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Top 50 Cyber Security Research Topics For All Levels

cyber security research topics

When pursuing a degree in cyber-security, students are asked to write papers and essays on cyber security topics. Currently, the world is facing rising cyber security threats. More malware is being created and cyber-criminals are working hard to find ways to compromise, steal, and profit from the information of other computer and internet users.

When writing papers and essays on cyber security topics, some of the areas that students can focus on include:

  • Privacy and data security
  • Security in cloud computing
  • Security for human-based behavior
  • Organizational security management and policy
  • Internet of Things privacy and security
  • Software and computer security
  • Biometrics security
  • Applications and mobile platform security

These are just some of the trending cyber security research topics. Students can find more topics by exploring their coursework, program outlines or checking our computer science topics.

Cyber Security Topics on Computer and Software

Some of the best cyber security topics for research touch on computers and software. Today, most people want to know that the computer or software they use does not expose them to threats. Here are some of the best software and computer security research topics to consider.

  1. How a firewall helps in the prevention of network attacks
  2. How antimalware software can detect and prevent a cyber attack
  3. The history, effects, and remedies for Ransomware
  4. Which is the best antivirus software in the world?
  5. Encrypting viruses- How does it work?
  6. Is investing in strong antimalware important for an organization?
  7. What security measures do Ubuntu, Windows, MacOS, and UNIX have?
  8. Can the hardware of a computer suffer a cyber attack?
  9. Discuss the algorithms for data encryption
  10. Are cyber security audits important on company systems?

These are some of the most interesting cyber security research paper topics. That’s because they touch on the security of most individuals and organizations today. Nevertheless, students must understand what they are expected to do when writing papers or essays on these topics. They must also choose topics that enable them to accomplish the goals of their study programs.

The Most Recent Cyber Security Paper Topics

Perhaps, you want to write an essay or research paper on one of the most recent topics. Maybe you need some of the best cyber security topics for presentation to choose from. In that case, choose a topic from this list.

  1. How to ensure proper device protection and synchronization
  2. Discuss the essentials of intranet security
  3. What are the impacts of data quality, safety, and encryption?
  4. Computer forensics on the rise- How significant is it in the current digital era?
  5. Discuss the most enormous cases of a data breach in the twenty-first century
  6. Discuss the current cyber security and data protection laws
  7. Discuss reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis
  8. How do the authorization infrastructures work?
  9. How can organizations prevent network attacks?
  10. What is risk management when it comes to computing?

These are some of the recent cyber security topics for research paper. They seek to address some of the issues that most individuals and organizations are grabbling with when it comes to securing their data and information. Nevertheless, writers must conduct in-depth research to come up with relevant facts to support their arguments.

Technology Security Topics on Data management

Data management is a broad study area when it comes to information technology. However, it’s also a source of interesting topics in cyber security. How an organization manages and stores its data can determine its vulnerability for cyber attacks. Here are some of the topics that learners can explore when writing topics on technology security and data management.

  1. How cyber-attack can ripple a company’s operations
  2. What legal mechanisms can a company explore when dealing with cyber crimes?
  3. Inter-agency collaboration and intelligence sharing when fighting cyber crimes
  4. Discuss ethical hacking and its major implications
  5. Discuss social engineering and its importance
  6. What are the advantages and dangers of unified user profiles?
  7. How does data storage centralization affect cyber security?
  8. What are the important component of IT and data governance?
  9. Discuss the procedures and steps for responding to an emergency hacking
  10. What are the motivations behind cyber crimes like identity theft?

Every information security topic in this list requires extensive research to find relevant supporting facts. Therefore, be ready to spend hours conducting research, analyzing data, and writing a paper or essay on any of these topics.

Interesting Cyber Security Dissertation Topics

When you want to write a solid dissertation, you need the best topic your study field can offer. Currently, students have many topics to choose from when pursuing their masters or Ph.D. studies. Here are some of the off-beat and trending cyber security thesis topics to choose from.

  1. Which are the most effective ways of restoring data?
  2. How do Windows, MacOS, and UNIX security measures differ?
  3. Which are the most secure user authentication methods?
  4. Which are the most common methods of network intrusion? – How can they be detected and prevented?
  5. How do black hat hackers differ from white hat hackers?
  6. What is digital piracy?
  7. What are the threats of digital piracy
  8. Discuss the application of biometrics in cyber security
  9. What are the purposes, risks, and advantages of device synchronization?
  10. What should children know about cyber security from their parents?

These are also some of the best cyber security awareness topics because they inform most people about this study field. Nevertheless, writing research papers and essays on these topics may require more effort and time. What’s more, learners must study the latest information because these topics require them to use the newest data. Cyber security is always changing. It’s a study field that is constantly updated with new information. As such, students that choose topics in this list should be ready to research more.

Network and Information Security Topics

If you’re pursuing a program in computer networks and information security, you will be required to write an essay or paper on your preferred computer and network security topic. Here are some of the topics to consider for your paper or essay.

  1. Propose a novel approach in the maintenance of quality service in case of network link failure
  2. Based on bio-inspired methods in a mobile ad hoc network, propose a hybrid routing protocol
  3. Propose wireless sensor network’s fault tolerance scheme
  4. Discuss the implementation and evaluation of a Sybil attack isolation scheme in vehicular ad hock networks
  5. Explain the novel scheme for detecting DDOS attack in the vehicular ad hoc networks
  6. Explain a novel method for avoiding congestion in a mobile ad hoc network for purposes of maintaining service quality in a network
  7. What is a multicasting scheme for path establishment in a mobile ad hoc network?
  8. Discuss data and cyber security in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  9. How does big data analysis correlate with IoT?
  10. What is a Software-Defined Network (SDN)?

This cyber security topic list is not comprehensive. You can still find other network and computer security topics to explore. Nevertheless, this list should give you ideas to kick-start your research. If you need writing help, contact our professional writers.

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