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Social Justice Essay Topics: Write An A+ Essay

Social Justice Essay Topics

Social justice is a vast subject. Although, at the surface it may seem simple, when you sit down to look for great social justice topics for your college essays, speeches or debates you will realise that there is too much to choose from.

To make this easier for you and to ensure that you are able to get great grades, here is a list of some of the most popular social justice issues subjects that you can cover.

General Social Justice Research Topics

These are the most commonly used social justice essay topics for research papers. They cover more general issues that you can find ample information on:

  1. What is Social Justice?
  2. Does diversity impact social justice?
  3. Corporate policies and their effects on social justice.
  4. Are fund raisers a real form of charity or are they a means to launder money?
  5. Are social injustices the root cause of employee riots?
  6. Are immigrants entitled to a better life in a foreign country?
  7. How has Western political thinking changed over the years?
  8. What are the types of social injustice in America?
  9. What are some corporate social justice examples?
  10. Do Non-Profit Organizations have any positive effects on society?
  11. What is the real extent of neglect and abuse in care homes or orphanages?
  12. Violence against the LGBTQ community
  13. Marriage Equality
  14. Genocide in History
  15. Unequal representation for women and minorities in Government
  16. Examples of online harassment
  17. Cultural appropriation
  18. Homelessness rights: Do they need revision?

Debate Topics on Social Justice

Here are some good social justice issue topics to present arguments for and against a subject. They represent subjects that the community has mixed ideas about:

  1. Is peace an outcome of war?
  2. Social injustice against minorities — Is the media responsible?
  3. The concept of paternity leave
  4. Reverse discrimination — a myth or a prevalent social justice issues today?
  5. Can the state and the church remain separate?
  6. Should vaccination be compulsory?
  7. Media perpetuates hate crimes
  8. Will mass shootings reduce with gun shooting laws?
  9. The wall between Mexico and the US — one of the social justice issues or logical?
  10. Is a world without war a fantasy or a possibility?
  11. Same sex adoption
  12. Brutality in the police force

Social Justice Speech Topics

There are some pressing issues that easily make it to the social justice topics list:

  1. Wrongful conviction
  2. Why fund terrorism and war?
  3. White privilege in today’s media — one of the many ignored social justice topics?
  4. Dating violence in universities today
  5. Do current policies protect citizens from discrimination?
  6. Is social media a means to overcome the problems of illiteracy?
  7. Urban renewal and public housing
  8. Discrimination in the field of sports
  9. Can teenage smoking be considered one of our modern social justice issues?
  10. How does television affect toddlers?
  11. The DREAM Act
  12. US strategies to address social injustice issues like child abuse
  13. Issues related to illiteracy.
  14. Sustainability assessment in urban environments
  15. List of social justice issues ignored over generations

Social Justice Topics in Education

The education system provides several social justice topics for consideration:

  1. List of social justice topics that should be addressed in schools?
  2. Does the concept of peace education exist?
  3. Are non-citizens and women discriminated against in the education system?
  4. Examples of social justice with respect to special needs children in elementary schools
  5. Current educational system — is it time to accommodate modern ideologies or adhere to old standards?
  6. Does illiteracy impact the community?
  7. The impact of social media on bullying?
  8. The relationship between bullying and increase in anxiety among teenagers.
  9. Social injustices in America against refugees, migrant workers and other minority groups in the education system.
  10. Do uniforms wipe out the identity of students?
  11. Will free education for all ever become a reality?

Economics and Social Justice Research Topics

There are several social injustice topics that are associated with economics and have a deep impact on social justice:

  1. The impact of Third World Debt on global economy
  2. Pay gap between genders in corporates
  3. Increasing minimum wage to cope with inflation
  4. The contribution of indigenous people in community wealth development.
  5. The comparable worth controversy
  6. Ethics and religion in the living wage movement
  7. Social injustices and their role in building a consumer society in America
  8. The role of sustainability in Economic development
  9. Health care for female employees
  10. The Affordable Care Act
  11. The raging student debt crisis
  12. Maternity leave: paid or unpaid.
  13. Geographic economics
  14. Impact of globalization on economy
  15. Mental health issues and the changing economy
  16. The role of social injustices and sustainability the economy
  17. Gender inequality in the corporates a significant social injustice

How to Choose the Right Social Justice Topic

When you are looking for social justice issues topics there are some tips that will help you write your paper fast:

  • Choose social justice paper topics that are relevant to issues in the community at the given time. These topics make way for controversy and healthy debate.
  • Look for topics that have scope for research and yet there should be ample information on them.
  • No matter what stance you take, support it with enough examples.
  • Make sure you invest in research, address different aspects, and talk about impacts from different perspectives of selected social justice subjects.
  • Look for good social justice topics and issues that directly impact the everyday lives of people. Even if the subject is not current, it should be one that is seen in the community on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your paper is revised and free form plagiarism.

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