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179 Opinion Essay Topics: Creative Ideas To Impress Your Teacher

179 Opinion Essay Topics

Are you looking for an updated list of opinion essay topics? We have some very good news for you. Our expert writers have just finished updating our list of 179 free opinion topics for high school, college and university students. This means that you can find plenty of original topics that none of your classmates has even thought of. Finding a unique, interesting topic will usually get you some bonus points from your teacher. Let’s get started!

What Is an Opinion Essay?

Before we get to the list of topics, we’d like to talk a bit about the opinion essay. We have noticed that many students don’t know what this paper is or how they should write one. So, what is an opinion essay?

Basically, it is an academic paper in which you, the author, present your point of view on a particular subject. Of course, you need to support your opinion with strong arguments, as well as examples where appropriate. And remember that you should mention the opposing viewpoint and do your best to prove that it is inconsistent using credible arguments and examples.

Why is an opinion essay important? Most professors use this writing assignment to assess your reasoning skills. You need to prove that you are able to support your opinion and dismiss the opposing viewpoints in an objective and logical manner. It goes without saying that this paper should be written with all the relevant academic writing standards in mind. Even though it presents a personal opinion, the opinion essay is still a piece of academic writing.

Opinion Essay Structure

Don’t know how such a paper should be structured? No problem, we’ll show you the proper way to format your essay right now:

  1. The introduction. This is where you will present the subject and your thesis statement. You can start this paragraph with the question you are about to answer.
  2. First reason. Start the paragraph by stating the most important reason why you agree or disagree with the point of view (this is called a topic sentence). Use the rest of the paragraph to support your statement and give an example that shows your readers why your opinion is valid.
  3. Second reason. Structure this paragraph the same way as the First reason paragraph. Of course, you will present a different reason.
  4. Third reason. Use the same method you’ve used in the First reason and Second reason paragraphs.
  5. Opposing viewpoint. Present the most important opposing viewpoint and use the rest of the paragraph to dismiss it as invalid. Close the paragraph with an eloquent example.
  6. The conclusion. Summarize everything and emphasize that your reasons clearly demonstrate that your opinion is correct. A call to action can be added at the end of the conclusion.

Writing an opinion essay is not overly complicated if you keep things simple and you choose the right opinionated topics. You can make it even easier after choosing an ideas if you buy custom essay online from professional helpers. Speaking of ideas, here are 179 of them to help you get started:

Topics For An Opinion Essay

If you are looking for some relatively easy opinion topics to write about, you have arrived at the right place. Take a look at some of our best ideas below:

  1. Should we lower the driving age to 16?
  2. Worst thing about the Covid-19 restrictions
  3. Banning extreme violence from movies
  4. How to tell if a neighborhood is safe for children
  5. My parrot is the best pet in the world
  6. Negative effects of too much homework
  7. Starvation and poverty in North Korea
  8. Get 8 hours of sleep every night
  9. Stop studying during the weekend
  10. Will we ever eradicate the COVID-19 virus?
  11. Stopping the bullying phenomenon in US schools
  12. Protecting freedom of speech on the Internet
  13. How could we have prevented the 9/11 attacks?
  14. We don’t need another war in Europe

Hot Opinion Essay Topics

Are you searching for a couple of hot opinion essay topics? Our expert writers and professional staff have compiled a list of the hottest such topics for 2023:

  1. Hitler had a narcissistic personality
  2. Can Americans trust Joe Biden?
  3. We need more space exploration missions
  4. The importance of a college education in 2023
  5. Air pollution is slowly killing life on Earth
  6. Negative effects of satellites
  7. Did the Moon landing really happen?
  8. The best music style in 2023

Environment Opinion Essay Topics

Talking about the environment can be a great idea in this day and age. In fact, we have some of the most interesting environment opinion essay topics for high school and college students right here:

  1. We are irreparably damaging the environment
  2. We need to harvest energy only from green sources
  3. Climate change is making life difficult
  4. The best way to make sure bees don’t disappear
  5. Preventing microplastics from entering our oceans
  6. The effects of global warming on biodiversity
  7. Changing pollution laws in Eastern Europe
  8. Building an animal sanctuary in every city in the UK
  9. Banning the use of coal for energy production
  10. Protecting Africa’s wildlife from poaching
  11. Winning the war with illegal woodcutting
  12. Saving the Blue whale from extinction
  13. The Amazon rainforest requires urgent reforestation
  14. Banning pesticides from agricultural lands in the US

Opinion Editorials Topics

Writing opinion editorials is not easy, we know. And you need some of the best ideas possible. The good news is that we have some of the best opinion editorials topics below:

  1. Hiring a diverse staff in US companies
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic and the hotel industry
  3. Free college for every student in the UK
  4. Global warming is quickly becoming irreversible
  5. We need more freedom of speech
  6. Airlines will never recover from the restrictions
  7. The end of the Covid-19 pandemic
  8. Eliminating ultra-nationalism in Germany

Opinion Articles Ideas

Do you need to write some opinion articles? No problem, we’ve got your back. Take a look at these awesome opinion articles ideas and pick the ones you like for free today:

  1. Can we trust the voting system in our country?
  2. The negative effects of domestic terrorism
  3. Eliminating the death penalty in the United States
  4. Banning energy drinks for people under 18
  5. The need to strengthen gun control laws in the US
  6. Fake news in the media in 2023
  7. Social media for political campaigning
  8. Spreading poverty in African countries
  9. Students are receiving too much homework daily
  10. The wages are too low in the UK
  11. The importance of traveling abroad as a student
  12. Banning fast food near schools in Europe
  13. Introducing mandatory sports in US universities
  14. Students should be allowed to use their laptops in class

Social Media Opinion Paper Topics

Talking about social media can be a great way to get some bonus points from your professor. Here are some of the social media opinion paper topics we think will work great in 2023:

  1. Is Meta a good name for a social networking platform?
  2. Problems with monetization on Twitter
  3. TikTok’s rise to power
  4. The next big thing in social media
  5. Social media is causing psychological damage to children
  6. Fake news in social media
  7. Which is the least popular social media network?

High School Paper Topics

If you need to find the most intriguing high school paper topics, you will be thrilled to learn that we have a special list just for you. Choose any of the ideas below and start writing your paper today:

  1. Childhood obesity is becoming a major problem
  2. All interns should be paid for their work
  3. Talk about universal free healthcare
  4. Are private schools better than public schools?
  5. How ethical are zoos?
  6. The dangers of artificial intelligence
  7. Writing a research paper in 24 hours or less

Animal Opinion Essay Topics

In case you love animals and would like to write your essay on an animal-related topic, our experts have compiled a list of the best animal opinion essay topics for students:

  1. Dogs are better pets than cats
  2. Animals or reptiles as pets: which is better?
  3. Benefits of owning pets as a child
  4. The world without the Black rhinoceros
  5. Should we be allowed to own dangerous animals as pets?
  6. Dangers of raising snakes in your household
  7. Consequences of raising an alligator as a pet
  8. Stopping the decline of the Giant Panda population
  9. A world without bees
  10. Stop the slaughter of Snow Leopards
  11. Plastic and its effects on the Leatherback sea turtle
  12. Is a lion a good choice for a pet?
  13. Pets should have rights just like humans do
  14. My favorite pet animal
  15. The world without the Amur Leopard

Op-Ed Topics

Op-ed stands for “opinions and editorials page” and is usually published by newspapers. It goes without saying that we have some interesting, original op-ed topics for you right here:

  1. Child labor in China
  2. Benefits of robots at the workplace
  3. Do we need to defund the police?
  4. The role of the father in parenting
  5. The importance of playing video games
  6. The cons of doing too much homework

Good Opinion Essay Topics

We know yo want good opinion topics that aren’t too difficult to write about. This is why we have created this list where you can find ideas that will impress your professor:

  1. The importance of printed books
  2. Education should be free for everyone
  3. The importance of studying religion in college
  4. How did tech change our lives?
  5. The importance of establishing a permanent colony on Mars
  6. Lowering the drinking age in the United States
  7. Negative effects of social media use
  8. The minimum wage must be raised in the United Kingdom
  9. Admitting DNA evidence in criminal trials
  10. Is climate change really a hoax?
  11. The importance of studying art in college
  12. Animal testing must be banned worldwide
  13. Wind farms versus solar farms: which are better?
  14. Physical exercise every day keeps the doctor away

Fun Topics for Opinion Essays

Did you know that writing an essay can be fun? Of course, you need to make sure you pick a fun topic for it. Take a look at these unique fun topics for opinion essays and pick one:

  1. Is a fox a good pet?
  2. Let’s bring dinosaurs back to life
  3. Video games in military training programs
  4. Should we make military service mandatory?
  5. Kim Jung-Un’s approved haircuts
  6. Gender segregation on campus

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Sometimes, opinion essays are basically argumentative essays. To make sure every student gets a great topic, we have created a list of great argumentative essay topics for college:

  1. Religion has caused most wars
  2. Best way to win the lottery
  3. Encouraging competition in college
  4. Bring back the school uniform
  5. Making tobacco illegal in the United States
  6. The importance of fashion for college students
  7. We need more physical exercise in colleges in the UK
  8. Testing the effectiveness of the death penalty

History Opinion Essay Topics

Do you want to talk about the history of your country or about world history in your opinion paper? No problem. Just choose one of these interesting history opinion essay topics:

  1. Why did the US win World War 2?
  2. The importance of the retreat from the Vietnam War
  3. The role of the Church in world history
  4. The benefits of studying history in school
  5. Who really invented the light bulb?
  6. Problems with the abolition of slavery in the US
  7. How did Gandhi fight for peace?
  8. The advantages of being in a democracy
  9. The Americans could have prevented the Pearl Harbor attack
  10. The role of mummification in Ancient Egypt
  11. Discuss The United Kingdom’s monarchy system
  12. The most important message of Martin Luther King
  13. War crimes in the British colonies
  14. The most important Communist leader

Controversial Opinion Piece Ideas

Did you know that professors really appreciate papers written about controversial topics? Take a look at some of the most controversial opinion piece ideas:

  1. Gender discrimination in Western Europe
  2. Child labor in the Philippines
  3. The supremacy of Chinese manufacturing
  4. The rise in steel prices in 2022 and 2023
  5. Talk about food insecurity
  6. Poverty hitting record levels in 2023
  7. Problems with intolerance in India
  8. Ethical issues with designer babies
  9. The fall of religion in 2023

Great Ideas for Opinion Essays

We have some great ideas for opinion essays that every student can use without even reworking them. However, feel free to change these topics as you see fit:

  1. The importance of reading books
  2. The occurrence of PTSD in war veterans
  3. The popularity of influencers
  4. Negative effects of movie piracy
  5. Discuss the concept of “globalization”
  6. Most important musician of the 20th century
  7. You should know at least 2 foreign language

Interesting Topics for Opinion Essay

If you are scouring the Internet for the most interesting topics for opinion essay, you’ll be happy to learn that we can save you a lot of time and effort. Just choose one of these ideas:

  1. How can we eliminate corruption in the United States?
  2. Dogs are a person’s best friends
  3. Discuss the concept of “land of opportunities” in the United States
  4. The role of the president of the US
  5. Problems caused by violence in the media
  6. The virgin forests in all countries must be protected
  7. Did the Holocaust really happen?
  8. Discuss the problem with economic inequality
  9. Health insurance must be affordable
  10. We must put an end to homelessness
  11. Decreasing the cost of education worldwide
  12. The importance of sleep for better academic results
  13. Students should be allowed to use their smartphones in class
  14. Is Donald Trump a good role model?

Psychology Opinion Paper Topics

We are happy to say that our list also includes some ideas that psychology students should find to be most intriguing. Select one of these psychology opinion paper topics and start working on your paper:

  1. Racism is growing in the United States
  2. The importance of personal perception
  3. Love is nothing but a chemical reaction
  4. Effective uses for propaganda in 2023
  5. The importance of understanding nonverbal communication
  6. Pressing issues in the field of social cognition
  7. Best way to avoid procrastinating your homework
  8. Effects of advertising on the human brain
  9. The benefits of laughing frequently
  10. Cyber-bullying and its effects in the UK
  11. Interesting ways to increase productivity at the workplace
  12. Aging and its effects on human behavior
  13. Effective treatments for personality disorders
  14. Positive effects of physical exercise on the human brain

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