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Problem Solution Essay Topics: 100 Writing Ideas

problem solution essay topics

Problem solution essay topics require the writer to follow a clear structure. You just present a problem and reasons for its importance. After that, describe relevant solutions to it with explanations for choosing them. Problem and solution topics require extensive research, careful evaluation, and attention to detail when writing.

A student must identify an important problem and then propose one or several solutions to it. This information must come out clearly in the write-up. Students can also be asked to pick problem solution persuasive speech topics. In that case, educators expect learners to persuade their readers to take a specific standpoint on a specific issue.

Although some problem solution topics may seem easy to write about, others are not. That’s because they require extensive research to understand the problem and its importance. What’s more, learners should pick unique and interesting topics to impress their educators. For learners that have difficulties deciding what to write about, here is a list of 100 problem solution essay topics to consider.

Problem Solution Essay Topics on Relationships

It’s no secret that relationship issues are common among college students. These issues manifest the social norms destruction and social relations breakdown. Therefore, some of the most common problem solution paper topics are about relationships. Here are some of the topics that learners can choose in this category.

  1. Causes and solutions to social group barriers
  2. How can social racism be dealt with?
  3. Causes of social media bullying and how to prevent it
  4. Causes of depression and its prevention
  5. Why do people make poor choices in life? – How to deal with poor life choices
  6. Causes and solutions for bad relationships
  7. How to leave the friend zone
  8. Causes and solutions for low self-esteem
  9. Causes and solutions to poor communication between partners
  10. Why peers take drugs and how to help them

This is not an exhaustive problem solution essay topics list of relationship-based issues that can be written about. However, it provides hints to learners that have difficulties choosing or deciding what to write about regarding relationship issues.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

College years present some of the most interesting moments in life. However, some of the issues that affect college students can form the basis of their essays. If looking for some of the best college essay problem solution essay topics to write about, consider these ideas.

  1. How a college education can be made more affordable
  2. How to get better college grades
  3. How to address issues with college roommates
  4. How to avoid procrastination among college students
  5. How to eat healthy foods when pursuing a college education
  6. How students can balance social life and study
  7. How to stay in shape during your college years
  8. Students struggling with a college education- How the government can help
  9. How students can manage their money effectively
  10. How learners can overcome college sickness
  11. How college students can deal with stress
  12. How to enhance concentration in class
  13. How college can be made safer for learners
  14. How to prevent sexual assault in college
  15. Should guardians or parents know the grades of their college kids?
  16. Failing in college- What students should do to get back on track
  17. How to boost performance in college tests
  18. How to pick the right college
  19. Suicidal college friends- How to Help them
  20. How to keep fit in college

These topics for problem solution essays can be used to address some of the issues that college learners complain about more often. Research about one of these ideas if your focus is on addressing some of the issues that affect college learners.

Problem Solution Speech Topics on Social Issues

Perhaps, your educator wants you to write a speech that discusses social issues. Here are some of the problem solution speech topics college students can write about when it comes to addressing social issues.

  1. How the community can help homeless individuals
  2. How to prevent teenage pregnancy
  3. How students can avoid becoming college dropouts
  4. How divorce can be prevented
  5. How parents and guardians can prevent illegal drug use by kids
  6. How parents can teach teens to drive safely
  7. How to assist individuals to get stable jobs
  8. How to ensure that your information is not sold to advertisers
  9. How the world can solve the terrorism problem
  10. How to protect the free speech right of an individual
  11. How to boost literacy in society
  12. How to encourage individuals to quit smoking
  13. How can society reduce gun violence?
  14. How can ex-prisoners be helped to become more productive society members?
  15. How to ensure everybody gets quality healthcare
  16. How to deal with the influence that the internet and media violence has on kids
  17. How to help kids from divorced families
  18. How to help an individual that has experienced family violence
  19. How the welfare system can prevent generational poverty
  20. How illegal immigration can be prevented

This category has some of the best problem cause solution speech topics that most people will be interested to learn about. However, each of them requires extensive research to find quality information and draft a masterpiece.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics on Sports

Sporting activities form a major industry world-over. Students across the globe participate in sporting activities. Here are some of the ideas that learners can write about in this category.

  1. How the use of steroids in sports can be prevented
  2. College students should be encouraged to engage in sporting activities
  3. College athletes should get salaries
  4. How athletes can be encouraged to perform better
  5. Young kids should not train very hard
  6. How to teach a sport to children
  7. How students can support their favorite sport teams
  8. How learners can become great sportsmen
  9. How to watch sports responsibly
  10. How sportsmen should behave when they lose big games
  11. How to prepare for a game loss
  12. How to encourage people to attend more sporting events
  13. How to prepare for sport injuries
  14. How to prevent parents from pushing children into sports
  15. How to boost coaching in sports teams
  16. How to boost sports broadcasts
  17. How sports income should be divided between owners and players
  18. How football players should be paid
  19. How sportsmen should behave during competitive sports
  20. How to encourage kids to venture into their favorite sports

Sportsmen, managers, coaches, psychologists, and sports physicians face challenges. These challenges can be great sources of ideas on what to write about.

Education Topics for Problem Solution Essay

Perhaps, you want to write about the education system. In that case, consider one of the ideas in this category.

  1. Uniforms are problematic and should be forbidden in modern schools
  2. How to assist learners that become pregnant while in school
  3. Online schooling is not widespread- Why promote online learning
  4. How to deal with online learning challenges
  5. Modern schools should employ outstanding teachers
  6. Schools should improve physical education
  7. How schools can help in the development of a healthier society
  8. How students with schooling troubles can make studying better
  9. How child obesity can be prevented
  10. How to serve special education learners in school
  11. More money should be allocated for special programs in schools
  12. How misbehaved students should be treated
  13. How education programs for talented students can be made more effective
  14. How to prepare homeschooled learners for college
  15. How school violence can be stopped
  16. How to present tests to students
  17. How to prevent school cheating
  18. How to deal with foreign language learning among students
  19. How to deal with cell phone issues in classrooms
  20. Issues that should be changed in the current curriculum

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school learners can also be asked to write about issues and how they can be solved. Here are some of the best ideas for middle school essays.

  1. How to deal with social media bullying
  2. How to address animal abuse issues
  3. How to ensure that kids spend more time playing outside
  4. How to ensure that kids do not spend too much time watching TV
  5. How to ensure that children do not spend too much time surfing the internet
  6. How to get children off the couch
  7. How parents can help kids with homework
  8. How to deal with obesity among pupils
  9. How to prevent procrastination among students
  10. How to prevent teen pregnancy

Regardless of your study level, you can find a topic to write about. Consider these ideas to pick the most interesting topic for your write-up or buy custom essays online.

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