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190 Exceptional Environmental Essay Topics To Get An A+

environmental essay topics

Environmental essay topics are about different chemical, biological, and physical aspects of the planet. Everybody feels the impact of the environment on their lives. Students, political leaders, and researchers discuss different ways to address the increasing environmental issues.

For instance, most people accept that environmental pollution is getting out of hand. Consequently, leaders are convening at international and national levels to discuss ways to stop environmental pollution. When pursuing ecological studies, educators ask learners to write academic papers on different environmental topics. Unfortunately, some learners struggle to develop topics for their papers. If your educator wants you to write about an environment essay topic, consider these ideas for your project.

Interesting Environmental Essays Topics

Researching and writing an academic paper is a time-consuming process. That’s because the educator expects you to address your preferred issue in detail. Therefore, selecting an exciting topic for your environmental essay will enable you to enjoy the entire process. Here are compelling ecological matters to consider for your paper.

  1. How accurate is global warming?
  2. What does carbon credit mean, and how does it help with environmental protection?
  3. Is there a clash between conservation and development when addressing ecological protection measures?
  4. Why environmental pollution is higher in some cities than others and what they can do about it
  5. Are greenbelts important in a city’s life?- How does their construction affect the environment
  6. How does being more energy-efficient protect the environment?
  7. How does recycling benefit the environment?
  8. How does using green energy preserve the environment?
  9. How does waste material disposal harm the environment?- What humans can do about it to protect the environment
  10. Steps for providing clean drinking water to every human- Impact on the environment on this life-saving issue
  11. How does climate change affect human health?
  12. How can humans control or regulate global warming?
  13. How hybrid vehicles will help with atmosphere pollution
  14. How does deforestation cause global warming
  15. How does human activity cause acid rain
  16. Is there a possibility for a new ecosystem?
  17. What are the effects of coral reef destruction?
  18. How to move to cleaner vehicles and fuels
  19. Understanding the relationship between acid rains and industrialization
  20. Are small water sources essential for the environment?
  21. Is paleoecology important to environmental research?
  22. What’s the role of humans in global warming?
  23. The impact of rising CO2 concentrations on the atmosphere
  24. Myths and reality surrounding global warming
  25. The effects of permafrost melting on climate change
  26. How severe is ocean acidification as an environmental problem?
  27. How wastes and pesticides contaminate the soil
  28. Ways to stop coral reef destruction
  29. The world should switch to hydrogen and stop using fossil fuels
  30. How industrial plants near water sources cause human diseases

These are exciting ideas to explore in a research paper or essay. Nevertheless, prepare to spend sufficient time researching your issue to develop a winning academic piece.

Human Impact on Environment Research Topics

Perhaps, you want to study human activities that affect the environment. In that case, consider these ideas for your research project.

  1. A ticking time bomb- Which agricultural activities are likely to ruin the environment?
  2. Chemicals that humans emit and how they damage the ozone layer
  3. Why coal burning causes too much acid rain
  4. How deforestation by humans when clearing land affects the environment
  5. Why overpopulation is a global pandemic for the environment
  6. How trash pollution affects nature
  7. How man releases carbon IV oxide into the environment
  8. How genetically modified organisms threaten the environment
  9. How humans pollute the water in ocean, sea, and rivers
  10. Impacts of overfishing on aquatic life
  11. Health risks of water pollution
  12. Development projects for integrated conservation
  13. Human extinction causes- People’s irresponsibility or nature’s ferocity?
  14. Analyzing pollution issues and moral arguments
  15. How human overpopulation causes environmental problems
  16. How human activities contribute to climate change
  17. How food human food habits affect the environment
  18. How mining companies affect the environment
  19. Impact of plastic accumulation in seas and oceans
  20. How does fish farming affect the environment

All these are interesting research topics for anybody interested in exploring human interactions with the environment. However, take your time to research extensively and compile relevant information for your preferred topic.

Environmental Topics to Write About in College

Maybe you’re pursuing an environmental study program in college, and the educator wants you to write a paper. In that case, consider the following topics for your essay.

  1. Bush burning- How the forest ecosystem cope with this habit by humans
  2. Risks and causes of groundwater contamination
  3. How farming affects the environment
  4. Soil contamination and farm chemicals
  5. Harmful micro-organism spread and animal grazing
  6. Examining the scientific consensus about climate change
  7. The primary biodiversity threat in the contemporary world
  8. How to address environmental problems arising from dams
  9. What causes desertification and how to control it
  10. Why are food resources declining?
  11. Untapped renewable energy sources
  12. How developing countries can achieve food security
  13. Control measures and effects of nuclear hazards
  14. Endemic and endangered animal species
  15. How deforestation affects the environment
  16. Effective control measures for water, soil, and air pollution
  17. Land degradation causes and how to control them
  18. Why multidisciplinary studies matter in solving environmental issues
  19. Why renewable energy can help underdeveloped countries’ natural environment
  20. How can an individual help in water resources and energy conservation?
  21. What resources can a forest have?
  22. How fossil fuels destroy the environment
  23. How coal usage affects the environment
  24. What are the negative impacts of natural gas on the environment
  25. Describe the harmful effects of nuclear power on the environment
  26. How world food problems affect the environment
  27. Sustainable water resource management and utilization
  28. Water consumption patterns throughout the world
  29. Merit and demerits of different energy types
  30. How society interacts with the environment

All these are exciting environmental issues that university students can explore during their research projects. Nevertheless, pick your topic for discussion carefully to ensure that you enjoy working on your project.

Hot Environmental Issues Essay Topics Can Address

Perhaps, you’re looking for topics that can address specific environmental issues. In that case, consider the titles in this category.

  1. Causes, impacts, and solution to plastic pollution
  2. Causes and effects of environmental pollution
  3. Top toxic pollution problems in the world
  4. Facts that people should know about air pollution
  5. Ways to prevent environmental pollution
  6. Causes, impacts, and solutions to land pollution
  7. What causes climate change?- Ways to address global warming
  8. Dangerous implications of climate change
  9. How to address the climate crisis
  10. Can humans reverse climate change?
  11. Understanding climate change and global warming
  12. Why global warming could be a hoax
  13. Facts and myths about global warming
  14. How humans can stop global warming
  15. How humans can minimize landfill waste
  16. Pros and cons of waste incineration
  17. Effects and solutions of nitrogen pollution
  18. How globalization issues affect the environment
  19. How urban sprawl affects the environment
  20. Investigating the worst and biggest oil spill in history

These are hot topics that will capture most people’s attention. Nevertheless, you must research your title to develop a paper that will earn you the top grade.

Environmental Science Research Topics

Are you interested in environmental science? If yes, you can explore a wide range of topics in this category when writing your academic papers. Here are ideas to consider in this category.

  1. Scientific implications of water sources scarcity
  2. The benefits of recycling and sustainability practices to the environment
  3. How humans can address climate change using science
  4. Can greenhouses help humans with environmental sustainability?
  5. How nuclear power benefits the environment
  6. Ways to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in freight transportation
  7. How hospitality industry players can participate in environmental management
  8. Using science to reduce global warming
  9. How to facilitate sufficing clean energy supply in the future
  10. Scientific ways to revive the World’s Oceans
  11. How humans can defend the endangered species using science
  12. Effects of climate change on agricultural production
  13. Evaluating fishing water quality and toxicity
  14. Studying the rise in environmental temperature on sea creatures’ thermal ecology
  15. Why mangrove trees are essential in a marine ecosystem
  16. Effects of careless polythene bag disposal on an ecosystem
  17. Effects of air pollution on child mortality
  18. Can addressing environmental pollution concerns protect human health?
  19. Ways humans can facilitate safe water supply
  20. Ways to foster sustainable communities

In addition to addressing scientific issues relating to the environment, some of these issues can be a reasonable basis for environmental chemistry and biology topics. Thus, you can tweak these topics to suit your writing assignment and impress the educator.

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

Do you want to write an essay where you try to convince the readers to agree with your viewpoint? If yes, this category has controversial topics to consider for your paper.

  1. A paperless society is more environmentally friendly
  2. How to encourage humans to conserve the environment
  3. Legislative measures for curbing environmental pollution
  4. How to compel industries and factories to stop wasting energy
  5. Why every home should have a tree
  6. Why people do not observe all ecological guidelines
  7. Ways animals can ruin the environment
  8. Alternative energy forms that humans can use
  9. Critical environmental conservation frontiers
  10. People are ignorant about protecting their environment
  11. The government should supply recycling facilities to every homestead
  12. People don’t mark World Environment Day correctly
  13. Environmental awareness forums are essential
  14. Technological advances like 5G harm the environment
  15. Government should impose deep-sea fishing restrictions
  16. Renewable energy sources help with ecological conservation
  17. Everybody should participate in environmental conservation
  18. Schools should encourage learners to cycle to school as an environmental conservation measure
  19. People should turn off their computers when not using them for ecological conservation purposes
  20. Why people should purchase bottled water

These are exciting topics that require you to convince the audience to take your stance. Nevertheless, you need time to research and analyze data to produce relevant and convincing information in your paper.

Environmental Law Topics for Papers

Environmental law protects nature. It forms a legal foundation for human interactions with the environment. Here are some of the ideas to explore in this category.

  1. Comparing international treaties on ecological issues
  2. Why businesses should integrate environmental law in their cultures
  3. What’s the connection between ecological problems and free trade agreements?
  4. Why governments should regulate eco-tourism
  5. How your community regulates waste disposal
  6. Is there a law addressing contaminant cleanup?
  7. Why the world needs chemical safety regulations
  8. Legal ways for curbing fishing and hunting
  9. Environmental protection in the Hawaii state and the US
  10. What is Rio Declaration?
  11. What makes ecological laws controversial?
  12. How a country can regulate air quality
  13. Why are emission certificates beneficial?
  14. Investigating the environmental law’s general principles
  15. Exploring environmental law’s history
  16. Why water quality laws are essential
  17. Are environmental laws favorable to specific groups or mutually advantageous?
  18. Environmental law and political interests- What’s their correlation?
  19. Ecological laws and energy infrastructures- A UK perspective
  20. Analyzing the law and environmental crimes

This category also has some of the best speech topics about the environment. Nevertheless, prepare to research your idea to develop a winning piece.

Environmental Issues Questions

Maybe you want to answer specific questions in your essay. In that case, here are questions you can focus on answering in your academic paper.

  1. What are the primary causes of noise pollution?
  2. How does human activity endanger some animal species?
  3. How can humans reduce their ecological footprint?
  4. How can humans stop environmental racism?
  5. What are climate change’s primary factors?
  6. Can humans stop air pollution by using electric cars in major cities?
  7. Can hunting affect the environment negatively?
  8. How does nuclear energy minimize pollution?
  9. Is your country doing enough to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?
  10. Can electric cars harm the environment?
  11. Can banning industrial activities help the environment?
  12. Should the government make planning a tree around a home mandatory?
  13. What rights do humans have to hurt the environment?
  14. Are dams problematic to the environment?
  15. Should recycling waste be compulsory for all households?
  16. Do humans care about the impacts of deforestation?
  17. Should governments be stricter with industrial activity regulation policies?
  18. Should contractors include an environment section in their plans?
  19. What’s the primary cause of most wildfires?
  20. Should every country ban plastic bags?
  21. Should every store quit providing plastic bags?
  22. Should governments impose a high tax on aviation fuel?
  23. Can recycling save the environment?
  24. Can the world depend on renewable energy alone?
  25. How can the world benefit from sustainable development?
  26. Should making carbon footprint become mandatory for everyone?
  27. Why is carbon tax essential?
  28. Do humans contribute to biodiversity loss in nature?
  29. Can humans stop activities that contribute to global warming?
  30. Should governments issue grants to homeowners after installing solar panels?

This category has some of the most exciting nature essay topics. Even when looking for sustainability topics for essays, you can tweak these questions to suit your assignment. Nevertheless, prepare to research your issue to develop an impressive essay.

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