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115 Awesome GED Essay Topics To Ace Your Test

ged essay topics

What is the GED and what do I need to know? What essay topics are on the GED? These are just some of the questions we have been receiving from students who are looking to take the GED. Truth be told, this exam is not as well-known as the others (SAT, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, and so on). Students want to know what kind of topics they should expect during the written part of the exam, so that they can prepare.

This is why we have created a list of 115 original GED essay topics for students of all ages. This list of topics is 100% free, so you can use the topics as you see fit. Yes, you can even reword them. And no, there is no need to give us any credit. We’ll be happy if you ace the GED!

What Is The GED Essay?

Let’s talk a bit about the GED; what it is and why it’s important.

The GED is an exam that has 4 parts: mathematical reasoning, social studies, science, and reasoning through language arts. The first 3 parts are relatively straightforward. However, the reasoning through language arts part is a bit more complicated. You will have to write an essay on a GED essay topic, and you have just 45 minutes to do it. This essay is commonly known as the GED extended response because you will receive a prompt that you have to write an essay about.

Don’t worry, the topic will be a familiar one. In fact, the GED essay topics are relatively simple, so you should be more concerned about how you express your ideas and how you support them in writing. The evaluators will look closely at sentence structure, language mechanics, logical organization, and even language usage (verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and so on).

Learn How To Write A GED Essay The Easy Way

Don’t know how to write an essay for GED? No problem, we have a simple guide from pro scholarship essay writers that should walk you through the process in just 2 minutes. It’s not difficult, so you should have nothing to worry about if you have an advanced knowledge of the English language. Here is what you need to do:

  • Read the prompt and organize your response. Think about at least 3 main ideas that you would want to discuss. (10 minutes)
  • Write the introduction. It’s no different from any other introduction you’ve written for your essays up until now. (6 minutes)
  • Write paragraph #1. State your idea clearly at the start and use the rest of the paragraph to support it. (6 minutes)
  • Write paragraph #2 just like you wrote paragraph #1. (6 minutes)
  • Write paragraph #3 just like you wrote paragraph #1 and #2. (6 minutes)
  • Write the conclusion. Summarize your ideas and wrap everything up with a call to action. (6 minutes)
  • Edit and proofread everything to make sure it’s perfect. (5 minutes)

115 Free GED Essay Topics

Are you ready to give the extended response essay a try? We have spent a lot of time thinking about GED essay topics that you can expect to receive during the exam. Take a look at our list of original ideas below and give some of them a try today:

Easy Essay Topics For GED

Don’t waste your time and choose one of these relatively easy essay topics for GED:

  1. Benefits of having a Mac computer
  2. Which is a better pet, a cat or a dog?
  3. Climate change in 2023
  4. Best education practices
  5. What is love?
  6. Give the definition of honesty
  7. Where do you want to live and why?
  8. Effects of weather changes on our bodies
  9. The rise in fuel prices in 2023

GED Essay Topics About History

Our experts have compiled a list of original GED essay topics about history that you can use right away:

  1. The importance of Caesar’s rule in Ancient Rome
  2. How did the Civil War start?
  3. The best president of the United States
  4. Negative effects of World War I
  5. Talk about the Holocaust
  6. Discuss prehistoric India
  7. The life of Abraham Lincoln
  8. The formation of the United States of America

GED Essay Topics 2023

These GED essay topics worked great in 2023 and may work just as great in 2023:

  1. Problems with the high school system in the US
  2. What would you do with the money if you win the lottery?
  3. The key to writing an excellent essay
  4. Talk about media censorship
  5. Talk about North Korea
  6. Who do you love the most, your mother or your father?
  7. Discuss one of your hobbies
  8. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  9. Talk about what success means for you

Essay Topics On Nursing For GED Test

Take a look at our interesting essay topics on nursing for GED test below:

  1. Talk about critical care nursing management
  2. Discuss the treatment of homeless people
  3. What are the different clinical nurse roles?
  4. Managing stress during long shifts
  5. Professional burnout issues in nursing
  6. Are nurses underpaid in the United States?
  7. The effect of COVID-19 on nurses
  8. Substance abuse in nursing

GED Social Study Essay Topics

Here are some of the best GED social study essay topics that you can find today:

  1. The culture of the United States
  2. The link between beauty and success
  3. Are international treaties good or bad?
  4. The effects of mass media on our youth
  5. Talk about extreme polarization in US society
  6. Discuss the term “cultural appropriation”
  7. Discuss arranged marriage
  8. Talk about the effect of social media on relationships

GED Essay Topics About The World

If you’re looking for some GED essay topics about the world, here are the best ideas:

  1. Talk about the most important rainforest
  2. Discuss climate change in 2023
  3. What are greenhouse gases?
  4. Why are volcanoes so dangerous?
  5. The devastating effects of tornadoes
  6. Talk about water contamination
  7. Discuss terrorism in 2023
  8. Corruption at the government level

Complex Sample Topics For GED Essay

Here are some more Complex sample topics for GED essay for students of all ages:

  1. The link between world trade and tourism
  2. The use of technology for military operations
  3. Negative effects of the fast food industry
  4. Keeping a part-time job as a student
  5. Having a colony on Mars by 2030
  6. Electric Vehicles: the future?
  7. Genetic engineering of seeds in agriculture

GED Language Arts Essay Topics

We have some of the most interesting GED language arts essay topics right here:

  1. The importance of good listening skills
  2. Talk about sentence structure
  3. Discuss the proper use of punctuation
  4. The pragmatic approach to language arts
  5. Making your handwriting look great
  6. Important things to keep in mind during a speech
  7. Most common grammar mistakes in the English language
  8. Talk about the use of sign language
  9. Discuss language arts for people with disabilities

GED Essay Prompts About Animals

Check out these awesome GED essay prompts About Animals:

  1. Benefits of having a pet
  2. Do foxes make good pets?
  3. What do you think about game reserves?
  4. Talk about lions as an endangered species
  5. What do you think about the wildlife in the US?
  6. Should the Grizzly bear be exterminated?
  7. Signs your cat absolutely adores you
  8. Keeping your pet in top shape
  9. Do you like hunting? Why?

GED Essay Questions

Here are the best GED essay questions we could find:

  1. What is your favorite pastime activity?
  2. What is the definition of true friendship?
  3. What do you think about president Trump?
  4. Where did you travel to last holiday?
  5. How do you manage to finish all your school chores on time?
  6. What is your favorite pizza?
  7. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  8. Why is substance abuse such an issue?
  9. Should marijuana be legal everywhere?

GED Essay Topics Related To Climate Change

We have some of the most interesting GED essay topics related to climate change:

  1. Effects of climate change on the soil
  2. Negative effects of warmer oceans
  3. Cattle farming in the United States
  4. The thinning of the ozone layer
  5. Talk about greenhouse gases
  6. Global warming and the weather
  7. Climate change and agriculture

GED Essay Topics Related To Education

Our GED essay topics related to education will impress the evaluators:

  1. Which teacher do you like the most?
  2. The traits of a good educator
  3. Public schools versus private schools
  4. Problems with the education system in the US
  5. The importance of mathematics
  6. Online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic

Interesting GED Essay Topics

Take a look at our most Interesting GED essay topics and choose one today:

  1. What is your dream job and why?
  2. Talk about the importance of bees
  3. Discuss the Russia-Ukraine war
  4. The importance of getting a good education
  5. Should you go to college or should you just get a job as soon as possible?
  6. Talk about an important breakthrough in science

GED Social Study Topics

Of course, we also have some unique GED social study topics that you can use for free:

  1. Social media and its marketing uses in 2023
  2. Talk about consumer behavior in the United States
  3. Discuss the term “cultural shock”
  4. Talk about effective intercultural communication techniques
  5. Talk about racial discrimination in the US
  6. LGBTQ rights across the world

Best GED Essay Prompts

Below you can find the best GED essay prompts for students:

  1. Talk about what love means to you
  2. Discuss an important event in your life
  3. What would you change in your past and why?
  4. Talk about social media addictiveness
  5. The role of the president in the United States
  6. GMO crops: good or bad?

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