
  21. How can video games be used in therapy?
  22. Are video games a safe form of escapism?
  23. How can life-like graphics impact teenagers?
  24. Do people play too many games on their phones?
  25. Are video games building or spoiling society?
  26. What are the best educational games for child development?
  27. Are our educational games effective in the classroom?
  28. How can gaming be used in special education?
  29. Are mobile-based games a distraction at work?
  30. Are people becoming too addicted to mobile-based games?

Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas for Grad Students

This last set of good exemplification essay topics is much more difficult and aimed at graduate students that have had ample experience writing these types of assignments. They require a lot of research both online and in-person at the library:

  1. Is there too much pressure on students to earn a degree?
  2. Does there need to be more diversity on television?
  3. Should the U.S. keep funding NATO?
  4. Should children that commit violent crimes to be tried as adults?
  5. Does the U.S. still need to fund the world’s biggest military?
  6. Should people decrease the use of social media?
  7. Should the current college debt be canceled?
  8. Is the U.S. the biggest instigator of global conflicts?
  9. Is it necessary to have a degree in today’s professional world?
  10. Is it better to fail first to succeed professionally?
  11. Should the U.S. refrain from entering foreign conflicts?
  12. What are the major discrimination problems in the U.S.?
  13. What should students do to save more money?
  14. Does Trump have a legitimate chance of winning the 2024 Election?
  15. What are the risks of online gambling?
  16. Do people with disabilities get a fair chance of getting jobs?
  17. What can be done about the conflict between North Korea and South Korea?
  18. Should capital punishment be banned around the world?
  19. What would happen if the U.S. removed itself from foreign politics?
  20. Is becoming a freelancer more opportunistic?
  21. Will fascism ever be eradicated?
  22. Can we ever make football 100% free from concussive risks?
  23. Do raises help to motivate people?
  24. Is it better to do what you love or work for money?
  25. What can states do to increase educational funding?
  26. Do we overvalue celebrity culture?
  27. Are graduate programs overcharging students?
  28. Who is the most influential President of the 21st century?
  29. What impact does a community have in raising children?
  30. Should physician-assisted suicide be made legal across the U.S.?

Did you find our exemplification essay topics list interesting? If you have a specific assignment our team of academic experts can provide you customized list of ideas to research and write about. Our essay writing services also cover reviewing, editing, and proofreading your work. Just give us a call, email, or chat. We are available 24/7 throughout the year so you never have to worry about getting the academic support you need to succeed.

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