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How to Revise an Essay: A Guide with Free Tips

How do you revise an essay to make it stellar? The first thing you should be doing if you are about to revise a paper is congratulating yourself for getting the first draft out of the way! For many students getting this far as a difficult task and if you’ve given yourself time for a complete essay revise then you are well on your way towards earning a better grade.…

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How To Write a Theme Essay – Ultimate Writing Guide

How to write a theme essay has become a penitent question not only for scholars but professionals as well. Putting together the essentials and implementing the theme essay format is not a walk in the park for many.

Now that you are here, you will learn how to write a theme paper and score the best results. Let your lecturer use your theme essay as a benchmark for the…

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A List Of Top 100 Expository Essay Topics

When you need to write an expository essay, you must dedicate a lot of time and effort to finding great expository essay topics. Truth be told, an essay written on a boring topic won't get any bonus points. In most cases, it won't even get a B from your professor. On the other hand, you will get a very good grade if you manage to find a unique, interesting topic…

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Expert Tips On How To Write A Christmas Essay

Essays about Christmas are by far the most thrilling. Memories of how you spent your Christmas holiday will motivate you to write your essay about Christmas all the more. However, there's always that one problem – where to start.

We have put together a collection of professionally handpicked Christmas essay ideas to jam start your assignment. Make sure to follow up on each idea for more writing prompts.…

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Tips to Write an Effective ‘Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor’ Essay

If you are applying to a medical school, your personal statement or application essay is highly important. Your application essay about doctor is your first impression on the admissions committee. They are eager to learn more about you and assess your essay in addition to your interview performance.

It is therefore important to write a compelling why I want to be a doctor essay. It lends the school an…

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Abortion Essay: Sample And 40 Sterling Topics To Spark Up Your Writing

Abortion is a subject that has elicited a lot of emotions and controversies across the divide; culturally, socially, politically, and even economically. It is used as one of the campaign strategies where some aspirants campaign for pro-choice while others are totally against it.

But wait,

Writing an Abortion Essay

An essay on abortion is a piece of writing that gives a writer’s perspective on termination of a pregnancy…

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30 Best Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics To Top Your Class

Pride and prejudice is a famous novel that has been read by billions of people around the globe. It is one of the great classics that have been influencing people’s lives ever since it came out. It was written by Jane Austin and published in 1813.

This novel gained remarkable fame and slowly became a part of linguistic courses in schools and colleges. Students are asked to write…

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Dreaming Essay: Latest Guru Writing Prompts in 2023

Having dreams is one thing, whereas crafting a master-piece dreams paper is another. Let’s help you actualize your goal in writing like a pro.

What is a Dreaming Essay?

We all have dreams of our own, which will come true someday and miraculously make our lives fanciful. Thoughts are like stars. It is not possible to meet the stars or feel them. However, we still believe that we…

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80 Informative Essay Topics To Boost Your Grades

In this post, we discuss informative essay topics with explanations on what to write and how to disclose the question the best way. Read on.

The Purpose of Informative Paper Topics

Informative writing topics aim at educating the audience on a particular person, event, phenomenon or object. One writes such essays with the assumption that the audience knows little or no information on the topic.

The topics should…

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Social Justice Essay Topics: Write An A+ Essay

Social justice is a vast subject. Although, at the surface it may seem simple, when you sit down to look for great social justice topics for your college essays, speeches or debates you will realise that there is too much to choose from.

To make this easier for you and to ensure that you are able to get great grades, here is a list of…

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