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282 US History Essay Topics For Students and Historians

282 US History Essay Topics

History is the chronicling and studying of past events. The discipline provides richness to individual cultures, places, and subjects. For every thing that exists, there is always an attached history to it, regardless of how young or old the culture, place, or subject is.

History can either be a written report or orally told. But mostly for documentation, referencing, and accessibility purposes, histories are best documented. Therefore, history adds more context and depth to the story of a particular place, culture, or subject.

Historians seek knowledge of the past through the help of well-documented histories, which are either in written format, oral accounts, art, or material artifacts. In other words, as a student writing on any history-related topic, you will have to access a lot of archived historical materials to aid your research paper, essay, or assignment.

History students must understand the relevance of going through archived materials on any particular historical topic while carrying out their research. It provides them with ample information on how to research and what is necessary to enrich the research paper.

Thus, there are virtually so many history topics you could base your research paper topic on. For instance, if your research is focused on US history, the United States has a rich history that you could easily tweak your topic to achieve a well-written and interesting research paper.

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Structure of History Research Paper or Essay

Students often have all the different ideas they could write on, but the challenge they often encounter is properly arranging these topics to communicate knowledge effectively. To avoid not getting your research paper on any history topic accurately, here’s a proper format to use:

Abstract: Most research papers and essays require that an abstract is included in your essay or research. Here, you summarize the area your topic will be focusing on and what you seek to achieve with this topic focus.

Introduction: The introduction is the beginning part of your research paper or essay. Your introduction should always be straightforward, touching across all the relevant information that will be further pieced out subsequently. There are several US history topics you could be working on. Your responsibility is to ensure that your introduction provides insight into the areas that cut across that particular topic.

The Body: This is the flesh of your research paper or essay. Here, you gradually start piecing out all the various subtitles related and relevant to your topic of interest. All your opinions, findings, research methodology, and discussions will be contained in the body. To create a rich research paper or essay, the body of your writing must examine relevant data. This is mainly enabled through quoting authorities on that subject.

Conclusion: The conclusion is the final part of your research paper or essay. It indicates that the essay has come to an end. Here, you summarize your essay topic with the help of personal points and also supported by relevant authorities in the field.

Referencing: It is nearly impossible to write an academic essay or research paper without being enabled by the works of previous scholars and relevant authorities in that field. Ensure that you accurately reference all the authorities you’ve highlighted in your work using the required referencing style provided by your institution.

Features of a History Essay: Before writing your history essay, you will want to know the relevant things that comprise a well-written essay. Here are some helpful tips:

Clear Grammar: In any written work, grammar is essential. Making sure that your grammar is as straightforward as possible to anyone who will read your work also indicates that you understand the topic you’re researching.

Conciseness: While writing your essay, avoid making your work look complicated. Brevity is what captures the mind and attention. And, to achieve that, always avoid using unnecessary vocabulary. Your points should be straightforward and readable.

Depth and Arguments: Since your topic is history-based, make sure that arguments raised within the body are fact-checked and profound. Always rely on profound arguments. Research papers and essays with depth intrigues and engage the reader’s mind.

Clear Structure: Let your essay flow through a logical sequence of the outlined structure. Note that each highlighted structure of the essay is essential to developing a well-written essay.

Interesting Topics in US History for College Essays

As a country rife with so much history, there’s practically no part of the United States’ history that is not interesting enough to base your research or essay on. History is fun, American history is even more fun. Here are some interesting US history topics to look into:

  1. The first landing of the British puritans in America
  2. The church vs. state practice in the 1800s
  3. Christoper Columbus and the discovery of the New World
  4. The occupants of America before the migration of the puritans
  5. Hedonism in the 1800s America
  6. Earliest forms of literary outputs in America
  7. American literary background in the 1800s
  8. Puritanism and the influence on early American Literature
  9. Biographical study of the life and works of Christoper Columbus
  10. The events that led to the creation of Rhode Providence
  11. Earliest literary contributions to American history
  12. The fusion of literature and religion in the 1800s American society
  13. British rule and settlements in America
  14. Distinction between American puritanism and British puritanism
  15. Ethics of puritanism in early America
  16. The protestant reformation in the US history
  17. Native Americans in the 1800s
  18. Hedonism and slavery in America
  19. The emergence of slavery in America
  20. American slave culture
  21. The TransAtlantic slave history and the American society
  22. The life and history of Equiano Olaudah
  23. American black literature in the 1800s
  24. Christianity, colonialism and the American slave narrative
  25. Slave’s narrative in the 1800s
  26. Frederick Douglas, colonialism and US independence
  27. Equiano’s life and history and the Slave Abolition Movements of the 1800s
  28. The independence declaration, Fourth of July, and Frederick Douglas’ Speech
  29. The American revolutionary war
  30. Abraham Lincoln and the Fifth Amendment
  31. The History of the bill of right
  32. The 19th century America
  33. Jim Crow America
  34. Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement

In depth American History Essay Topics

There are so many exceptional US history topics you can base your essay topic on. These are comprehensive topics that cover nearly everything, and some of them include:

  1. A study of the series of events that led to the migration of the British puritans
  2. How art and literature influenced American culture
  3. A case study of the Harlem Renaissance
  4. A study of the events of the American Civil War
  5. The impacts of Jim Crow in America
  6. Segregation, Christianity and American culture
  7. The effect of reconstruction on the American civil war
  8. The Great Depression
  9. American civil war and the industrialization
  10. American foreign policy in the late 1800s
  11. Feminist movements in the 19th century
  12. First, second and third-wave feminism in America
  13. 20th-century American history and literature
  14. The connectedness of American history and literature
  15. The women’s suffrage movement in America
  16. Racism and Rosa Park
  17. Historical overview of Frederick Douglas’ “what to the slave is July 4th.”
  18. The American government during and after WW1
  19. Impacts of WW2 in America
  20. Socio-economic impact of the Great Depression
  21. The Negro movement
  22. The United States and the WW2
  23. Asian discrimination in America
  24. Minority discrimination in America
  25. A study of the early days of US diplomacy
  26. JFK and the American Government
  27. 1950s American politics: Nixon and JFK
  28. The historical relevance of the Statue of Liberty
  29. The moon landing
  30. American pop-culture
  31. American pop culture, politics, and literature

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

You could decide to turn your essay on American history into an argumentative essay topic. An argumentative essay allows for back and forth between two opinionated students. Here are some debatable US history essay topics to write on:

  1. How Obama’s Presidency sought to change the American Political scene
  2. The fusion between American history, politics, and literature
  3. Hip hop is as American as the Apple Pie
  4. The degradation of minority groups in America
  5. American Racism in the 21st century
  6. Relegation of the Native Americans
  7. The prevalence of structural racism
  8. Police brutality in America: modernized racism
  9. The fear of black rule in American politics
  10. The problem of the American two-party system
  11. Fallacy of neoliberalism in America
  12. The social implication of the Vietnam war
  13. Racism and the assassination of Martin Luther King
  14. All Americans are immigrants: A study of historical developments
  15. The erasure of the Native Americans
  16. The psychological impact of racism and slavery
  17. The economic situation that led to the Great Migration
  18. The subjugation of women in the 1950s America
  19. Problem of the American healthcare system
  20. Relevance of the Harlem Renaissance
  21. Importance of black literature in American literature
  22. Diversity as the richness of American Culture
  23. The myth of diversity inclusion in America
  24. Study of gender in Jim Crow America
  25. The emergence of the African American Spirituality
  26. How the spiritual songs set the pace for American RnB
  27. Slave resistance in American history
  28. The challenges of the American Cold War
  29. Imperialism and border closure
  30. Roosevelt and the end to the Great Depression
  31. The effects of capitalism in 21st century America.

American History Topics To Write About

If your essay or research paper is focused on United States history topics, be rest assured that you could never run out of various topic ideas. There are several topics to write, and some of these US history topics for research paper include:

  1. The settlement of the British in the New World
  2. American Thanksgiving origin
  3. The beginning of the American revolution
  4. Revolutionary journey of American politics and culture
  5. History of slavery and African American culture
  6. The history of the American constitution drafting
  7. The impacts of Frederick Douglas on the slave movement
  8. American revolution and the American society
  9. The consequences of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Act
  10. The history of Texas
  11. History of the 1812 war
  12. History of the American Jim Crow era
  13. The history of the American two-party system
  14. The multi-diversity in American culture
  15. Study of the American society in the 18th century
  16. The development of literature in America
  17. The importance of literature to the American culture
  18. The impacts of spiritual songs on slaves
  19. Relevance of religion to the African American society
  20. A chronological history of the president’s of American
  21. The role of Abraham Lincoln in American politics
  22. Significance of the America Statue of Liberty
  23. The history of the Louisiana purchase
  24. Washington DC and the American capital
  25. The influence of Harriet Beecher’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  26. The socio-political relevance of African American art and literature
  27. History behind the Missouri Compromise
  28. The socio-economic implications of F.S Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  29. Significance of the slave narrative to American history
  30. The chronological study and racial undertones of Aunt Jemimah’s Maple Syrup
  31. The historical contributions of Zola Neale Hurston to the American oral literature and history

Good US History Research Topics

In case your research paper is to focus on any area of American history, be rest assured that there are so many American history topics that can easily pass for your research. Although good is subjective, here are positive US history research topics:

  1. A critical study of the growth of the nationalist movements within America
  2. An analysis of the revolutionary impact of the women’s suffrage movement in America
  3. The historical implications of Harriet Tubman in building the American culture
  4. The critical evaluation of the racial dichotomy created between the American North and South.
  5. The study of how the introduction of the emancipation proclamation affected the American civil war.
  6. A survey of the history that led to the allowing of black people to fight during the American civil war
  7. The various ways the American civil war affected economic growth
  8. The analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s address created a critical moment within American culture.
  9. The historical impact of Ida B. Wells during the segregation era in American history
  10. The study of art and literature in the 1800s America
  11. Explore the connection between the Jim Crow law and the civil rights movement
  12. The historical analysis of the growth of the LGBTQ community within the American society
  13. A historical study of the circumstances that surrounded Donald Trump’s election
  14. A story of the Kennedy-Nixon debates and how they laid the groundwork for political campaigning.
  15. A comparison of the general American history
  16. The impact of Prohibition and how it contributed to dissolving the segregation of black people
  17. The role of Ida B. Wells in the journalistic contributions to the American society
  18. A historical overview of the resolution of the civil war movement
  19. The role of CJ Walker in promoting the African American beauty culture
  20. The origin behind the Afro kinky in the American society
  21. The chronicling of the women’s suffrage movement and how it impacted the Black American rights
  22. The historical effect of the American slave culture rade and how it anticipates ourselves;
  23. A historical study of the key activities during the abolition era.
  24. A historical outlook into the famous black scientists in the United States
  25. The historical overview of NASA and the African Americans’ contribution to its success
  26. A critical historical analysis of the principles of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois
  27. A study of the Pan-Africanist movement in the United States
  28. The historical research of Brown vs. Board of Education
  29. The analysis of the social implications of Brown vs. Board of Education
  30. A critical study of the relevance of the little green book to the African American travelers
  31. A historical survey of the Red Summer of 1919

US History Research Paper Topics For School Paper

If you are writing your research paper on US history, there is one most important thing to always note down and that is your research paper topic. Ensure that the topic you’re choosing is interesting enough to engage your readers and make your research less stressful. Here are some US history topics for a research paper:

  1. A history evaluation of the truths and myths of the puritan society
  2. A study overview of the Boston Massacre and the Boston tea party
  3. A historical study of how the constitution came to be
  4. A study of American republicanism and its founding fathers
  5. A historical outlook in Benjamin Franklin’s Biography
  6. The historical impact of what led to the inclusion of African Americans in the Civil war.
  7. The historical implications of the underground railroad
  8. A chronicling of the continuous effect of living within Jim Crow
  9. The political, social, and economic history of the American society
  10. A historical overview of the Jamestown Colony
  11. A historical chronicling of what led to the beginning of the Great Depression
  12. A historical study of the financial panic in 1907
  13. A study of the rise of the American student loan scheme
  14. The historical conflict surrounding the Native Americans
  15. The historical myths and truths of the cowboy era in American history
  16. A study of the women in the 18th, 19th, and 20th-century women in America
  17. A comparative study of the 18th, 19th and 20th century American women’s contribution to feminism and the 21st century?
  18. The history behind the emergence of the United States as the most significant industrial nation
  19. The historical study of the African American woman
  20. An analysis of the image of the African American woman represented in the American society
  21. The key role of George Washington in the American revolutionary movement
  22. The historical impact of the Liberty bell
  23. A study of the role of the oldest street in America in driving entrepreneurship
  24. The continuous impact of slavery on America’s history
  25. Prohibition-era: how the segregation of blacks and whites impacted blacks
  26. A historical study of the child mortality rate in America?
  27. The rise of the LGBTQ+ movement
  28. The historical importance of the Same-Sex Act
  29. The historical role of Stacy Abrams
  30. The historical relevance of pop culture in America
  31. A historical study of the battle of Somme

Early American History Topics For Your Essay

From far back into history, America has always had a rich cultural history. The history dates back to several years back. Here are some interesting American history topics to look into:

  1. A study of the British movement into America
  2. An overview of the British colonial rule in America
  3. A look into America as a British colony
  4. The contributions of Phillis Wheatley to the American literature
  5. Women’s role in the 18th-century American society
  6. The horrific history of the 9/11 crisis in America
  7. A history of military innovations in the American society
  8. A study of the American Holocaust and its impacts on society
  9. A study of Anne Frank’s diary as a pathway to understanding Puritanism in early America
  10. A historical study of the civil rights act of 1964
  11. The historical impact of African American women in art and literary contribution
  12. The history of patriarchy in the19th century America
  13. The historical effects of African American women in politics
  14. The origin of the black history month
  15. The historical origin of Juneteenth
  16. The history of the 14th Amendment
  17. The history of Townshend acts
  18. The history of the Long Island Barrie
  19. Causes of the Great Depression
  20. History of American veterans
  21. History of American colonization to freedom
  22. Study of the early American writers
  23. Study of the early American plantation owners
  24. History of America before Columbus
  25. The creation of Rhode Island
  26. The inclusion of the bill of right to the constitution
  27. The origin of Indian tribes in America
  28. Plantation as a symbol of slavery
  29. Study of religions in the 19th-century American society
  30. The movement for slave abolition
  31. History of slave abolitionist forefathers

Comprehensive US History Thematic Essay Topics

Thematic essays focus on a specific theme or question. There are so many history topics that fall within this category. Some of them include:

  1. How Civil War changed America
  2. How slavery influenced American culture
  3. The prevalence of racism in America
  4. Slavery as a concept in American history
  5. The role of the US in the Vietnam war
  6. Modernism in the 19th-20th century
  7. Impacts of American Modernism
  8. Impacts of American Postmodernism
  9. Influential scientific developments in the 20th century
  10. The Martin Luther King’s Speech
  11. Impact of Frederick Douglas’ speech
  12. History of art in Harlem
  13. Literary and creative effects of Harlem Renaissance
  14. The rise of contemporary art in America
  15. The impact of US immigration in the 1950s
  16. Blacksmiths in the US history
  17. History of American democracy
  18. The adverse effects of Trump’s foreign policy
  19. The impact of the legalization of same-sex marriage
  20. The effect of Obama on American foreign policy
  21. Contribution of women to the civil war
  22. Impacts of African American politics
  23. Impacts of Brown vs. Board of Education
  24. Effects of African American culture
  25. The rise of the Industrial Revolution
  26. Role of women in America’s industrial revolution
  27. Impact of Lincoln-Douglas debate on slavery
  28. The impact of British colonization on America
  29. Impact of slavery on African American women
  30. The disenfranchisement of African Americans
  31. The segregation of the African American community in America

Best US History Paper Topics for School Students

The best US history paper topics tackle American history in the most reasonable way. Here are some extra topics to look out for a while writing your essay in US history:

  1. The Colonial Settlement in America
  2. The American National Expansion and Reform
  3. The history of the American progressive era to new era
  4. Rise of industrialism in America
  5. The American civil war and reconstruction
  6. The American Great Depression
  7. History of the postwar United States
  8. American Twentieth Amendment Constitution
  9. The American Fair Labor Standards Act
  10. Creation of Alaska in 1959
  11. The signing of the Civil Rights act in 1964
  12. The American invasion of Kuwait in 1990
  13. Clinton Presidential Scandal in 1998-1999
  14. The Bombing in Oklahoma City
  15. Hurricane Katrina effects of 2005
  16. The Affordable Care act of 2010
  17. The Pittsburgh Massacre of 2018
  18. The Capitol Invasion in 2021
  19. The Charleston Church Shooting scandal of 2015
  20. The Large Tax Cut in 2001
  21. The COVID-19 challenges in America
  22. The Hurricane Sandy challenges in 2012
  23. The Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013
  24. Killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011
  25. Historical impact of the 9/11
  26. Historical and cultural impact of Obama’s election
  27. The historical implications of America’s first black female Vice President
  28. The effects of social unrest on American politics
  29. The historical effect of Covid-19 on the Deep South
  30. The impact of Hurricane in Louisiana
  31. The historical impact of the republican handover to liberal rule in America

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