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80 Informative Essay Topics To Boost Your Grades

Informative Essay Topics

In this post, we discuss informative essay topics with explanations on what to write and how to disclose the question the best way. Read on.

The Purpose of Informative Paper Topics

Informative writing topics aim at educating the audience on a particular person, event, phenomenon or object. One writes such essays with the assumption that the audience knows little or no information on the topic.

The topics should be:

  • Narrow
  • Of interest
  • Relevant in society
  • In line with the assignment guidelines

Now that we have laid our foundation let us proceed to the real deal.

Top 10 Informative Essay Ideas about Students

  • Bullying in school
  • Clearly explain how students end up bullying others or being victims of this practice. Who is to blame for this? Is it the parents or the teachers? Do the students themselves have a role in this malpractice? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of bullying to students?

    Do not base your arguments on the negative side; everyone knows about that. Bring out the positive side of this that many do not see.

  • Homework for students
  • Such a topic would apply to the ever-growing concerns on the impact of homework. Does it make students learn more or simply feel sore? What are the psychological or social effects of assigning students homework? Is it worth it?

    Disclose the topic in such a manner to prove the mind of your reader. Strike a balance between the two extremes and present a well-thought-out middle ground.

  • Relationships among students
  • High school and college students can identify with this. So your essay should address whether it is right for students to engage in relationships or not. If yes, what is the significant impact in any aspect of their lives? If no, what is the devastating effect on the students?

    Make the reader realize the implications of relationships using real-life examples relevant to the subject of discussion.

  • Cheating in exams
  • There has been tremendous growth in cases of exam irregularities. What might because of this malpractice? Is it the instructors to blame or the students themselves? What is the best remedy for such a situation?

    Be as definite as possible on your stance concerning this topic.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse among college students
  • Some students take daily doses of Heroine or marijuana in school. How do they acquire these drugs in the first place? You might settle on an informative essay that deals with drug addiction and the devastating effects on the victims.

    For such an essay, show how one can best avoid such practices or quit altogether.

  • How students handle money
  • Show how the skill of making resources stretch can benefit the student for the rest of his/her life. How they can they best use and invest on the little they have?

    Make it as educative as possible with tips and tricks on how to save money.

  • The impact of a healthy body and mind
  • Bring out the relationship between what we eat and what we feel in turn. How do this influence student behaviour, concentration, and performance?

    Educate your reader on the Dos and Don’ts concerning a healthy diet.

  • Finding your feet
  • Students undergo a lot of challenges along the way. Inspire and motivate your reader on how to bounce back strong.

    Use an inspiring tone to get to the heart of your audience.

  • Public and private schools
  • Write on the gap between the two. Can it be reconciled?

  • Racial discrimination in schools
  • Of late, this has been a subject of discussion. How do school administrations manage such a threat? Does the curriculum adequately address racism and how to conquer it?

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. How to skim through a book
  2. Ways to learn Algebra quickly
  3. How to write a top-tier essay
  4. Getting the best out of a school trip
  5. How to use a computer
  6. Methods for calculating sums
  7. How to develop a useful hobby
  8. How to play soccer
  9. How to paint like a pro
  10. Ways to make a kite fly higher

Informative High School Sample Topics

    1. An incredible place to visit in the world
    2. The digestion process in the human body
    3. The history of America
    4. Discuss the importance of your national anthem
    5. Why is it important to study?
    6. Who are the world’s youngest innovators?
    7. Do ghosts and magic exist?
    8. How it feels like swimming in winter
    9. Causes of eating disorders
    10. A regular teacher’s day

    Good Informative Essay Topics on Health

    1. Why do people wear face masks?
    2. How to wash your hands properly
    3. Methods of covering your mouth when coughing
    4. Ways to prevent coronavirus
    5. The cause of typhoid
    6. Symptoms of malaria to watch out for
    7. Cancer treatment methods
    8. Healthy lifestyles
    9. How to clean fruits
    10. Diagnosis of a disease

    Informative Topics to Write About on Technology

    1. What is W-Fi
    2. How to use Facebook
    3. Preventing cyberbullying
    4. Protecting personal data
    5. Latest technological innovations
    6. Using a laptop
    7. Creating a website
    8. Managing a blog
    9. Posting on YouTube
    10. Programming languages

    General Informational Writing Topics

    1. Speaking French
    2. Interpreting sign language
    3. Discussing vegetarianism
    4. Road safety
    5. Making braids
    6. Freelancing
    7. The art of writing
    8. Evils of abortion
    9. Amputation
    10. Heart transplant: pros & cons
    11. The role of the internet in modern life
    12. Life and death of President Kennedy
    13. Fornication & its causes
    14. Outcomes of coronavirus
    15. Understanding lockdowns
    16. Getting ready for marriage
    17. Having a home of your own
    18. Applying for college
    19. Making an animation
    20. The Concentration camps
    21. Tattoos
    22. Hydroponics
    23. Smart TVs
    24. Robots
    25. Global warming
    26. Artificial intelligence
    27. Disease vectors
    28. Chemical hazards
    29. Radiation
    30. Industrialization

    Pick a topic for informative essay from the list above and put your brain to work. It’s only through practice that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.

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